Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
While ishaani drapes a red dupatta, ranvir eyes her overwhelmingly. She finds him and then remind sher of their childhood days of celebrating janamashtami. ranvir says that he still wants everything happy for her, and that the only difference was she used to believe everything about him, but not anymore. He tinks that he wont let anything wrong happen to her. She says that as her engagement gift, she wants to meet the love of his life, so that she may find what kind of a girl she is. He tries to go off citing work, while she says that she wants to see the girl and find whether she is suitable for him. She says that if he doesnt get his lover today at chirag’s place, then he should forget talking to her ever. He thinks that she wants to se him with a nice girl, but he cant see her with a wrong girl.

Scene 2:
Location: Garima’s house
Garima is tensed to find ranvir at her gate. He coaxes her to listen atleast once. Ranvir says that he knows that garima loves her badly. He says that he feels bad for her, despite being a stranger to her. Ranvir tells garima that she has to stand up for the truth, and assures her that chirag would dump her too, as he doesnt love anyone but himself, and hasnt proposes even once for 4 years. He tells her that she saved chirag as she loved him, similarly he is trying to save ishaani’s life from ruining. ranvir says that he wants to save ishaani from chirag’s betrayal. He says that he cant see that ishaani marries chirag, despite his knowing what kind of a man he is. he asks garima to stop this marriage anyhow. ranvir is distraught while garima is tensed. Garima asks him to leave, as she cant bear her father hearing this. he asks why’s she so scared, that chirag wotn marry her if she ratys him out. but garima is adamant to be quiet and doesnt listen to ranvir. she slams the door on him. ranvir is tensed. ranvir gets ishaani’s call, and asks him to comr soon to chirag’s place, as there’s a surprise for him. He is boggled. Ranvir is determined to save ishaani.

Scene 3:
Location: Chirag’s residence
All are mingling as the janamashtami celebrations begins. While ishaani waits for ranvir, chirag comes in complimenting and flirting with her. Chetali comes in trying to be hip. chirag takes falguni and harshad’s blessings. chetali teases chirag for paying attention to ishaani. Chetali continues with her rants, and then goes back to finding girls for sherman. He excuses himself. She starts checking them herself, and devarsh tries to tease her saying that he too would like someone. Devarsh tries to get prateik out of ruchika’s influence, and again tries to misguide him into falling for someone called radha, aptly for Janamashtami. He tells disha his plans, and they are amused, as prateik starts searching for radha. they continue asking him to keep looking. Prateik lands with a dumb girl, and he runs from there. Ishaani waits impatiently for ranvir, while the puja starts at midnight. Chetali tells ishaani that those couples who swing Lord krishna together, are forever blissfully married. Their teasing continues. The puja begins.

Meanwhile, Ranvir is stuck in the jam, while ishaani shyly waits her turn to swing Lord krishan, along with chirag. Ranvir finally reaches and rushes inisde, just in time, that ishaani sees him, and leaves to hug him, while chirag does the puja alone. Disha too observes him. ishaani starts saying that she never knew that chirag could do something like this. Rnvir is boggled when she says that chirag got ranvir’s girlfriend here, and gave her the greatest gift, and she loves him even more. ranvir is confused. Ishaani brings up a girl called arti. ranvir is boggled, while ishaani is super excited about the girl, and decides to hitch them both together soon. Chirag says that they would definitely get them to meet. ranvir says that she isnt his girlfriend, and starts venting frustration out on ishaani for her stupid surprise as he left an important work for this.

Meanwhile, chirag’s parents stealthily brings up the topic of starting a company together and finding falguni’s consent, harshad agrees. chirag’s parents are happy.

Downstairs Chirag asks him why was he tensed then. Ishaani asks him why is he alone and where is the love of his life. Ishaani accuses him of lying about having fallen in love to her and is sad and hurt. Ranvir vehemently says that he didnt lie, and chirag coaxes him to say then, who he loves so much. as ishaani looks tensedly, ranvir is boggled what to answer. disha eyes keenly from a distance. the screen freezes on ranvir’s tensed face.

Precap: Baa says that now the mother daughter dup shall understand their stature. Ranvir begs and says that she can give any punishment to him, but not to Ishaani. baa says that her descision is final. ishaani is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. love this show…so nice and awesome…expecting ishaani to be married with ranveer soon

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