Laut Aao Trisha 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode stats with Kabeer reaching Amrita’s house. Pratik asks why did he come here. Kabeer says he came to check his well being and says he caught Prem’s murder, but he has not opened up who hired him. He asks Pratik if he knows who hired murderer to kill Prem. Pratik asks if he thinks he killed Prem. Kabeer says maybe as he was having an affair with Lavanya. Kabeer then goes to Lavanya’s office and says she must be behind Prem’s murder as he was having affair with her. He says he caught the murderer and will get truth from his mouth. He goes to Kushan then and tells he must have hired murderer to kill Prem after knowing he was having affair with your wife. He asks 10 crores from Pratik, 5 crores from Lavanya and 2.5 crores from Kushan to keep the secret and kill Prem’s muderer in locker.

Amrita reaches the spot where she had gone with ransom. Kabeer also reaches there. Amrita asks why is he here. He says he is chief investigating officer of this case and asks why is she here. Amrita says she is Trisha’s mother and is it her right to come here. He says she will get into pain. She asks if he wants to get out of pain. He says he will seal the place and asks her to walk out from there, but she does not. He searches place with his mobile but does not find anything. She asks how is his wound. He says it is fine. She asks if he is feeling a lot of pain handling this case. He asks if she feels he cannot handle this case. She says she he is the one who can do justice to this case and says she knows he tries to find his daughter in Trisha. She says she is very selfish to ask him to handle this case even after knowing this. He says she is a mother and has a right and asks when did she meet Varsha. She says she got this thought. He says she is a mother and a human being and human being cannot win over mother. He says even Varsha knows what this case means to me and says he will not leave this case at any cost and will get back Trisha at any cost. He asks her to go back home as it is very late.

Amrita reminisces getting kidnapper’s phone which he sent her before getting ransom money and informs about it to Kabeer, says her phone must have fallen here somewhere. They both start searching phone and Kabeer finds it on the floor. He picks it and asks Amrita if it is the same phone. He says its sim is locked and he is sure experts will find its number. She says hope they get a clue.

Pratik gets into Amrita’s room and asks her to get back to his room as they are both husband and wife and says if media will know about it, his company will go back into losses. She says he came to save his company and not their relationship. He asks to think whatever she wants and asks her not to stretch a simple issue and says she is Amrita Swaika and not Amrita Verma now. She says she was good being Verma and now repents why did she marry her. Sanya comes there and says she wants to know when is Trisha coming back and thought they are fighting for the same with dad. She says she was asking how his work is going on. Sanya says she wanted to ask pappa same and wants to sleep between them. He says even he wants mamma to shift back in room and they all can sleep on bed. He requests Amrita again to come back to his room. Amrita says Sanya until Trisha comes back, she will stay in Trisha’s room, else she will feel bad. Sanya says Pratik if mamma wants to stay here, let her stay here. She asks about bhai dooj and says tomorrow Vivan and Bobby will gift her a lot gifts and says she wants to celebrate festival daily with mammma and papa. Amrita says it is a good idea. Pratik takes her to tell story.

Lavanya tensely walks in her room reminiscing Kabeer’s words that Prem was ruining your repetition, so you hired murder to kill Prem. Pratik and Kushan also get tensed thinking the same.

Abhay says Kabeer that he did not get a call from all 3 of them, means they are behind Prem’s murderer. Kabeer asks him to find out bank note details of broker from whom Armita got money and says even phone is new, so he should get its details. Abhay says it may be just like choc wrapper proof. Kabeer asks him to do as he says.

Kushan asks Lavanya to get ready to go to Pratik’s home to celebrate bhai dooj. She says she does not want to go. He says already things have messed up and he does not want to worsen them more.

Kabeer sees grocery at his home. Varsha calls him and says she kept it and asks him to enjoy today at home. He gets another call who says he killed Prem.

Precap: During board meeting, Pratik announces that Neha will handle their company’s tower project, which Kushan was handling earlier.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. God let something happen to Pratik and let him know his wifes (Amrita’s value).. plssssssssssss

  2. I am quite sure pratik is guilty and the other one I doubt is the brother. He looks very goodie goodie types I am sure he is not

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