Bigg Boss 8 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 2
First Task: Qurabaniya(sacrifice)
bigg boss says that upen and gautam are awake as per the first task Qurabaniya(sacrifice) of secret society, upne says to gautam that now I know what is sleep, I want to test myself, how much I can be awake, gautam agrees, all are sleeping in plane and plane gate is locked from outside, gautam says seeing in camera that open the gate now bigg boss, whole night have passed, will you take away our life.

6:30 am
upen and gautam sadly sees all sleeping, upen is waking here and there, he talks to himself, gautam starts sleeping, Upen wakes him up and sprinkles water on his face.

morning song kehne ko ghar nahi starts, all wakes up, they start dancing, upen and gautam congratulate each other for waking up whole night, all applauds for them. Sukirti gives morning hug to Sushant. all members come out of plane only to fine something mechanism placed in garden area, they see water is gone, Karishma says how can water be not there? praneet is thirsty too, she says bigg boss no water here.
Bigg boss talks with society members and says its time for next sacrifice and says this is to bring sweat of two members of house to give water to everyone, you have to two choose two members for this task, society members discusses and selects sukirti and Minissha. Society members announces to contestants that as you all know that water is not coming and to get water Sukirti and Minissha will have to run the cycle together to give water to other members, they have to run the cycle together, if one stops in middle then water will be stopped for tomorrow also, so start the task.

Sukirti goes to change her shoes, Karishma says we wont be able to take bath, Arya says just fetch for drinking and brushing teeth.

Minissha says we can store water, we have to use water immediately after taking out water. Sukirti says all members should come out for water, minishha and sukirti starts running cycle, all are taking water from null, arya gives water to diandra but she says she doesn’t need it, Karishma says to Ayra that I told diandra her hairs are short, if she want to wash them then I will help her.

Karishma helps diandra in washing her hairs.
Arya and praneet gossips, they see sukirti sleeping in plane and says she us already tired, her face is showing how much water she had fetched.

Minissha and Sukirti are running cycle again but water is not coming, praneet comes there, minissha says water is not coming, we will inform all. they come in plane, sukirti informs other contestants that water is not coming as gautam and upen are sleeping, upen says sukirti says you should talk directly, we stayed up whole night, you asked me and gautam to come outside but there is no water , what is the reason for asking us to come out, sukirti gets miffed and goes out.
gautam and upen comes out of plane. Arya says to Gautam that you are targeted, you wanted to sleep but you were selected to be awake, you dont take things in anger, Gautam says I am cool, I was sleeping while standing only and upen kept waking me up and now they are saying that we should be awake so that they can fetch water.
in plane, sukirti says to upen that I understand sleep is very important but if we all have to be strong to live in house, I know how it feels when you don’t sleep for whole day, upen nods, sukirti has tears in her eyes and starts crying, she says nobody shouts on me so I am not used to it, upen says you are a drama queen, why are you crying on such a small thing, I just talked to you as I thought we are friends, there is nothing to cry, sukirti says maybe not for you but for me it is.
diandra comes to gautam who is sleeping on bench, she ask him to wake up, he says I am not used to be awake by a girl, I am feeling tired, diandra gives him message, he feels relaxed.

2:30 pm
Society members announces that its time for another sacrifice, that is of food, all gets tensed, society member says till our next order you all cant eat food. praneet says I am fasting, even if anyone eats, I wont eat, all are ready to sacrifice food, soni says so not to worry, all are ready for it.
society members decide to choose two of them to sacrifice food, they announces that Arya and soni singh will have to sacrifice the food.

all are eating food expect those who are not allowed to eat. soni and Arya are in plane, soni says I am not hungry now, I will feel hungry after some time.
Bigg boss talks with secret society, he says now its time for another sacrifice that is to take freedom of walking from two members. Society members decide to choose diandra and sushant for this task. they announces to contestants, that diandra and sushant have to sacrifice their wake, they will stand like statue, they can talk but not walk and if they move from their place then siren will play, till they don’t comeback to their position, all other members will be in statue position and they will stand statue by putting mud on their face and body and their hand should be in upward position.

Diandra and Sushant stands on aero plane wing with their hands in upward position, they stand like a statue, all makes fun of sushant for wearing short, diandra’s back is itching and she says its not easy task, they stand in same position for a while when siren plays and society member announces that we are freeing diandra and sushant from this task, they fulfilled their task and are free now, all claps for them.

all are sitting in plane, Gautam applies cream on diandra’s leg, praneet jokes to upen that he should also do it, Sushant says to diandra that his legs are more good that hers.
Society members discusses that three members have come to make a desperate love story, one is gautam, Gulati, he is trying to make a love story, they talk about upen and says in his case it will be like love can happen or not, he is genuine guy and will make love story only when he is in love.

Sonali says to gautam that your tattoo is good, my friend had tattoo on his chest and he used to look hot when he takes off his shirt.
society member discusses sonali and says she is little weird, she is not giving attention to upen and is trying to bring Gautam in her confidence.

Arya comes to soni and says I am feeling hungry, all are eating outside, soni ask then why did you give your name for the task, he says I am confessing to you in private, soni laughs, they talk about their favorite food, Arya says I am hrd core non-veg, I like to have chicken daily on table, soni says my mother makes good bhidi(bitter guard).

natasa talks to sonali, she says I don’t know much how to speak hindi and I am shy too, this is a challenge for me, Arya comes and ask sonali is she teaching hindi to natasa, he says to natasa that sonali will be good teacher, he ask sonali why is she silent, sonali says all here tries to talk so there should be someone to listen too. she says to Arya that he must be hungry as he didn’t had fod.
Arya talks to Karishma about natasa and sonali, he says sonali is deliberately insulting him, she is behind me, I went and talked with natasa but sonali was little rude. Karishma says I think she is not deliberately doing it, Arya says I felt that it is going over board so I talked to you, Karishma says you should talk to her lightly that if she is trying to pin you then its not gonna work, Arya says I will talk to her in person, Karishma says no then it will be like you are making an issue, just talk to her lightly that humiliate you like she teased for not eating food.
Arya is with soni, she says seeing your tummy, I can say that we did the task of not eating food very well, Arya agrees.

PRECAP- Society members says to contestants that they are their ruler and they will have to follow their instructions. voice-over says Tomorrow secret society members will reveal their faces.
Karishma and Arya are talking to each other, Arya says I cant manipulate two people at one time, Karishma says we came in this house to play game first then make friends, I means its good if we all become friends but I have many friends in real life so I don’t need to desperately make friends here, I am here to play the game.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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