Hamari Sister Didi 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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At Muskaan Hospital, the sister announces that baby boy has been born. All the sisters think where Arpita has gone. Amrita brings the old lady to the hospital, and calls for a wheel-chair. He tells the sister that this is the mother-in-law of Harpreet. They take her to the bed, Amrita tells her that a baby-boy has been born in the hospital, he is very cute. She calls the sister to bring the him to her; aunty gets sentimental watching the baby. Amrita says they must ask their mother who this child resembles? She parts the curtain, Harpreet is there. Amrita tells aunty not to think about anything else, and just look at the child. The granny takes the child, comes to Harpreet and hugs her. Amrita says that they must send the photo to the soldier, aunty says that they must send the photo of this happy family to him. Amrita watches them happy together.

In the corridor, the elder sister appreciates Amrita. She hopes Sooraj could get his granny’s love, she must work hard to get her love. She tells her that she is in the café with Dimple.

Amrita and Dimple come across each other. Dimple says that she was looking for Amrita, as the trustees have announced the new doctor. She asks do you know him, or have seen him? Dimple says that it is Karan Oberoi. Dimple tells her that he is the common friend of me and Avinash. Amrita says that I know him, he lives in Mumbai and will never come to a small city. Dimple says that he is really unpredictable, he will not tolerate any indicipline in the hospital. Amrita thinks no matter who comes, she will be helped. She asks Dimple about mummy ji. Dimple says that she has left for hotel. Amrita tells her that she doesn’t have the tension of a new member coming to the hospital family.

Amrita asks her fellow sisters that she is leaving for lunch. They ask who the new doctor is. Amrita nods that she knows him, and this is the problem.
Amrita comes home, and announces that they are going to meet dadi mama. Khushi asks did she call? Amrita says that she is our elder, and is staying at a hotel. We must go there. Khushi says that she has seen it all in the hospital, and doesn’t want further insult of hers. Amrita sits besides her that shouldn’t they say sorry to elders. She makes them eat the food and tells them that she is a bit angry with them, they must not be angry with her too. She and Sooraj requests Khushi to go along her.

They come to the hotel, Sooraj says that she will say to dadi mama to go along us. He runs excitedly in the hotel, Amrita makes them sit on a bench. She goes to the reception, and asks about Mrs. Kapoor and says that Khushi and Sooraj have come to meet her. The receptionist tells her that she is coming downstairs. Amrita comes to her children and tells them that dadi mama is coming downstairs. She gives some money to Khushi and tells her to ask the receptionist call a taxi for them. She instructs Sooraj not to annoy dadi, and tells Khushi to handle everything. She prays while leaving to keep it alright.

At the hospital, Malika calls the other sister to come and look after the patient. She brings her to a young police inspector as an attendant. She asks the patient about the problem, while the attendant coninuosly stares at her. She says that the patient is alright. The attendant asks won’t they admit him.

Dimple asks Amrita did she leave for lunch to meet Mrs. Kapoor, and wants to talk about him? Amrita says that I can talk to him if you have a problem, but I have no problem with Dr. Karan. My duty is to work with him. Dimple thinks that she must let him here once.

PRECAP: Mrs. Kapoor looks at Sooraj and Khushi tear-eyed. Amrita cries in the hospital that the kids are with their granny.

Update Credit to: Sona

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