Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pankhudi asking Shanky to take care of Adi and Harish. Avantika makes Ayush have food. Payal comes to Avantika and asks what did she decide about Ayush. Avantika says whats there to decide, Ayush is my son and he is son of Diwaan Mansion too. Payal says but everything is ruining because of Ayush, whats the point. Avantika says its my problem, I shall see I find the solution, I will see to it its for both my kids, you may leave now. Payal leaves. Rubel asks Payal what happened. Payal says Adi left the home without Pankhudi, everything ended in between Avantika and Harish, I m scared of Ayush’s presence here, this is so unfair, the legal heir is out and this illegitimate son is enjoying here. Avantika says mind your tongue Payal, tell me what you have to.

Payal argues. Pankhudi comes and asks Payal whats her problem, why is she overreacting. Payal says you told me to take harsh decision to keep family united, Ayush is the reason for our home breaking. Avantika says she is quiet, it does not mean Payal can say anything, Adi and Harish have issues, I will sort them, its my head ache, you don’t stress about it. Payal says I m sorry, you have to understand our life is being hell because of you and your son. Avantika says fine, I won’t make it hell. Rubel says enough now, I m sorry, but Payal is right, Ayush is the reason of all problems in this house.

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He says since he came here, everything is gone for loss, all fights between us. He says how can she hurt everyone for one Ayush. He says I don’t understand, how is Ayush imp than all of them. I m sorry Bua, but you won’t difference Adi and Ayush, but no one take place my brother Aditya’s place in my life, if anyone tries, I will not spare him. Anuj comes and scolds him. Payal says its because of Ayush. Anuj scolds her too. He asks her to take Rubel and go to room. Sheela sends them.

Anuj apologizes to Avantika. She says no, its fine, how is Harish. Anuj says he is fine, nothing to worry. Ayush talks to Avantika and says why is everyone troubling you so much. Pankhudi comes to them and says Maa is worried, so you should not trouble more. He says I m trying to calm her. He asks her not to cry, everything will be fine, he will pray to Lord. Avantika asks him to sleep. He says he is afraid. She says I know, I m coming. Pankhudi says don’t worry about Payal, she will accept Ayush. Avantika says its not about Ayush, its about Adi, don’t know when will he understand this.

Pankhudi says take rest, call me if you need anything. She leaves. Avantika cries. Pankhudi sees Rubel and says don’t worry. Adi will be back soon. Rubel says I m sorry, but Ayush is the reason for all this, I know you find goodness in everything, but world can think selfless like you, I can’t imagine what is Adi going through, anyways did you talk to him. She signs no. He says let me call him. Adi sees his and Pankhudi’s pics. Adi gets Rubel’s call and Rubel asks him to stay with Harish, but not leave home and Pankhudi. Adi says I know what I m doing, shall I become happy that I got one more brother, you can’t understand what dad and I are going through.

Rubel says you are acting like a coward. Adi says I don’t want to discuss and ends the call. Rubel says why is Adi being stubborn, but I know its because of Ayush. He says leave me alone Pankhudi. She says ok and leaves. Rubel says this is enough now, I have to take strong action now. Its morning, Avantika finds Ayush everywhere. Pankhudi asks where did Ayush go. Avantika says I don’t know, where can he go. Pankhudi says she will find Ayush.

Avantika wakes up Anuj and Sheela. Sheela opens the door. Avantika asks about Ayush. Anuj asks what happened. Pankhudi says Ayush is nowhere. Avantika asks Rubel and Payal. Rubel asks whats the matter. Avantika says don’t know where he went, we can’t find him. Pankhudi asks Avantika to relax. Sheela says he will be here. Shanky says Ayush is not at home. I came to know Ayush did not go out, as guards told me. Rubel says then where did he go. Anuj says I think we should inform police. Payal says no, else we have to tell Ayush’s truth and its about our family’s reputation. Avantika says should we keep quiet.

Rubel says we should find him at home again. Harish gets a tiffin from Diwaan Mansion by the driver. Adi says why does Pankhudi want to prove by this concern. Harish says its her right. Adi gets a call. Sheela says she is worried as they did not get Ayush. Payal says its good he went, he was a big pain. Sheela says don’t say this. Payal says who cares, you are giving him importance, I know you don’t love Ayush. Sheela says its not about Ayush, its about Avantika, we always fight, but we support each other in tough times.

Payal says you are saying this, this does not suit you, anyways there is no point, I m happy that idiot is gone. Avantika says watch your mouth Payal. Payal says please, I won’t spoil my day arguing with you. Sheela asks Avantika did she get Ayush. Avantika goes to Payal. Sheela says leave it, we have to find Ayush first. Rubel says where will Ayush go and why. Avantika says why will he not go if he is being blamed for everything. Payal says this is my house and I don’t regret what I told, I will say what I find right, whether you like it or not.

Anuj scolds Payal and says everyone know its your mistake. Payal says someone did the mistake 28 years ago, else Ayush would have not existed today. Everyone is shocked. Pankhudi scolds Payal. Payal says I m not sorry. Adi comes and says I have some bad news, Ayush did not go anywhere, he has been kidnapped. Everyone is shocked. Avantika says why will anyone kidnap him. Anuj asks how can you be sure. Adi says I got a call from the man who said he has Ayush. The FB shows the kidnappers calling Adi and asking him to find out in Diwaan Mansion. Adi asks what he wants. The man says wait for other call.

Anuj says how will anyone kidnap him form home. Adi says I m surprised. Payal says this was pending, when everyone knows Ayush is son of this house, then…. Avantika says stop it and cries. She asks Adi will he find his brother. Adi is quiet.

The kidnapper calls Adi and says Ayush is with them. Ayush asks for help. Adi says don’t hurt Ayush and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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