Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sahil comes and says I won’t leave you. kaki is so scraed. kaki says save me I made a mistake. Yes stole stuff. Aashi says what? Kaki says everything is in my room please pardon. sahil takes of the mask and says I am just an awesome actor not ghost? Aashi says how is it now? jahbro says what you thought you will make us fool. Sahil says what you thought we won’t even no, cops come and say who is aashi. Aashi says yes I called you. aashi sys she is the stealer. Kaki says I won’t do it again. Cops take kaki with them. They all celebrate. kaki says now its your responsibility uncle aunty to keep people like the away from this house.

Vishesh wonders should I call aashi r not. what will I say? She is my friend I can call her anytime. aashi gets a call. aashi says vishesh I was thinking about you I mean the pushkar case. she says I forgot to tell you that kaki isn’t anyone’s relative she was a theif. Aashi says are you listening. He says will you give me chance to speak. aashi sys sorry. He says I was saying are you free tomorrow/ aashi says yes why? He says nothing. ashi says you haven’t called me out of any reason. he says if yu are free can you come with me? She says wher on date? vishesh stammers and says I just wanted to meet you. She says I was joking tell me what is it? Let m guess. I thinking you have realized you are nothing without assistants. I think you are calling us for next case. sahil says okay I will come with sahil. he says no don’t bring him I will send him for some other case. ashi says then come home he says no we will meet somewhere out. I will pick you up. He says I just wanted to tell you that I am nothing without your help, aashi says no more thanks please. He says you don’t know what you are for me, in heart.

Scene 2
Sunil and Rupa are talking to Malhotra. They are having good time. when call disconnects. rupa says when people know we are separated why we have to pretend like a couple. sunil says we have to pretend like it in front of them. He says I am angry on ashi. she paid all the bills how? Rupa says she must have taken loan from her friends. sunil says till when will they help her? rupa says maybe forever. until they are with her she won’t need us. He ays that happens in movies. she will come begging to us.

Sunil gets a call from his relative. He says we haven’t thrown them out they left themselves. He tells mansi that phupa ji went to house and got to know it. mansi says don’t care about people. He says they left in navratri and its Diwali now but they don’t wanna come back. They didn’t even think about us and tukur. mansi says why you say that. he says I am like a burden on your family. It will be the first Diwali I will celebrate without them. Mansi says they don’t wanna live with us. He says at least they should take the stay order back. mansi says sunil will do something for sure. He says yeah we have to help them in separating aashi and mummy papa.

Sahil says to ashi why are yoi going without. he tells prabha they are going alone not taking me for the case.rabha sys why aren’t you taking him? Asshi says ask vishesh I don’t know. vishesh comes in and says hello. Sahil says you became so dashing how? Aash says vishesh you look so good. she says sahil your modelling chances are over. we have a new model in Jabalpur. Vishnu sys you look good son. sahil says no come to main topic? why are you not taking me to the new case? vishesh says I will send you for a separate case. he says where I have to go? vishesh says not now. sahil says no problem I will come with you. vishesh says me and aashi will manage. sahil says you can’t manage without me. Aashi says we should take him. Sahil gets a call. He says I have a new shoot. vishesh says yeah you should go. sahil says bye and leaves.

Vishesh takes aashi to temple. Her flower drops. Pundit ji says all your prayers will be fulfilled. aashi says wow. Don’t worry vishesh you wishes will come true. Vishesh asks what did you prayed? aashi says I prayed veryone is my life become happy. She says there is another wish. He says what? she says I want my future to be happening and rocking. I want my bf to treat me like a princess and love me more than him. I will find him, he says in heart I will do everything for you aashi. I will give ou more love than you love your self.

Precap- aashi and sahil go into a fireworks factory. aashi says we will put and end to this illegitimate business of yours. he says shut up or I will burry you both right here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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