Tumhari Pakhi 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi telling everyone that she is ready for marriage. Everyone is happy and relieved. Anuja is excited and says my Aryaman and Pakhi will marry now, and kisses Pakhi’s forehead thanking her. She says I used to cry seeing you alone, you listened me today and asks Maha ji to distribute sweets, as her Aryaman will come back home. Bhaisa blesses Pakhi and says Pakhi took right decision. Veer says let Aryaman come home first, its long procedure. Anuja asks him to get Aryaman back. She says get the pandit also, get a mahurat, the marriage will happen grand. Lavanya says yes and says I will get designer lahenga for Pakhi, she will look a fairy and I got a sherwani for Aryaman. Pakhi leaves.

Pakhi comes in her room and cries. Girish comes to her and says everyone is very happy, except you, are you happy? He says no one asked are you happy, but I want to know are you happy. He says forced decision can never be right and fulfilled all life. He says you have your long life ahead. Pakhi says Ayaan is Anshuman’s son and my life is given to Anshuman, my happiness is to see Ayaan’s happiness, and so I agreed to give Anshuman’s place to someone else, but no one can take Anshuman’s place in my heart. Girish says Anshuman was good businessman, he got the right mum for his son, be happy Pakhi.

Veer sees Ayaan going to his room with Anshuman’s belongings. Ayaan looks at Anshuman’s pic and says sorry dad for keeping your items in store room to convince mum. He says when you went to office, Maa used to see this and smile, and now she sees this and cries. I promised you I won’t let Maa cry, Dadi explained me Maa is sad as she does not have life partner, everyone needs one, and Dadi told Aryaman will be best for Maa. Veer hears all this. Ayaan says Maa agreed and she will be happy again, and you can be happy seeing her.

He says my room is small, but its enough for both of us. I love you dad. Veer says Ayaan, your mum agreed, are you happy. Ayaan asks will she get happy. Veer says she agreed only for you, as you need a dad. Anuja comes and is happy. She says Aryaman is coming tomorrow, sleep now. She asks Ayaan to sleep. Veer talks to her. Anuja says I will come to take Aryaman. He says he will bring him, you can see the papers. She says this is happening because of you. He says its all luck, I m glad that Ayaan will get mum and dad’s love, I think the job is done.

Anuja gets a call and sends Veer to get papers. She gets to talk to Aryaman. She says Pakhi is reeady to marry you, Veer will bring you home now, I know you don’t like her, but she is a diamond and very nice girl. She is shocked seeing Veer. He asks whom are you talking to now. She says Lavanya’s call and lies to her. Veer says many lives are going to change in this house tomorrow. Riya keeps a letter for Girish. She wants Girish to see that letter and makes efforts. He reads the shayari and thinks its Lavanya. He smiles and leaves. Riya says yes yes. She says his smile was so lovely, wow.

Its morning, Veer comes to Anuja and says magistrate gave me 5pm time, Pakhi will have to sign on papers to take the case back. She says yes, bring Aryaman and make him groom. She says pandit gave me 5pm time, and I will make Pakhi ready here as bride. She says then I will do your marriage next. He asks why, am I not looking happy. He leaves. She smiles and says there is so much work, where is Girush and Lavanya. Girish gets another note on the car window and likes the shayari. He says Lavanya’s love shows life went back many years. Lavanya comes and Riya hides.

Girish does shayari for Lavanya. He holds her hand and says it will be good for third child. She asks what. He says you are getting romantic. She says you are mad, lets go fast. Pakhi prays. Veer comes and asks her to sign the affidavit to take the case back. He sees Shri Nath ji’s idol and says pray anything with clean heart and you will get it. He praises her for being so sacrificing, and says Aryaman is a very lucky man. Pakhi signs on the papers and gives the file back to him.

Veer says I know I did wrong and right things to convince you for marriage, really sorry, its not bad to make myself bad to get some good results. Anuja comes and takes them. She asks Pakhi to have mahendi. Pakhi says not needed. Anuja asks Veer to stand near Pakhi so that he also gets married soon. Anuja says she has many dreams to fulfill. Everyone apply haldi to Pakhi. She thinks about Anshuman’s words to keep Ayaan always happy. She thinks she is Pakhi and she will fulfill all her promises, she will live only for Ayaan.

Veer says he will make marriage good and asks Sukhi to welcome Aryaman. Pakhi gets ready and Ayaan happily hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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