Laut Aao Trisha 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer says his superior that he is happy that the news got leaked and Swayka’s know that they are in his radar. He says now the culprit will do a mistake and I will catch him. Officer informs him that he found out who arranged medical certificate for Trisha.

Amrita sees Trisha’s teddy and imagines Trisha again and hugs her, she then realizes it is Teddy and not Trisha and starts crying vigorously.

Kabeer meets Neha and asks about Trisha. She says she is not connected to her. He asks then why did she get her fake medical certificate. Neha gets tensed hearing that.

Lavanya comes to Amrita’s home and says she just came to check her wellbeing. Amrita informs her about ACP interrogating Kushan. Lavanya asks why did not she do anything. She says Kushan cleared his doubt and ACP set him free. Lavanya asks why did not she interfere. She says she knew he is innocent, so she did not.

Neha takes Kabeer to her house. He says it is good house and things are precious, if her boyfriend gave it to her. She says that is none of his business. He says recently a lady killed his boss’s daughter for money. She asks why is he telling that. He says he forgot his actual question and asks why did she arrange fake certificate for Trisha. She says she did not. He says he will call his lady officers then. She says she will tell truth and says she met Trisha some days back and saw her missing college and requested her to arrange fake certificate, so she arranged it. He asks so easily she helped her. She says Trisha is my friend’s daughter. He says she is telling half truth and says his officer will ask another half.

Lavanya asks Kushan what did Kabeer ask her. He asks why is her phone switched off and says police is doubting her now. She asks now switching off phone is a sin and says she had gone for a lunch meeting. He says he checked his office and she was not there. She says she switched off phone for lunch and went to meet Amrita after that and asks him to stop doubting her.

Kabeer reaches Amrita’s house and asks about Pratik. She says he has gone out and asks him for a coffee. He says he does not need coffee and informs that Neha arranged certificate for Trisha. Amrita is shocked to hear that and asks why did she do that. He says he did not inform about it to anyone else and says Neha told she met Trisha in a mall and asked her help, he knows she is telling lie. She asks why did not he arrest her. He says he is waiting for the right opportunity. She says she will go and ask her right now. He says he does not want to involve her as she gets emotional and says case will spoil because of that. He says he knows she is in pain and with smiling she cannot hide it.

Kushan checks Lavanya’s mobile and reads Prem’s message. He calls to find who he is. Prem speaks up and he identifies his voice. Prem thinks why did she call him.

Neha meets Pratik and starts crying hugging him. He asks what happened. She says Kabeer is behind me now and he came to my house. He asks if he came to know about our relationship. She says he came to know about her getting medical certificate to Trisha. He gets angry hearing that and shouts at her asking why did she do that. She asks instead of getting happy, he is getting angry on her. She says she did it for them as Trisha came to know about their affair and was threatening expose her. Pratik gets emotional hearing that. Amrita comes to Neha’s house and knocks door. Kabeer says she is not in the house. She says she will not go until she meets Neha and asks her why she did that. Kabeer asks her to stop making a drama and to go. She does not listen. He holds her hand and her from there.

Precap: Pratik sees Kabeer at his house and asks what is he doing. Amrita asks him why Neha arranged fake medical certificate for Trisha. He says he does not know.

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