Laut Aao Trisha 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Armita reaches kidnapper’s told spot with ransom money. Trisha comes out of car. Kidnapper asks Amrita to leave money in the middle of road. He picks money and leaves Trisha. Trisha runs towards Amrita, but kidnapper starts car back and tries to crush Amrita, but Kabeer reaches on time and saves her. Kidnapper then tries to drag Trisha in his car back, but Kabeer stops his car and starts beating kidnapper. He then takes Trisha towards car when kidnapper drags Amrita with him on gunpoint and asks Kabeer to leave Trisha. Kabeer does as he says. He has to take a risk to save Amrita and Trisha’s lives. Trisha walks back towards kidnapper, while Ammrita pleads he to go back. She goes and sits back in car. Once kidnappper diverts attention kabeer shoots at kidnapper and kidnapper also shoots injuring his hand, but his partner runs with Trisha in car. Amrita shouts to leave Trisha, but to no vail.

Pratik asks Lavanya why did not she help Amrita. She says she could not arrange 20 crores. Kushan says he was arranging money, but Amrita sold shares before that. Pratik says they are all lying and don’t want Trisha to come back. Lavanya asks him to stop shouting and asks where was he when Amrita and Trisha needed him most and what did Amrita do that he left her and went to enjoy with Neha in a hotel room, says he is wrong. Pratik asks her not to tell anything now and says his and Amrita’s is personal problem and no one can interfere in it. He calls commissioner and asks where is Amrita and if Kabeer did not inform where is he going. Commissioner says he is on leave and Kabeer is incharge of this case, he is handling case wel. Meghan prepares arti thali to welcome Amrita and Trisha. Lavanya thinks in just 2 days, Amrita made her daughter like her.

Doc nurses Kabeer’s wound and asks him to take care as he may get infection. Amrita says Kabeer if he had not come, she would have got Trisha back. He says she would not have as Prem is dead and someone else has kidnapped Trisha who has also killed Prem. She asks why did not he inform her before and says we don’t know who has kidnapped trisha. She says she has to go back home and leaves. Kabeer feels guilty. Abhay asks him to not blame himself as he tried his best. He says he will try until he is successful.

Amrita reaches home. Pratik asks her where is Trisha. She says she could not bring back Trisha. Meghan asks what happened. Amrita tells the whole incident happened. Pratik calls Kabeer and aks why did not he go with full police force and even tapped their phones without their permissions, asks where is his daughter and why did not he save her when she was in front of him and why did not he arrest Prem. Kabeer says Prem is dead and kidnapper did not have intention to return Trisha. Pratik is shocked to hear that and informs his family about it. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Precap: Amrita asks Pratik to ask Neha how many times she called him when he was enjoying with Neha, says he has failed.

Update Credit to: MA

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