Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
aashi is going with sahil on shoot. She texts her dad thank you papa. I am very happy. Ashish asks Vishnu to sell the property. Vishnu says I have talked to aashi’s dad, they have left. he says you don’t know these people. Who is this aashi? How she belongs to you. Vishnu says she talks about saving my house not about selling it. He says I am never going to sell my house. He leaves.

Aashi takes selfies at the shoot. Sahil comes in the get up. he says its the demand of role. I am an actor he ahs to do that. aashi says its okay no one recognizes you. A cop comes and says sahil I saw you broom add. It was really good. The cop says nothing is going right can you people help us? Sahil says aashi he is the one who helped us with vishesh’s news. Aashi says then we will help you. He says you have to pretend to be thief. Your face will be covered and press will capture the photo. The real culprits have left. he says I helped you sahil with everything.

Scene 2
Sunil says to lawyer I don’t feel like forcing mummy papa. lawyer says these aashi towers will never listen to us. Tell us the rates we will give it to you. Manshi says we want to send the plot too. papa ji will never agree. Lawyer says you have to do something. sometimes you have to choose the wrong way for your family.

Aashi and sahil stand with the two thief. They ask who are you ? Aashi says your partner. they say we never saw you. sahil says we underwent plastic surgery. The press captures the photo. The inspector does the press conference. Aashi says this cloth is very smelly. SAhil and aashi run to they don’t get captured. cops and media run after them. aashi hides behind a tree. She heaves a sigh of relief. She collides with a girl when she goes back. She recalls she saw her photo in vishesh’s phone. she says nettu. visheh’s gf?

Ashish says to mansi that builder was right. people get stubborn when they get old. mansi says we have to do this for them ashsih says they will never agree. She say you should name this house after you. Tukur listens to this. ashish says how will we get papa’s signatures.

Aashi says to nettu I am vishesh’s friend and I know you were his gf. I know everything that happened that day. please listen to. Vishesh can’t live a normal life. People think of him as a culprit. She says please leave I don’t wanna talk about it. aashi says you have to help me once. sahil sees them, Nettu says I can’t help you. she turns back and sees sahil. she recalls when he met her.

Ashish is going throw files. Mansi says I know we are wrong but our intention is not wrong. ashish says give me papers on insurance. Mansi says I am going to office please get these papers signed. Ashish goes throw files and says I have to get signs.

aashi says to nettu everything wrong and we have to rectify it. Nettu says I told you that my name should never get involved. I have told the truth to everyone. please leave me alone. she leaves. sahil says were did you find her? Ashi says she ahs been brought to me. I ran from there and collided with her. its a sign that its time put and end to worst part of vishesh’s life.

Vishnu orders a money plant. he says prabha now we will live peacefully. aashi has solved the problem. prabha says she has done us a great favor. I will make sweets for her. vishnu says when ashish used to eat your sweets he used to get really happy. That made us happy too. prabha says you are right. ashish is over hearing them. He goes and sits on a couch. prabha comes to him and asks are you okay? He says just headache. prabha says should I massage your head? or should I make tea for you. he says in heart I can’t get those signs. Prabha asks are you okay? he says I have to leave for office. prabha sees the file. She says he forgot this file at home. she sees Vishnu’s name on the file.

Precap-nettu says please aashi let me go, Aashi says I know your situation nettu. you have to think about vishesh too. their voice is being heard on speakers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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