Kumkum Bhagya 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Tanu telling Aliya not to feel low. She says, whatever happened is good as loveless marriage makes situation worse. She says, look what happened to you. Aliya says, she won’t let Abhi’s life ruined. She says, she will get Pragya out of Abhi’s life. Abhi won’t bring her home. I will get you married to Abhi and rectify my mistake. Tanu says, she did a mistake by letting Abhi married to Pragya. She says,she will break all her contracts and will marry Abhi so that no one comes in between them.

Sarla talks to Beeji about Aliya. She says, don’t know how she is coping up with the situation without a mother. Sarla tells her that she took care of Pragya when her alliance broke up. Beeji says, Pragya used to take care of you. Sarla wonders why Purab ran away from his marriage. Beeji reads the newspapers and tells her about petrol and diesel increased rate. Sarla asks her to call Bulbul. Beeji calls her but her call is not getting. Sarla calls Purvi and asks her about Bulbul. Purvi says, she hasn’t talk to her. Sarla gets worried and says she will not allow her to step out of house.

Purab is waiting for Bulbul. Ishq Kare Ko…………………..plays……..He sees Bulbil coming towards him. He gets emotional and is about to hug her. Bulbul stops him and says you don’t have any right on me. Why did you come here. Why you took this step? She says, if anyone wrong happens with my Di then you will be responsible for it. You said that you loves me and can do anything for me. Purab says, yes I do love you but my sacrifice is not worthy. I heard Aliya talking to Tanu. She said she will throw Pragya out after my marriage with Aliya. He says, why I shall marry her when they are sure to take revenge. He hugs her and says he didn’t take wrong decision. He tells her that their life will be saved now.

Bulbul says, she don’t need happiness as her happiness lies in her family betterment. She gets scared thinking what will happen to Pragya and cries. She says I hate you…….Purab says, if she throws Pragya out of house after my marriage then you will repent for your decision. My decision is selfish but we don’t have any other option. We can help Pragya if we gets together. We shall get marry. Bulbul says, are you mad. Purab asks her to try to understand.

Raj is searching for paper. Mitali says she is watching a movie. Raj says, he did a mistake. He sees paper in her daughter’s hand who is eating popcorn. He tells that it is his clients tender papers. Mitali says, she doesn’t know. She argues with him and gives the paper back to him.

Pragya reaches the lover’s pack and doesn’t find him. Purab takes Bulbul to the temple. Bulbul says, she doesn’t want this. She tells him that she came here on Pragya’s insistence and she will also come here. Purab gets tensed. He gets Abhi’s call. Abhi tells him that he won’t leave him and the girl for whom he left his sister. He says, you are finished. Purab says, Abhi is very angry now and asks her to come Bulbul says, she won’t go anywhere until Pragya comes here. Purab takes her inside the temple. Pragya waits for Bulbul and hears temple bell ring. She sees them from far. She runs from there.

Abhi’s aunty tells Dadi not to worry. She says, Pragya knows Abhi well and knows how to handle her husband. I am worried about our Aliya. Dadi wonders why did Purab break the marriage. Dadi says she won’t forgive him. She says, think about Aliya. Dadi goes to Aliya and says she can understand her pain. She says, Purab don’t deserve you. Aliya says, she will be at peace when Pragya will be out of the house and blames Pragya. Dadi says, you are still thinking the same. Aliya says, you can’t see the truth and is blinded by Pragya. Tanu signs her not to say anything. Dadi says, I won’t let Abhi and Pragya separate. She asks her to take care and leaves.

Purab tells Bulbul that everything will be fine after their marriage. Bulbul says, she don’t want to marry him. Purab asks, if you loves me then why can’t you marry me. He asks her to come. Pragya comes and asks him to stop. Pragya asks, are you mad? You left the marriage altar and came here. Purab says, he was getting married to Aliya because of her happiness, but when her happiness is at risked. Pragya is shocked. He asks, why I shall do the sacrifice. Bulbul asks her not to take his words on hearts. Pragya says, she is worried about her maa. What will happen to her if she comes to know about her relation with Abhi. She says, I am living in the fear to lose my maa. I can understand Aliya’s pain well.

