Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone enjoys drinks for the Diwali. Aashi says i will do the opening of firecrackers. Ballu’s man is looking in. Aashi burns someone of them but nothing happens. He awaits the blast. Aashi is enjoying it. Vishesh stares at her. The song ‘muskurane’ plays in background. ashi is about to slip but vishesh holds her in his arms. Vishesh says are you okay? She says yeah i am fine. She says i told you i am always safe with you.

Prabha says i miss tukur a lot will he be missing us as well? Aashi grabs some more firecrackers. The man says now she will have a blastful Diwali. Aashi is about to fire the crackers. but she sees vishnyu and prabha crying. she stops and says they are missing their family a lot. Vishesh says you are right but i don’t think they will celebrate Diwali with them. sahil says aashi you and vishesh go and bring them.

Tukur says to mansi i don’t wanna celebrate Diwali. mansi says your friends and cousns are out there. He says dada dadi aren’t here. Aashi and vishesh enter. Mansi and ashish are shocked to see them. tukur hugs and says why didn’t dada dadi come? Lets go. Let me bring my fireworks. aashi says you bought so many firecrackers? vishesh says lets go and celebrate. Mansi says where are you bringing him? Aashi says sorry i came without telling you. we came to take you with us. Uncle aunty feel so lonely without you. mansi says didn’t you feel ashaed to come here. because of you we are separated. We have lost our house because of your parents. You ahev ruined our lives. Ashish says you broke relationship with your parents and giving us lecture. Aashi says for now we are talking about your parents here. aashi says okay then let me take tukur at least. He says don’t you even dare to take him. Aahi says if you don’t send him i will kidnap him. She says even police must be busy as well. I have a lawyer as well. Think about it. so i have to leave now. See you later. Aashi goes out and sees tukur playing with vishesh. She says see you later tukur. They leave. ashi says to vishesh you know its not the ear to say things straightforward. Aashi sees fireworks and says vishesh look its so beautiful. They smile looking at each other.

Aashi and vishesh come home. Prabha says come in the food is ready. Aashi tells them that they didn’t allow them to take tukur. aashi says we will crack these firecrackers after tukurs arrival. She takes them all in.

Scene 2
Next morning, Vishesh comes in. Jhabro aunty says there is a case. My husband has a case. one brother has stolen gold from other brother’s lockes. But this is just an accusation. ashi says don’t worry we will study it. Vishesh says just give me some time. Sahil says i know mohan Bhandari as well. his brother is a fraud type of man. No one trusts him. Vishesh says first of all we should meet this mohan bhadari. Aashi says yeah we can’t say no to them.

Tukur is really upset. Ashish says we should go to meet mummy papa. Why should we ruin tukur’s Diwali in our issues. Aashi says how can you forget that because of them we don’t even a house. They don’t care about us at all. They would have come to meet tukur neither did they call. They just want to make you emotional. Ashish says they love tukur. mansi says when they don’t care about you why would they care about tukur. He will okay with time. I don’t know what you are thinking. I am not stopping you. You can go and meet them. ashish says you are right we won’t go to meet them. He gets a call from sunil.

Sohan says i can’t doubt my brother. Why did he steal from my locker. Jhabro comes in with rest of three. she introduces mohan to vishesh, aashi and sahil. He says i don’t know anything. my brother says i love you they are putting allegation on me of stealing. why would i steal in my own house. Jhabro says save mohan vishesh he can’t steal. i have complete trust in him.

Precap-Two ladies come in with presents. Theyy say aashi has helped us a lot. We have bought these gifts for her. Vishnu says you sent something last evening?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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