Laut Aao Trisha 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer chases Patil and catches him. Amrita tries to call him, but he does not pick her call.

Kushan greets his guests on the party for lunch and says now he is happy that they are a family again. Lavanya says she is happy that Pratik came for her party. Pratik sees Vivan and Bobby and gets irked. He says his daughter is missing and he has to have lunch with the suspects. He says these two are her cousin, but tried to have an affair with her and Bobby had her blood stains on his jacket. Kushan says they are not criminals and if they were, police would have caught the. Prem says if he will know later that they are innocent, he will repent. Pratik says he has to go now and asks Sonali to get Sanya home. Prem also tries to leave saying Pratik needs him. Kushan says he needs to be alone.

Patil tells Kabeer how he got Trisha’s locket and says a girl who was with a guy was about to sit in a car and dropped her purse. He found money and locket in that purse. Kabeer shows her Trisha’s pic and asks if the girl was this. He says he did not see her as it was dark. Kabeer asks why was he running then. Patil says he thought they came arrest him for his past mistakes. Kabeer asks him about the car and where it was heading to. Patil says white colour car and leaving towads high way. Kabeer calls Amrita and informs her about the incident and asks her to pray that he should get Trisha in Lonavla.

Lavanya asks Kushan why was he questioning Prem, he got upset. Kushan says she is his friend, so he may not mind. He tries to get intimate with her, but she pushes him and leaves. Kushan thinks she is lucky that he could not catch them red-handed, but he will.

Pratik says Amrita that it was good she did not attend the party. Amrita tells him about Kabeer’s call. He asks why does she call him. She says she is worried about their daughter. He says he picks her call but does not pick his and says he is giving preference to you, says Kabeer is a small govt servant and he is Pratik Swaika and she Mrs. Pratik Swaika, she should not mingle with small people. She says he understands my feelings better than you and says he gave her hope to get back Trisha.

Abhay shows Lonavla’s map and says he has sent his men all around Lonavla. Kabeer says he will check all the bungalows and says today he will find Trisha today.

Sanya asks Vivan about Trisha. He says she will be back soon. Pratik sees them and asks Vivan how dare he is to be with his daughter. Sanya says brother told he will get Trisha soon. Pratik starts scolding him. Amrita intervenes and scolds Pratik for misbehaving with Vivan.

Abhay says Kabeer that Trisha is not here, else they would have found her. Kabeer sees a bungalow’s light off and asks him about it. He says nobody stays there. Kabeer says they should search that bungalow then and starts searching it. He finds a gun on the floor and Trisha’s ID card.

Precap: Kabeer informs Pratik and Amrita about the ID card and says kidnapper is not Bobby/Vivan but someone else.

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