Bigg Boss 8 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 40
Song panghat pe nache madhubala starts playing. All inmates starts dancing on.

Upen have made vice captain for different work. Gautam is responsible for garden, Ali and Praneet work under him. Gautam divides the garden, he ask Praneet to start working, Praneet says I will work after drinking tea but gautam ask him to do it now, Praneet is unhappy and says that my area of cleaning is big, you have taken small area to clean, he says to Upen too, Upan says Gautam has given duty of dividing garden, he will divide rightly, Praneet says ok I will do it, Gautam says I have divided rightly, Praneet says no you don’t have logically divided it, he shouts on gautam and says he is giving me 50% area, Praneet use slang, he says Gautam is unfair.
Gautam comes in house and says to Puneet that Praneet is talking to me in bad language infront of all, Puneet says so you answer him too, Gautam says I didn’t say anything, this Praneet is becoming egoistic, even Upen said that you have to listen to Gautam but he is just not listening to anyone, now minissha will clean the garden. Upen comes there and says Gautam you were right.

Praneet says to upen that I cleaned 45% area of garden, Pritham says guatam’s style of talking is not much nice, Pritham says Gautam should be relaxed, Praneet says I would have cleaned whole garden but gautam was misbehaving, Upen says he was just asking you start the work.

Gautam and Praneet are putting trash in dustbin, Gautam is fussy about it and keep asking to Praneet to hold the dustbin, it has way to do it, Praneet gets angry and leaves from there.
Praneet comes to Upen, Upen says you were helping him, I saw that. Praneet says we had to take polyethene bag out from dustbin, gautam torn two bags, I brought one more but he was fussy and saying that there is someway to work, don’t do this or that, I am fed up with him. I cant work with him.

Gautam shows Upen the scrap scooper which is broken by Praneet, he says praneet went away from there, Sonali helped me in this work, he is my friend but he showed aggression two times in work, I am also doing work.

today is third judgment day. Upen have to pass two judgments on basis of phone booth task, first judgment is that he has to pick one inmate who will get something good today, second judgment is that he has to chose one inmates who will be punished, Upen says I chose Sushant for getting something good today as he handled the pressure in phone booth task, he says I give Gautam punishment as he taunted me in task which he shouldn’t do. bigg boss says upen have chosen Gautam for punishment so now gautam have to live in cage which is in house, he will have to live in cage till bigg boss relieve him, he cant talk to anyone except one which he has to chose as his helper, he can give message to his helper if he wanna say anything to other mate, Gautam says I chose puneet as my helper.
Alli comes in lounge, Gautam goes in cage. Puneet locks the cage.

Puneet talks to Gautam, Gautam says sushant was bad is task, captain chose him for gift.
Puneet gives apple to Gautam, Gautam says Praneet is going against me in everything, he thinks that mahabharat is going on here, he thinks he shakuni mama.
Upen says to Sushant that Gautam taunted me personally, he made game bad so I have given punishment to him.
Puneet says its cage of loin, Gautam says ALi should be put in this cage, upen is provoked by Ali.

bigg boss says that Upen has chosen Sushant for gift so now Sushant has given immunity, he can skip his input in any one task and house work, he will have to chose one inmates who will do his work too, he cant chose Gautam or puneet, he has to chose the person who works less, that person will do every work which was given to sushant and also will do sushant’s tasks till bigg boss stops him, sushant says Ali told me that I don’t work so now Ali will do my work, sushant says to bigg boss that Ali sister will work Sushi sister, all laughs.

sonali talks to Praneet. Sonali says to Upen that I like talking to Praneet. Puneet comes there and gives message to Sonali on gautam’s behalf that he wanna see Sonali smile and her walk. Sonali jokes that I am expensive, he cant afford me, puneet laughs and goes from there.
puneet tells this to Gautam, Gautam says tell her that she must be expensive but we like the car (sonali) from far, we will not like to drive it. tell her that be always like that and someone for her will come surely, her prince charming.
Puneet goes to Sonali and says this, he says you will get who will be made for you but Gautam just want to see smile on your face, Sonali says my smile is expensive too.
Puneet comes to Gautam and tells him that. Puneet says can I sit now. Gautam says send her flowers from my side, Puneet says ok I will say some poetry for her on your behalf.
Puneet comes to Sonali with flowers and says Gautam have sent it, he als said some poetry for you:
Dosti na imtihan leti hai na deti hai
dosti tou who hai meri dost jo
Barish main bhi anso pechan leti hai

