Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
a house is shown. the girl is sleeping peacefully in her room, she wakes up. Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi plays in background. she talks to herself and says dear aashi, happy birthday, she sees 36 wishes in her phone and says I have to appoint assistance to reply them.
she comes downstairs and finds all family members sleeping in lounge, she wakes them up and says its my birthday today, wake up, her sister kannu wish her happy birthday, neelu di also wishes her, her brother also wishes her, the kaka also blesses aashi, aashi’s brother bring gifts, aashi says I told you all that I don’t want any gifts, I just want wishes with smile, one sister says that you don’t take rent for room so take gift from us, aashi accepts their gifts. aashi finds sahil sleeping still, she throws ball at him, he wakes up and ask what, aashi says its my birthday today and my best friend didn’t wish me, its a crime. sahil says you ordered us that don’t wake you up at 12am to wish you as your sleep will get disturbed so we were waiting that when aashi will wake up and when we will wish her, so I slept waiting fro you, aashi becomes upset, sahil says before killing me, please accept my wishes, aashi accepts it, sahil says aashi never allowed to bat in cricket, I found many boy friends for her but she never found one girl friend for me, happy birthday my best friend, aashi gets happy now.

Scene 2
all sit at dining table for breakfast, aashi sees sahil seeting his hairs looking in spoon reflection, aashi says that kannu just by setting hairs looking spoon, one doesn’t become hero, she says to sahil that join gym, get serious, sahil ignores it. neelu di ask when will parents come? aashi’s mood becomes of and says they will come soon, sahil ask did they call you to wish you? aashi says I asked them to not disturb me in sleep, they will call me, aashi becomes upset, neelu ask what to make in lunch for them, aashi says I don’t know, sahil suggests some dishes and cracks some jokes to uplift aashi’s mood, he ask aashi to get ready as parents must be coming.
aashi is in her room, her mother calls her. aashi gets happy, mother wishes her happy birthday, aashi ask when you are coming? mother says that I am so tired as I wen to party last night so cant come, she says your father will also not come as he haws meeting like very year, its good I took divorce from him, aashi gets upset, mother ends the call. sahil comes to aashi’s room and shows her ad to adopt a puppy, he says I am thinking to gift you this puppy, aashi doesn’t reply him, sahil sees aashi in tears, aashi takes her selfie with tears and says every memeory of my birthday should be captured, aashi leaves from there, sahil goes behind her but ashi leaves the house, neelu di ask what happened to her? sahil says she is going to Chinese centre to eat spicy.

Scene 3
aashi comes to Chinese centre and eats spicy food, waiter gives her water, aashi cries and says that today also my parents are with me, once on my birthday, they were fighting and took divorce and left me alone in Jabalpur, from now I am living here with granpa but he passed away too, she tells waiter that she get love of them in form of money every month, she cries, aashi says I never expected love from them but I am their daughter, they gave me birth, not for love but they can come for formality, why my parents don’t love me, why. waiter name is choto, one shopkeeper says to other that choto cant listen or speak but what aashi is saying to him, other shopkeeper says that they have tuning, for some talks there should be slience, choto offers aashi a spice, aashi says you also got to know that pain is still in me but why cant my parents understand it, she leaves from there.
aashi is at signal and looks at one parents pampering their child, she cant take off her eyes from them longing for love like this.

Scene 4
aashi comesback to house and sees its all decorated, all are busy in decorating it, they see aashi sad and dejected. sahil applies balm on her hand, aashi ask what are you doing, sahil says applying balm on your wounds, aashi smiles, sahil ask aashi to not spoil her mood as its her important day, he says we all are here, kaka, bantu, kannu, neelu and me, he ask aashi to live this moment, this moment is for you, he says you told me that apply glasses of goodness then you wont see badness of world, he ask her to put on that glasses and forget everything, aashi smiles and they all have laugh.
aashi comes after getting ready in lounge, all wishes her birthday, kaka ask her to always smile like this, neelu puts crown on aashi’s head, aashi cuts the cake and is about to eat but see her grandfather’s pic, she brings cake to pic, she say I love you dadu, she says I wont give you this cake as you have diabetes, if you eat sugar, you will be dead, aashi gets emotional and says I miss you, sahil ask her to comeback, ashi comes, sahil gives her gift, its saree, he jokes that It will look good if you know how to wear it, ashi beats him, aashi takes selfie with all.

Scene 5
at night, ashi opens her video diary and records video, she talks to herself, she says that looser sahil gave me saree, its good. I got many calls and messages and… she gets serious and says like 6 years, this year too my parents didn’t come, mom talked to me 90seconds but dad did not have that 90sec for me, she says I know 15 languages and I can say mummy and papa in 15 languages but my parents don’t have time to listen that, she says we chose friend with whom we share good bond, we select life partner with whom we can spent life but parents, i wish I could chose my parents, parents are those who can give me limitless love, I wish I could chose my parents.

PRECAP- aashi comes to one shop and says to one old couple as mummy papa, they turn and look at aashi in surprise.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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