Laut Aao Trisha 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita sadly says Kabeer that Lavanya told I don’t understand my daughter well, so she left me and asks if it is true. Kabeer says both yes and no, yes as she believed her daughter blindly and thought she would not lie to her and no as children hide secrets from their parents and it is a collective result from environment, college, family, etc. Amrita says she would have spent more time with her daughter. Kabeer says these things happen and they will reach Trisha soon and a new chapter will open now, he knows a mother will accept all the challenges and will not back off in finding her daughter. Amrita nods yes.

Bobby meets Kushan and asks how is he and says if everything is alright, then why he would have come here and asks what happened. He says nothing and asks how is everyone and says his mom must be busy in office. Bobby says mom cries a lot after your fight and stays at home.

Sanya sees Vivan playing game and asks him to teach her also. Vivan reminisces Pratik’s scolding and says only elders can play video games. She says even she can play games and asks if he bought her birthday gift. He asks what she needs. She says she wants Trisha and runs with his mobile and falls down on stairs. Amrita nurses her wound and consoles her. She asks her to be careful as she also gets hurt seeing her injuries. She then angrily looks at Vivan and asks him to come to her room.

Varsha’s patient asks her to help him and prescribe him medicines. She says she does not have prescription for him. Kabeer comes there and hears their conversation. He says he does not need her medicines as they are not working, he is getting sleep at night and is waking up at day, he feels like killing a man with moutache. Patient hears that and runs from there. Varsha thanks him for his help. Kabeer asks if he can go on a date with her. She asks what happened now. He says Amrita is finding difficulty in handling the issue and after knowing Trisha’s secret is feeling guilty, he is unable to explain he that kids hide secrets from their parents. He says Amrita knew Trisha well and he is confused. Varsha says Amrita is getting important to him and he is getting emotional, asks him to separate emotions and profession.

Amrita says she wants to know about Trisha and asks him to answer her questions truly. She asks Trisha wanted to experience everything first and then decide to continue with it or not. Vivan says she followed it and asks how is he connected with this. She asks if he taught her this and says Trisha cannot do this as she is too innocent. He says he did not force anyone and Trisha used to follow it herself. She asks who started affair first, he or Trisha. He says it was mutual relationship. Trisha is hurt hearing that.

Kushan continues drinking alcohol and looks at Meghan and Bobby’s pics. Door bell rings and he sees Lavanya outside door. He asks her not to chase her. Pratik calls him and says he is back on his project and congratulates him. Kushan thanks him. He asks Lavanya if she is bribing him and throwing bones in front of him. She says she loves him a lot and ask him to come back home for their children. He asks if she wants to prove he love. She says yes. He takes with her.

Pratik comes home and sees Sanya’s injury. Sanya asks how she got injured. She says she was playing with Vivan and got injured. He says she will be alright, gets irked on Vivan. He comes to his room and sees Amrita busy reading, asks why did she call in the afternoon and if everything is ok. She says she called her husband to talk about her daughter. He says he was busy in a business meeting and asks if it is urgent. She says it was important. He gets angry and says he runs a company and has a lot of work. She asks to tell when he will be her husband, she will call him then.

Sanya asks Pratik what birthday gift he will give as she has asked Vivan to get Trisha back as her gift. Pratik says he will get best gift for her. Sanya says Trisha told when she will become 7-year-old, she will get her a best gift and says she knows Trisha will come back for sure. Amrita says she will come, else we will punish her.

Precap: Kabeer promotes new time slot of 9 p.m. from 29th September. Kushan asks Lavanya if she can do anything for him, then she should go to Prem. Gaurav says Pratik that he is not his servant but his brother.

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