Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika asking Adi not to worry as she is strong. Ayush shows the painting. Pankhudi says its good, but why are you and mum apart from others. Avantika says even then we all will be united. They leave smiling. Avantika makes Ayush sleep and asks Shanky to help her. He nods no. She requests him saying she is like his daughter. He agrees. She thanks him. Its morning, the press conference starts. Payal signs the reporter. Shanky says he is going to check gas in kitchen. Adi and Pankhudi sit there. Avantika comes out with Ayush. Ayush asks why are these people here, I will get my pic clicked. She stops him and holds his hand. She walks with him.

She thanks everyone for coming. Payal’s reporter asks her resignation news and she called this press conference to apologize. Avantika says I have made no mistake so why to apologize. He taunts on her illegitimate son, and asks where is your husband Harish is you are right. Harish looks on tv. Avantika answers them. He says what was the need to keep press conference. She accepts that Ayush is her son. She says he is not Harish’s son, but Amit Sharma’s son. She says yes, I fell in love with Amit, he met with an accident, whats wrong in this. I started my life again, I made a mistake and that brought Ayush to life. She says my dad has hidden this from me, what could he have done, people would have been for my character certificate if he told them.

She says I ran to accept my son, whats wrong in it, just because he is born out of my wedlock, can’t I love him. She asks the lady does she love her son, then why are they making Ayush’s issue. She says she did not call them for explanation, she is clearing that she will give Ayush her name, and he will be Ayush Avantika Diwaan from now on. She says print this in newspaper, I m sure it will increase your sales. She says my personal life does not count my professional work, my seniors want to take my post, I want to say that I give up this post, as its not more than my self respect. Everyone clap for her.

The reporters apologize to her and says it will be printed without editing, it will inspire all women to fight. Avantika says thanks, sit down, I m not done yet. She thanks her family for supporting her. He says Harish is watching this, I m sorry for hiding this from him. She cries and says I m sorry Harish, I m going to Us with Ayush forever. Harish and everyone are shocked. Harish says is she mad, how can she go leaving me. Avantika says I never loved anyone expect him, she still loves him a lot and I will continue to love you till I die. Everyone looks on.

She says if possible forgive me. She keeps the mic and the reporters ask when is she going to US. Adi says give us 10mins time, we will answer all the questions. Adi asks her to come with him and takes her holding her hand. Adi asks Avantika how can she decide this. Avantika says she took this decision for Harish. Pankhudi says how can she run. Avantika says no, I m taking my past with me. Adi says you are being selfish. Avantika says you are grown up and can look after everyone. Sheela says she won’t let her go. Avantika says I have to go. Ayush says he does not want to go.

Adi says it means Ayush knew and so he made that painting. Avantika says I have my flight in sometime, I have to go. Pankhudi says you did not share with me. Avantika says Shanky kept the luggage in my car. Adi asks Shanky why did he not tell him. Avantika says he just did as I said. Adi says lets talk. Avantika says I can’t stop. Adi says you are being stubborn, fine, go, I won’t stop you. Avantika asks Sheela to take care of Adi. She leaves. Pankhudi asks Adi to stop mum. She says I m going and asks Sheela to call Harish. Avantika takes Ayush. Pankhudi says she will come till airport and goes with her.

Adi cries and says mum….. He runs after the car and falls. Harish comes and holds Adi. Pankhudi asks Avantika not to go. Avantika says she has to go, is she is with Harish, he will not be happy seeing Ayush. Adi calls Pankhudi and asks her to keep phone on speaker. Harish talks to Avantika and says he was very annoyed, but if he loved, then he has right to be annoyed. He talks to media and gives message. He says only Avantika could have done this, I can’t, it needs courage, I m proud of you. He says I want to say that Ayush is my son too. Ayush will be known as Ayush Harish Kumar. He will be my son. Everyone smile. Avantika cries. Harish asks Avantika to come back.

Adi says dad does not want mum to go, please stop her Pankhudi. Adi hugs Harish. Pankhudi asks driver to take car back home. Avantika says drive to airport. Adi says Pankhudi, convince mum, we are on the way. Harish says whats wrong with her, drive faster, else she will go. Adi and Harish gets stuck at the signal. Harish says he will take other route. Adi says no, this is the only way. Harish says I know Avantika is adamant, she won’t stop if she decided. They reach and run inside the airport. The guard stops Harish. Harish says my wife is inside, I need to meet her urgent. He asks him to call her. Harish shouts on him. Adi says I will call Pankhudi. Pankhudi says Adi, mum’s flight is gone. Adi is shocked and tells Harish that mum is gone. Harish and Adi cry.

Harish comes home and calls out everyone’s name. He says he is sure Avantika is at home. Pankhudi says how can this happen, I dropped her at airport. Harish says no.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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