Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi dropping Ayesha and Poonam to the mall. Ayesha thinks how to make Adi stay with Poonam. Rubel thinks about Poonam’s words and comes to know Rubel is in amny café again. She thinks to find out. A car rushes towards Ayesha. Adi saves Ayesha. Payal comes to the café and says Rubel is not here. She asks the manager about Rubel’s reservation. He says no such. She thanks him and says update was about this café. Adi worries for Ayesha. Ayesha says everything is fine, relax. Adi sscolds her. He says sorry, I will get water, don’t cross road like this.

Poonam says Adi is so concerned about you, how can you not love him, if he is so good and concerned about you. Payal comes to office and comes to know he is busy in meeting. Payal says she will wait. She comes to know he is in another café. A man comes to meet Rubel. Payal hears this and goes to Rubel’s cabin. He sees Rubel talking to Nafisa and thanking her for updating his location by going different cafes. He says I hope Payal is reading my updates. Payal is shocked. Adi gives water to Ayesha and asks is she fine. He says you scared me, enjoy shopping now. He leaves.

Ayesha says you saw his concern, but did not notice, it was for a friend, We are friends and I m looking for a good bride for my friend, I guess I got her now. Few goons see them. Rubel says Payal, you here. Payal asks him whats going on, why is he making her mad, and lying. She asks why is he acting like he is having an affair with Nafisa, tell me it’s a lie. She cries and asks why did he do this. The goons tease Ayesha and Poonam. Poonam asks Ayesha to call and check did Adi send the car. The goon holds Poonam’s hand. Ayesha scolds him and says I will break your hand, leave her hand. Ayesha starts beating them for eve teasing.

Ayesha beats them with her slipper. Few men come and beat the goons. The police comes. Poonam says I called you, the goons were teasing us. The police arrests them. He asks Ayesha and Poonam to come with them. Harish and Avantika talk about promotions. He says he won’t cheat and not do promotions. She says its business, if the film does not get good reviews, it won’t do well. She asks its cost. He says it will cost Rs 1 croes and he does not want her to give it from her personal account. She says she will take money from her business and so she will discuss with family members, fix a date and organize special screening. She leaves.

Rubel tells Payal that he was frustrated, he started feeling he does not have any quality to make his wife happy, he had given up all hopes in their relation. She says so you lied to me. He says I m sorry Payal, I did this to save our relation, I had to make you free of every doubt, it was difficult for me too. I know I did mistake to get inclined towards Nafisa, but trust me, then I did not even look at her, lets forget that and start fresh. He asks her whats her reply, can she trust him again. She gets angry on him. She goes to the door and shuts it.

Ayesha and Poonam are in police station. They give their statements. Adi comes there and asks Ayesha what happened. Ayesha says everything is fine, she has beaten four of them. Adi says I don’t believe this, very good. Avantika comes and says no Adi, Ayesha should have wait for police. Adi jokes. Avantika says I m sorry, Ayesha should have behaved calmly, Poonam did right to call you, Adi says I will drop you all. Avantika says you take Poonam, I will bring Ayesha. Adi and Poonam leaves. They come home. Sheela says what will people say what Ayesha did. Nani says you can understand that Ayesha did right, it was self defense.

Harish says I m worried as Ayesha is with Avantika. Adi says Ayesha is not wrong. Harish says I know, its just like Avantika won’t like this. Avantika comes home with Ayesha. Harish asks Avantika where did she take Ayesha. Ayesha looks at Avantika.

Sheela scolds Ayesha for not caring about Avantika’s respect. Avantika says Poonam did right to ccall police, but even Ayesha right by beating them. Everyone is stunned as Avantika takes Ayesha’s side.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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