Sinhasan Battisi 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,chitralekha asks varhamirji and narayan tat cant a wife have a wish to see the dead body of her husband then narayan assures her tat yes she can and with his powers let everyone at the riverside get a last view of samrat then seeing samats body everyone cry and narayan says tat samrat willbe remembered for his all good things, and then nadini devi tells Brahman tat samrat has not done anything and the servants tat samrat had kept to look after her wen he was on a battle are the culprit Brahman is shocked to know this and then there comes maharani chitralekha and all others and Brahman says sorry to her and asks where is samrat he wants to say sorry to him but then chitralekha tells tat samrat is dead Into old fort uttara says tat wat kind of justice is this crime done by someone and someone else is punished then raja bhoj saya tat not only it was mistake of totaram and mangla but also of the Brahman because of his stubbornness and he will feel tat now chitralekha is seen not accepting tat samratt is dead and says tat there will be no last deeds performed as she will bring back samrats life and asks narayan tat is this possible he says yes Then Brahman is seen praying hard and gives curse to mangla and totaram tat they will be blind forever for doing this wrong karma and as totaram and mangla are about to leave the village wit all the wealth they get blind and all the people near by steal the wealtha and during this totaram and mangla get hurt and they faint while narayan tells chitralekha tat with the use of punya done by samrat u will get life back of a samrat and gives her a pot filled of water and asks her to pour this and go ahead she will get the way to get back samrats life as it was her uttardaitva to save her husbands life then chitralekha is seen going pouring water and reaches a point where there is no road Into old fort uttara asks raja bhoj tat y is he not saying anything he then eagerly asks wat happens further then she tells the further road for chitralekha is not easy and she has to go througha lot of things and further narrates tat chitralekha then calls out to god to show her way to get back her husbands life there appears god brahma and tells her to follow the path he shows and then there appears a way in front of her and she then follows the path and reaches and requests god to appear and then appears lord brahma and asks wat is her problem chitralekha then asks god to give life to her husband but lord brahma tells tat this is a life cycle if one is dead then he cant be given life and then chitralekha says tat even it is said tat a humans punya done in his life can be redeemed to give him a second life and so she has brought all the punya done by samrat in the pot then lord brahma says tat he will have too see wat punya he has did.

PRECAP: Lord brahma is askin maharaj chitragupta tat how can a human be given life back has he done such good work i.e punya

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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