Sonali says wow, Sonali throws away flowers. She then comes in lounge and throws flowers near Gautam’s cage and leaves, Gautam laughs.

bigg boss says that Gautam’s punishment is done, he can be freed from cage now, puneet opens cage and brings Gautam out. Gautam says only one person is happy for me in house.
Ali is messaging Sushant.

the new task is given to house. all inmates have to give their clear themselves on things they were alleged for in past days. Pritham will be host of task. Pritham says our first contestant is Gautam, come. Gautam comes in witness box. Pritham says gautam is alleged that he has no brains, he is alleged that he becomes good with inmates two days before nominations, Gautam says I am not afraid of nominations, I talk with heart. Upen says you taunt others to see their reactions. Gautam says I just that friend should do for friend, why would I cut my hair for a person who is not my friend, then you started argument with me. Suahnt alleges gautam that in second task, you taunted me when I called you for cutting your hairs but you taunted us, Gautam says it was not taunt, I just said that in normal way, puneet says you should have not said that, Gautam says I am sorry. Arya then alleges that gautam taunted me when I came to break his fight with Upen, you said that I am not of anyone and I don’t take stand fro anyone, why you said that for me, do you have grudges with me? Arya says to Praneet that did I say anything to Gautam, Praneet says no, Gautam says don’t ask him, he is double dholki (two faced), praneet ask what you mean. Gautam says why you are talking inbetween, Pritham says ok finish it, next is Praneet, he comes in witness box, Pritham says you are alleged that you keep involving yourself in others fights and matters, Praneet says I try to solve things, whenever anything wrong happens I will come there and will say this is wrong. Gautam says he is two faced, his behavior is changed, Praneet says except Gautam, do anyone think that I create fights between two people, all say no, next comes Arya. Pritham says you are alleged that you are like dog’s tail, you don’t have your brain, you keep following what others say, you are always on wrong end, we want to see you as house’s loin but you are becoming dog of house. Arya says yes I had no direction before, I used to follow others but now I know that If I have to be in house then I should remain happy and those who call me dog are themselves dog, all laughs. Gautam says I called you dog, but I like your line that one should be happy. next comes Puneet, Pritham says you are alleged that you are manipulative and puts fire in between two people, Puneet says to show someone way, to enlighten right if I have to say something then I would say so if you call it that I ensue fire then I take it as compliment, he says to Karishma that you are talking about your make up but what about ration which you forced us to put in store room for saving yourself, Karishma says I knew the task that you would be eliminated but even then I had put my make up for you in store room.

after luxury budget task, to get ration for next week there is one more task in which ali will hit the moving cards, on cards names of different edibles are written, Ali have to hit them with ball to get them, Ali plays the task and hits many things like paneer written card, rice, brown bread, ajwain etc. All applauds for him.

Gautam ask sonali to cut fruit for him, Sonali says I am busy, Gautam jokes that its not good to love a girl, sonali says don’t come in danger zone, Sonali says I am angry that you took my name inbetween your scuffle with upen, you said to him that he snatched me from you, you boys should not take my name in between your fight. Gautam says its ok if you don’t wanna be my friend anymore. I am fine with it.

PRECAP-Gautam says to bigg boss that have all sidelined me because I say truth on face. I am bearing their torture from second week but I am breaking now, I am always stuck in things, he gets emotional. Salman khan is coming with weekend ka vaar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i support yu gautam..

    1. Same here

  2. Gautam we love u out here! Don’t break within rather break others face. Idiots and hypocrites inside that house. Vote for gautam

  3. Gautam is my favourite….he’s strong headed and doesn’t back down. Inshallah he will go all the way to the final and WIN. The rest of the housemates are just haters.

  4. Gautam is a straight forward person. .Therefore all inmates sidelined him..He is a great person..Vote for Gautam.

    1. Great person !! Yeah we can see how great he is by his fighting skills .

  5. I just hate gautam he is so egoistic he don’t know anything dumb ! I love u pritam praneet n sonali i love u three keep rocking …

  6. Gautam is very strong.hate upen.gautam we all love you!!

  7. Sraboni akhter

    i don’t like guatam at all…

  8. You are right goutam is góod and i hate krishma

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