Laut Aao Trisha 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita and Pratik reach Lonvala and meet the lady who informed Amrita about Trisha. Lady says she for sure saw Trisha. apologizes Nikhil for mistaking him and says she does not mind if he is gay. Nikhil asks if Gaurav also forgave him. She says he was provoking her to break up our friendship and was even thinking of suing you from work, but he changed his mind and asked me to forgive you. Nikhil is shocked to hear that.

Amrita searches Trisha in Lonavala everywhere. Pratik says let police do their job, we will go back home. She then sees Trisha’s locket in a shop and shows it to him. He checks and asks what is it doing int his shop. She says she gave herself to Trisha. Pratik reminisces Amrita giving it to Trisha, she liking it a lot, and Pratik joking it is old fashioned. Amrita says her daughter liked it. Pratik says she is just praising as her mom gave it. Trisha jokes that they are old. Amrita also jokes. Pratik then asks Trisha to wear it and pose with Amrita for a pick. He then gets sentimental and then takes their pics. He asks shopkeeper how did he get this locket. Amrita says it is her daughter’s locket. Shopkeeper says he does not know how he got it as many people sell it to him. He says his daughter must have sold it for money as she has fled from home. Pratik starts fighting with him, but Amrita takes him from there. Shopkeeper then calls someone.

Lavanya enters her cabin and sees Prem. Prem says new secretary has come in place of Neha and says you at last sent Neha out of company. She says she does not deserve our company. He then says he got a call form new number and says Kushan must be knowing about our relationship. She says if he would have known, he would have asked me. He goes near her and stops when Kushan enters the cabin and sees them in that position. Kushan asks if he did not disturb them. She says no. Kushan says Prem he was going for dinner with Lavanya and asks him to join. Prem resists, but agrees on Lavanya’s insistence.

Pratik shows Trisha’s locket to Kabeer and scolds him for being negligent and not believing Amrita and Lonavla lady. Kabeer says it is a common locket and they can see it in many girl’s necks. Amrita asks him how can he be so ignorant. Kaber shows Trisha’s pic when went missing and says she did not have locket or purse then. He suggests them to go home and check locket at home. Amrita says it is here and asks him to go and search Trisha in Lonavla. Pratik also asks him to go and search and gives him 25 hours ultimatum. He says he can get more people than his police force to search Trisha.

Precap: Amrita says Pratik she does not care what Kabeer thinks, she wants to find Trisha. She falls unconscious in to Pratik’s hand.

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