Dil Dosti Dance 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karma asks Huma do you think I did this. She leaves without replying.
Swayam sat on the stool, Sharon said she never thought he would cheat her like this. You lied to me, saving her from her parents. Swayam says that I did this, to save my academy else she would have left. Sharon says that you academy, your dreams are important for you than me. Sharon says that you could have asked me once, telling me the truth. Swayam says that I knew you hated Huma. She says that I love you, you could have trusted me. Swayam hugs her, saying sorry he couldn’t risk taking his academy. She says she hopes she will trust her the next time. He says the one I doesn’t trust it, myself. He is worried, that will Huma’s parents allow her dancing or not. Sharon says she wants to cheer him up. He gets Huma’s call, and says he will meet her in a while in basket ball court. He tells Sharon he will be back, hugs her saying he is sorry.
Raghv comes to library, saying to Ishika that he lied for his betterment. Ishika tells him that this is library, he must leave. He snatches her book; she tells the librarian that she won’t be responsible for the loss of this book anymore. The librarian suspends Raghv from the library for the next week.
Huma tells Swayam she might not be able to come to dance. She says he must find her replacement. Swayam says how he can find someone else for replacement. He says he will talk to her mom, he helped her as much as possible and now she must help him. He convinces her to try for her team and she will be successful. She promises to talk to her ammi.
Sharon was lost during the practice. The students ask won’t they practice today. She appreciates Ishika, ands says she want that they should start the practice for couple dance. She announces that Ishika has been selected from girls. She asks them both to come forward. She tells them they have only two weeks to practice. She shows Ishika the position. She then helps Ishika for the practice, Ishika was worried and leaves Raghv in disgust. Sharon asks what’s wrong. She says she doesn’t want to dance with him. She says she has a head ache. Sharon tells her to rest today. She tells them to watch the videos, and gives the instructions to them. Raghv was leaving but Sharon calls him back to position.
Huma calls her abbu as he was watching the basket ball match. She says I am sorry for hurting you both. Her abbu says I didn’t hope this. She says ammi’s hope makes me fearful. She says that our D3 academy is also participating in Dance-mania and asks for his help to make up ammi’s mood. He takes her promise she won’t lie again, and assure his support.
Kaka asks Swayam didn’t he eat meal. Swayam says he will eat it in a while. Kaka takes his leave for few days. He recalls Rey saying they miss them and asking about the academy and Swayam had promised him he will make it the best academy. He thinks about Huma, tries her number and thinks her must call her parents. He gets a call, and leaves worried.
Huma’s ammi tells her that all has ended and she can’t allow her to practice whole night in that garage. Huma says everyone will be hurt. Her abbu says that she must let Huma live her dreams. Her ammi says that she spent her life adjusting with him. Abbu says that she is over looking Huma’s dreams in her frustration. Her ammi says she doesn’t know how much will she lie to her in future. Her abbu tells her to learn, trust their child.
Swayam comes to Sharon’s home, she was in bed. He keeps hand on her forehead. He asks when did she get the asthma attack, and accepts she is stressed because of their fight. She says there is work stress too, but he was worried. She says there are always fights between lovers. Swayam accepts that work stress is affecting their relation. Swayam says that she is ignoring her health in work. He says she must go to his house, and live there. She says she isn’t going as mom isn’t here as well. He says this is why he is saying this, they will get rid of all the communication gaps. She asks is he asking for ‘Live in?’ He says yes.

PRECAP: Swayam says to Huma and Karma that he must teach them team work. He asks them to open the shutter now, as he locks it. They both try separately, but he says that he won’t open it till they have learnt the team work.

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