Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Ayesha to come to see boutique site. He asks Poonam to come along. Ayesha gets upset. Harish is glad as its his film’s screening today and thanks her. He says he read out the script to Pankhudi first. She says some people go, and others take their place. He says Adi is looing happy these days, I feel our old Adi is back. She smiles and says he has accepted Pankhudi’s death and trying to move on. He says yes, he is having social life too. She says yes, he is working in office and not being awake at night. She says she is happy seeing Adi’s life coming on track. She thinks its because of Poonam and they are just perfect for each other. Harish thinks Ayesha is the reason for all this.

Sheela is ready with her speech as she is preparing to give her interview in the media. Poonam sees her and smiles. Sheela says she can’t say to media. Poonam asks Ayesha is she ready. Ayesha says you go, I will come directly. Poonam says she will wait. Ayesha says you go, my work is outside, I will join later. Poonam says fine, I will see you later. She leaves. Sheela thinks does Ayesha has work or making reason. Adi likes the store’s designs and waits for Ayesha. Poonam comes and says Ayesha has some work. Adi says how can she be so irresponsible, I will call her. Ayesha is on the way.

She cuts Adi’s call. He says whats her problem. She says I did not know you get hyper on small things, come home, I will give good medicines to calm your mind. Harish asks Avantika not to go office today as he is nervous. She says fine, what will I get in return. He says what do you want. She says when you get award, take my name in your thank you speech first. He says I was taking parents’ name, ok fine, I will take your name first. She says really, you are hopeless, you should take your parents’ name first, else I will be very upset. Harish smiles.

Adi says Ayesha won’t come now. Poonam says its ok, she might be stuck in work. She asks is Ayesha’s boutique important for him. He says a lot, its her dream, but I m living it, she became careless, I know she is very talented, I want her dreams to be fulfilled, as she is my good friend. Poonam smiles. Adi says I hope I can be a good friend too. Poonam says and your marriage. Adi says are you taking my interview? He says its complex, this marriage is part of our friendship, she needed me and I did my duty as a friend, it does not mean her career will get a full stop, she does not expect anything from this marriage. He calls Ayesha again. She switches off her phone and goes somewhere.

Adi worries for Ayesha as her phone is off. Poonam says you are worrying a lot. Harish calls Adi and says come home soon I m getting very nervous. Adi says I will reach home and see you. Adi tells this to Poonam and says you can come with me. She agrees. Anuj asks Sheela to get ready soon. Sheela says she has to give many interviews. Nani taunts her. Sheela says you are taunting, but I win;t say anything, as many people are jealous of me. Nani asks about Ayesha. Sheela says they were going to boutique, but Ayesha was making excuses, I doubt she went or not.

Adi and Poonam come to Harish and see him overeating. Harish says I m not like this. Avantika says he is tensed and did not let me go office. He says I m damn nervous, my film is releasing, whats wrong if I eat this to divert my mind. Poonam says its high calorie food. She advices him not to over eat as he will get bed ridden till the award day comes. Adi says he is ready to go to take the award. They have a laugh. Ayesha comes and sees them. Avantika asks Poonam to come home permanently. Poonam asks Ayesha when did you come and where were you. Adi is annoyed.

Ayesha says I was stuck in important work. Poonam says you should have messaged Adi, he was so worried. Adi leaves. Ayesha goes after Adi to bring water. Itna to hai paas mere ab to sunle dil ki dua……………….Pyaar ka dard hai…………………..plays……………….. Adi sees her and ignores. She holds his hand and stops him. She says I m sorry, I know I should have come at site, but if I could come………. Adi says no Ayesha, its fine, I m sure you felt its not required to inform me. He leaves. She thinks I wish I could tell you why I did not come.

Rubel and Payal have a talk and look happy. Harish sees Ayesha and Adi upset. He asks Ayesha why is she nervous. Avantika asks Poonam to come on screening on right time, and asks her to take her saree. Harish says you are lucky woman, I don’t remember when Avantika shared her saree with anyone. He says why not one saree for Ayesha. Ayesha says no dad, its not needed, I made something for me. Adi says she is right, she knows whats right for her.

Adi scolds Ayesha whats all this, Poonam, marriahe. She says she is fed up, don’t make me private property, free me now. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate this avantika!!! Adi can never be happy with poonam, its ayesha who changed him and not poonam who came few days ago

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