Abhi comes to the temple and thinks I am going to the place where I don’t go because of you. Purab says, I don’t care about Aliya. I loves Bulbul and will marry her. Pragya says, I told you that you can’t back off. Why you didn’t think before. Why you didn’t think about Abhi, Dadi. Why did you left Aliya in the marriage altar. You did all the decorations for the marriage, right? Abhi comes and says wow. They get shocked. Pragya turns to see him.

Abhi beats Purab and says why did you leave my sister on the marriage altar. This time you won’t get forgiveness. Abhi hits him and he falls from the stairs. Bulbul shouts Purab.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow! thanks for the fast update today H. Hasan!! Much appreciated!

  2. Purab shouldn’t have even bothered to meet Bulbul, she doesn’t understand even after knowing the truth. Dumb Pragya is still insistent about this marriage to Aliya because of Abhi and Dadi feelings and no one gives a dam about her. Now poor Ourab will be

  3. Continuing…will be beaten for no reason. Why does Bulbul care when he gets beaten as she doesn’t care for his feelings…silly episode

    1. The “well wisher” is stated to be Tanu and Aliya

  4. Sarla will get a call from a well wisher n will inform Her the truth about Abhi n Pragya s marriage she will den have a heart attack all will rush to hospital Abhi will then realize the bond the mother n Pragya share and will do everything in his power to help Sarla recover n by watching all this affection Pragya will slowly start to fall in love with Ahbi only to have Tanu in between. Can’t wait to find out more for you guys. Enjoy

  5. romba mokka poduraga paaa

  6. Another stupid episod . Pragya alwys thinking about herself and her mum.. Nothing else plus her husband . Selfish Pragya as the main lead. Stupid writers and story line .. Dragging to make another pavitra rishta .. Sacrifices by humans and trying to be angels . I have stop watching and just reading so that their rate will go down and they will do a better story line . Stop watching..

  7. what ever it be but waiting for trm epidose to c the reaction of abhi when he find out the truth.special when purab call pargya as pargyadi.in that i want to c abhi ka face expression.thank for fast update.

  8. foolishness….another stupid epi.Same thing every day..when wil this misunderstanding end?O.M.G

  9. Abhi is innocent.and I hate sarala .she is nly reason to pragya problems
    Tamil serials madhiri ilama iruku konjam nalavum iruku

  10. Chaaalla bagundhi ipudu Nenu kumkum bhagya fan ipoyanu….

  11. such a dissappointing episode.why is pragya ignoring purabs and bulbuls love?plz snap out of this ‘misunderstandin’bakwas!!and abhi ,stop being a SLAPstar!!

  12. I hate u pragya .u only think abt ur mum& dadi she does not care abt bulbul pain..even bulbul also think abt her dii& mum she dont care abt putab feelings… But i luv u yar … I liv u rabul

  13. one word for these girls dotish meaning stupid, dumb. the hear the reasons but are still adamant

  14. Love this serial but please don’t drag the story get with the program

  15. hadiza yusuf

    I hate u Aliya

  16. @ nishana thanks for the juicy sneak peek of kkb can’t wait to hear more about it.

  17. Both Pragya and Bulbul wants Purab to sacrifice his happiness for their well being and his only crime was loving one of them. Had the marriage taken place, after Pragya would have been kicked out and wouldn’t her mother know afterwards anyway? I guess she would have been home to console her plus Abhi would have been happy and that’s what she really cares about. Senseless story, don’t like Pragya character. The way she spoke to Purab was so cruel, too bad she can’t speak like that to Abhi/Tanu/Aliya. I am glad Purab told her that he is not like her that he cannot do good for those who wish him ill. After all is said and done Bulbul also need to beg Purab forgiveness for what she put him through.

  18. Really irritating. Pragya herself said she will tell her mother reason for her break up after Purab and Aliya’s marriage. If telling her just one day before the marriage is impossible but she will be strong to digest the news one day after. Is it logical? Even though she is a lecturer she is very stupid. Equally Bulbul. Not only stupid selfish too. They do not care about Purab. Lifetime commitment he has to make, still they force him to go through it. Both not sacrificing angels, but selfish and foolish women like aliya and Tanu.

  19. purab is right. But bulbul ignores his love and both bulbul and pragya blames purab for their peace. Alia and Tanu are selfish .But like the whole kkb team.
    malayalees like this serial
    RABUL ……keep rocking…….ningal adipoli…..

  20. 2day’s update?

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