Laut Aao Trisha 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanya says Amrita that she has Trisha’s secret and she used to give her 1 choc to keep mum. Amrita asks her to tell the secret and she will give 3 chocs instead.

Lavanya gets ready to go to Meghan’s college and goes down. She gets a message from Prem to come soon and refers her as love. Kushan is shocked to see that. Lavanya comes back and takes her mobile, she says he should be happy that she is going to their children’s college.

Kabeer reminisces Amrita’s words that his daughter is pretty and then reminisces his daugther’s death body. He gets a call from his superior who asks how did Trisha’s sensitive news got leaked. Kabeer asks him to tell that he leaked it. Superior says he would have done it if situation could have been controlled with it, but it won’t help. He asks him to be careful from hereon.

Amrita looks at Trisha’s pic and cries. She imagines Trisha there and says why did she leave her and will not talk to her. Trisha hugs her and they both cry. She then realizes it is just Trisha’s pic and pleads Trisha to come back.

Kabeer in in psychiatrist. She says he is forgetting that he has to pay her for every minute. He starts reading news. She gives him 10 rs for reading news and asks him to tell now, if he is not getting sleep and if sleeping pills have stopped working. He says he thinks of taking whole sleeping pill bottle. She asks why does not he leave this case. He says it is not related to that case. She says he is relating this case to his personal one and asks why did he inform Amrita about his family and says it is because he is seeing Trisha as his daughter and asks him to stop thinking like that and to think this case as just a case professionally to get a proper sleep. Kabeer says he can handle himself and will not leave this case. She says he would not have come here if he knew to handle himself.

Bobby sees Vivan talking to his girlfriend smilingly and whistles. Vivan asks Bobby to leave. Bobby says he is happy that he has gotten over Trisha. Vivan says he knows about his love for Trisha and he must have killed her as police found her blood stains on his jacket. Bobby gets irked and starts fighting with him.

Psychiatrist calls Kabeer and asks him to stop getting personal with Trisha as he is trying to connect his personal issue with her. Kabeer sees Amrita standing, says psychiatrist that he does not want to buy soap from her and cuts call. Amrita apologizes Kabeer for entering his office without informing him. Kabeer says it is okay and to tell why she came. Amrita says Sanya knew about Trisha’s sick leave and heard Trisha speaking to someone asking to meeting her. Kabeer asks if Sanya told who it was. Amrita says she did not. Kabeer says it must be someone who gave erotic book to Trisha. Amrita asks if Bobby or Vivan did not give that book. He says he feels they did not. Officer enters in. Kabeer asks Amrita to go and he will inform her if he gets any info. Officer informs that Kushan switched off his phone again. Kabeer says we should find where he is going as there is a chance that he is going to meet Trisha, his phone switches off for only 2-3 hours a day.

Kushan in his car starts following Lavanya, Kabeer follows Kushan, Amrita follows Kabeer. Amrita thinks whom Kabeer is following and why. Lavanya and Kushan’s cars cross signal, but Amrita and Kabeer’s cars stop due to red light. Police stop Kushan for breaking signal, Lavanya’s car leaves by then. He angrily gets out of his car after paying fine and sees Kabeer and Amrita’s cars.

Precap: Kabeer asks Kushan why his phone gets switched off for 2-3 hours daily after Trisha got kidnapped.

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