Laut Aao Trisha 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer and his officers searches for men whose pics kidnapper used to buy mobile at Dharavi slum. Kidnapper passes in front of him and Kabeer does not notice him. He then shows pic to a man and asks if he saw him. He identifies him as Pakya who stays in a nearby house. Kabeer catches Pakya and asks if he saw a man with injured hand. He says his neighbour who rented house month ago has same features he is talking about. Kabeer suspects he must be kidnapper.

Vivan gives his locket to Amrita and says it is his lucky charm. Pratik sees that and angrily asks Amrita not to take anything from Vivan. Amrita asks Vivan to go to his room and then says Pratik that we think wrong about Trisha, she doe snot have any affair with Vivan. He asks what doe she mean. Amrita says just now Vivan told us about this. Pratik says because of Vivan’s cooked up story, Sonali was alleging Trisha. He says he will not spare Vivan and his parents now. Amrita says he will get solace to his ego, but vivan’s life will be ruined. She says Vivan wants to change and he cannot ruin his life. Pratik says he will spare him today, but if he continues tarnishing Trisha’s image, he will not spare him.

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Pakya shows kidnapper’s house. Abhay asks if they should catch him. Kabeer says they have to confirm first.

Kidnapper’s associate brings food for Trisha. He sees mud in her hand and asks how did she get it. She says this place is muddy. He searches rooma nd finds mud under table. He then finds a hole in the wall and slaps Trisha.

Kabeer explains his plan to his officers. One of his officer knocks kidnapper’s door and asks broom to search his fallen ring. He comes out and gives broom to officer. Kabeer identifies him and says Abhay that we should not catch him now and just keep an eye on him.

Amrita sees Sanya preparing a card for her friend and asks whom she is preparing it for. Sanya says her friend’s papa is transferred to another city, so she is preparing card of her friend. Amrita says she should make a happy card then. Pratik comes and says Sanya that he will take her on an icecream date and then will buy gift for her friend. Sanya gets happy. He says Amrita that he is not that bad. She says Sanya was sad since morning. Pratik thinks he should get Sanya with her, so that when Amrita leaves him, kids stay with him.

Kindapper’s associate calls him and informs him about Trisha trying to escape. He informs his boss about it and says he will have to find another place to hide Trisha. Kabeer hears his whole conversation and asks his officers to watch him carefully. He asks another officer to take kidnapper’s phone and call from it. Officer says kidnapper that he wanted to buy a medicine for his mom, but forgot it and his battery is also dead, so if he can make call from his number. Kidnapper agrees and gives him phone. Officer calls Kabeer. Kabeer asks officer to tap kidnapper’s number to know if his boss is Lavanya, Pratik, or Kushan.

Sonali and Gaurav see Vivan coming home with his shirt torn. Sonali ask what happened to him. Gaurav asks if he fought with anyone and says he should be ashamed. Vivan says he is a man and knows to reply to whoever questions him. Gaurav asks what does he mean. Vivan says he knows what he means, then why he wants to insult himself. Gaurav gets irked and tries to slap Vivan, but Amrita stops him. Sonali asks Amrita not to interfere and tell how to take care of her son and says when she cannot control her son, then how can give lecture. Pratik hears that and asks Sonali to stop alleging his daughter and says that she is a failure as mother and says his daughter was not involved with her cheap son and he was the one who was behind her and was tarnishing brother-sister relationship. Sonali says he is telling lie and Trisha is wrong. Pratik says he is not telling lie as Vivan himself confessed in front of Amrita and say if Vivan tries tarnish Trisha’s image, he will not spare all 3 of you.

Precap: Amrita asks Vivan why did he fight with Gaurav. Kabeer says officers that they have to raid kidnapper’s place as he is sure Trisha will be found there.

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