Laut Aao Trisha 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita reaches Pratik’s office and meets Neha. Neha says she will call Pratik. Amrita says she came to meet her, drags her to a room and asks why did she get medical certificate to Trisha. She says she thought she is a normal teenager and boss’s daughter, so she helped her. Amrita says this is not truth and to speak up the truth.

Pratik informs Prem about Trisha knowing about his affair with Neha and says he was her hero, but after knowing is affair, she may not consider him as her hero, she must have gone away because of that. He says he will inform police about my affair. Prem says it will not help as you or Neha are not involved. He says after Pratik will know about Neha, he will divert his attention towards finding Trisha. Prem says your ideal image will be lost and Amrita will leave you. Pratik says even Lavanya will not be with him. Prem asks him not to worry, Lavanya will not tell anything. Pratik asks how can you be so confident about Lavanya. Prem says she is your sister.

Amrita asks Neha if Trisha was with a guy. Neha says she does not know. Amrita says she must be behind Trisha missing. She says it is not true. Lavanya hears their conversation and interferes. Neha leaves from there.

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Psychiatrist suggests Kabeer to socialize. He says he does not have that much time and says he has not slept whole night and asks her to go as he wants to sleep.

Amrita says Lavanya that Neha herself accepted helping Trisha and says she is hiding something, else why would she help her. Pratik comes and starts shouting at Amrita for interrogating Neha, asks why is she creating a scene. Lavanya says he is creating a scene. He asks her to not interfere. Amrita says Neha already complained about me. He says he saw her going out crying, so he came here. Lavanya asks why is she shouting at his wife for Neha and says she would have kicked Neha out. Pratik says he is not her. She asks when he can interrogate Vivan and Bobby, why not Neha. He says he will interrogate her and asks Amrita and her to go home.

Kabeer recalls the whole incident from Trisha going missing till now and thinks why is Pratik protecting Neha, may be she knows all his secret and is blackmailing him, thinks someone is helping Neha. Abhay comes and says there must be an affair between Neha and Pratik. Kabeer reminisces Pratik shouting at Amrita for Neha and suspects Abhay is telling truth.

Amrita comes home and sit sadly. Sanya talks to her and asks why is she looking sad. She says she cannot understand. Sanya says she can and to tell. Maid comes and takes Sanya for lunch. Amrita says maid that she is going out.

Neha comes to Pratik’s cabin and apologizes for her mistake, says she cannot see him in pain. Pratik says we both are in problem and asks her to bring a leave application saying her mom is ill and is going to her hometown, asks to inform her mom about it. She asks if he is doing to send her out of his life and asks if he still loves her. He says this is not a time to talk about it and asks her to bring an application. She says she will leave, but requests to spend some time with her before leaving. He says police must be following her, says he will inform her where to meet. He looks at Trisha’s phone and apologizes her.

Prem tries to get intimate with Lavanya. She asks him to leave her alone. He tries to walk out sadly, but she stops him and apologizes. He asks her to stop taking stress. She says why should not I take stress, Neha helped Trisha. Prem says Neha does not have that much gut and asks when did she come to know about it. She says just now.

Amrita comes to Kabeer’s office, does not find him there and calls him, but he does not pick her call. She then sees Kabeer
sketchboard with Neha and Pratik’s pic together. Abhay comes there. She asks about the pics. He says it is just protocol.

Lavanya asks Pratik why is he protecting Neha. He says he is not protecting Neha and asks her to stay away. She says he is Sawyka and how can he have such a bad taste and says Amrita started to doubt you and to stop all this, before she find you with Neha. They both start a verbal argument. Pratik says papa thought you are incapable of anything and so he gave this company’s responsibility to me instead and asks her to get out his office. Lavanya gets irked with his behaviour and leaves.

Sonali and Gaurav and having dinner. She asks him to talk to Pratik and ask why is he protecting Neha. He says he does not what is happening. She says exactly nobody knows that is happening, Pratik sent my son just on doubt and why is he not sending Neha to lock up.

Kabeer sees Pratik going out of his office to meet Neha and follows him. A lady comes to Kabeer’s office and asks officer if she can meet him. Officer says he is at field work and cannot meet her. She then sees Amrita there and says she was searching her. Amrita asks why. Lady says she saw Trisha yesterday. Amrita is astonished to hear that.

Pratik comes to his house and sees Kabeer there, he starts shouting at him. Kabeer gives him an envelope and says it is a bomb. Pratik checks it and is shocked to see his and Neha’s intimate pics. Kabeer asks if he wants to come with him or he should diffuse the bomb here itself.

Abhay interrogates lady and asks where did he see Trisha. Lady says she has a stop in Lonavla and Trisha bought sanitary napkin. He asks how did she identify her. She says she had hid her head with scarf and identified her she saw her in TV many times. He asks if she saw anybody with her. She says someone dragged her inside car as soon as she went near it, says she is sure it was Trisha. Abhay asks her to leave and says will call her if required. Amrita gets happy hearing her and thanks her. Lady says even she is a mother, so she can understand her pain.

Kabeer says Pratik he does not believe in morality, etc., and believes in only in his case. He asks from when he is having an affair with Neha. Pratik says from 2 years and today he was about to break up. He says he is not his wife to get explanation and says if he would have broke up, he would have benefited and if not, whole family would have suffered. He asks him to tell the truth about medical report and asks if he wants to save his secretary or daughter and says he should save his daughter.

Pratik says Kabee that Trisha knew about my affair with Neha, so she blackmailed her and got the certificate. Kabeer asks about Trisha’s temperament. Pratik says for the world, she was practical and carefree, but she was actually emotional, sensitive, loving and could easily hide her emotions. Kabeer says you are the reason behind Trisha missing. Pratik gets irked hearing that and asks him to stop his rubbish and says she knew about my affair from 2 months and she would have gone back then and instead celebrated my birthday and holds his collar, asks him to find Trisha and not to reveal about his and Neha’s affair, else he will ruin him. Kabeer asks him to leave his collar and not touch it again, else he will repent.

Abhay asks Amrita to calm down. Amrita says when that lady told she saw Trisha, then he should get his team ready till Kabeer comes. Abhay says he is doubting the authenticity as she is not sure about the car and person who dragged Trisha, and instead of calling immediately on phone, she kept quiet till now. Kabeer comes back and she informs about the lady seeing Trisha in Lonavla. Abhay says it is a hoax. Amrita says lady was telling truth, she was in her eyes. Kabeer says he as a protocol to follow. She says if he does not do anything, she will take things into her own hands and tries to leave. Kabeer asks her to stop and says he will handle it. She says if he would have done something, Trisha would have been back home and says she did not even get a ransom call yet, says she is a mother and this clue is a ray of hope for her.

Pratik calls Neha and tells her that Kabeer came here and he knows about our affair and showed our pics. He asks her to leave. She asks if he wants to breakup with her. He says it is best for us and asks her to stop crying. Amrita comes and happily says Trisha is alive. Pratik sees pics on the couch and gets worried, but also gets happy hearing about Trisha. Amrita tells about the lady seeing Trisha in Lonavla. He asks if cops went there. She says they are not sure about the lady. He says how can they do that and says he will speak to commissioner. She says we will go to Lonavla before cops.

Pratik and Amrita search Trisha at railway station. Amrita sees Trisha’s locket and shows it to him.

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