Humsafars 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gudti starting her drama and saying because of Arzoo, Alvira’s family’s name is spoilt. Alvira asks Arzoo to take her family to out house. Gudti asks where will she stay then. Alvira asks if she can do anything for her family. She says she can even go to hell. Alvira asks her to stay in servant’s quarters until her guests are there.

Sahir asks Zaki why did he go to club. He says he went to stop Arzoo from going there as she had gone there on company’s work. Sahir is surprised to hear that and says that girl is mom’s guest and we have to take care of her until she is in our house. Alvira scolds Zaki for his mistake.

Anam calls news reporter and asks him/her to publish Zaki’s arrest news. Zaki reaches her room and says he knows she is behind Arzoo’s arrest as she takes care of Sayyara in Sahir’s absence and sent Arzoo there. Anam says Arzoo does not listen to her at all and says no one will believe him.

Arzoo apologizes her mom for spoiling her name. Nausheen says when she has not made mistake, then why is she apologizing. She hugs her and whole family hugs Arzoo then.

Gudti thinks she should get out Arzoo’s family out and can stoop to any level for that. She throws water on floor and acts as slipping and falling and writhing in pain. Sahir sees that and asks her what happened. She says she was going to servant’s quarters to stay when she slipped. He says she can stay in home and takes her to a room. Alvira realizes that Gudti ugly apa is make a drama to avoid stay at servant’s quarters. She goes to her room and asks why did she make a drama. Gudti says until Sahir is there, she cannot send her out of house.

Arzoo asks her family why did they come without informing her. Nausheen says they came to see her and asks if they should go back. Arzoo says she did not mean that and says she will buy a big house for them in Mumbai one day and says Mumbai is a city of dreams and even her dreams will be fulfilled here.

Arzoo sees her mobile missing from her bag. She thinks Sahir bailed her out and did not even thank him, thinks she will thank him in the morning. Sahir holds her mobile and thinks to return her in the morning.

Alvira is on breakfast table with Arzoo’s family. Anam brings newspaper with Zaki and Azroo’s arrest report and starts acting. Zaki on phone asks reporters not to call him again. Gudti ugly aapa starts her drama and starts badmouthing about Arzoo, says she is so shameless that she is staying here even after spoiling Sayyara and Alvira’s family’s name, etc. Nausheen asks her to stop her allegations and says if they all think their compan’s name is spoilt because of Arzoo, she will take Arzoo back to Lucknow. Alvira tries to stop her, but Nausheen says she cannot ruin her dignity like this and says she will go back. Arzoo says ammi is right, she will go back. Alvira asks her not to take a decision in a hurry and to think about Arzoo’s future. Zaki says if they go, allegations will be proved true. Nausheen says Alvira that she has helped her a lot and wants one more favor of sending them back to Lucknow.

Precap: Arzoo says Alvira that her mom’s happiness matters a lot to her and she will go back to Lucknow as per her wish. Gudti says Alvira she knows her plan. Avlira asks her not to mess with her, else she will fall on her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what a load of rubbish, how can kurti or shall l i say Kutti apa rule the house Elvira lets her get away with all sorts so what is the raaz behind this , enlighten the viewers as to why the malkin lets her get away with so much , and who is Anman married to , never seen her husband. like when Kutti apa says god broke the mould when he created her, not surprised with those two rabbit teeth i am not surprised.


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