Laut Aao Trisha 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trisha asks Amrita to get ready with lots of jewelry like a bride. Amrita laughs and says she is mad. Trisha taunts that boy is very hot. Amrita gets shy. Trisha says they are going on a honeymoon and should plan well. Amrita says she is very happy. Trisha says everything is fine and they will get Sanya home soon.

Trisha brings Pratik and Amrita to a hotel room. Pratik says it is beautiful. She asks if room is beautiful or mom. He says both. She says she and Aditya selected this room. He thanks Aditya. He says it is ok. Pratik says says it is 4th beautiful day of his life. She asks how. He says first when he met Amrita, second when Trisha came in his life, third when Sanya came, and fourth now. He thanks her for giving such a beautiful gift. He and Amrita cut cake and enjoy champagne. Trisha asks them to enjoy the evening and says she will leave now. Pratik says he has not blessed her till now as he thought it is middleclass, usless thing, but today he feels like blessing that she should always be happy and he will always be with her. He hugs her saying god bless you. She says him bye and leaves. Once Trisha leaves, they enjoy a chat and get intimate.

In the morning, Amrita wakes up and sees Pratik awake and looking at her. She asks waht is he looking at. He does not reply anything. She removes bedsheet around him and sis shocked to see knife under his chest and he is dead already. She calls Kabeer and informs him about Pratik’s murder.

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Kabeer reaches hotel with his officers. Officer says he did not find anything suspicious and last people to come here are Trisha and Aditya, only Amrita was there with Pratik. Trisha reaches room and starts crying vigorously. Even Gaurav, Vivan and Sonali are shocked to see him dead.

Meghan tells Lavanya that Aditya called her and informed that Pratik is murdered.

Aditya consoles Trisha and says Amrita needs her most. Reporters throng Lavanya and asks her what she has to say about her brother’s murder. She silently walks out.

Kabeer informs his superior that he did not get any finger print or clue in the room. Superior asks him to make Amrita cry, she will give him clue. Lavanya and Meghan come in. Gaurav hugs them both and cries. Lavanya looks at Pratik and sits next to him silently. She gets up and stands in a corner. Mental hospital wardboys bring Kushan there. He sits next to Pratik, checks his breath and starts dancing happily and telling that Pratik is dead. Wardboys drag him from there.

Aditya says he tried his best to treat Amrita, but she needs specialist help as she is not reacting to anything. Kabeer says he will try something.

Varsha gets discharged from hospital and calls Kabeer. Kabeer asks her to meet him now. She says she got discharged from hospital. He asks if she is alright. She says she met with a small accident, but is fine now, asks if all okay. He says Pratik Swaika is dead. She is shocked to hear that and asks when and now. He tells he is murdered and asks her to come there soon. Sh reaches there and tries her best to make Amrita cry, but Amrita does not. Trisha also tries and asks Amrita to cry or say something. Pandit says time is up and they should perform last rights. Pratik’s body is lifted. Amrita starts crying. They lift his body and get him to a burial ground.

Trisha performs last rights of Pratik and burns his body as per rituals, remembering her happier days with her dad. She reminisces Pratik’s blessing before she saw him last and cries vigorously.

Kabeer meets Lavanya and says he wanted to ask her something, he did not feel good calling her to his office, so he came here. She thanks him and asks if he wants to ask where was she when he was murdered and says he would have at least waited until his brother’s last rights are completed. He says he is coming after last rights. Lavanya says she was with her daughter last night and he can ask her house staff. He says she left before pratik is lifted out and asks if she was crying as she lost her brother or lost her biggest enemy. She says her brother was her biggest enemy and asks him to excuse as she is in a mourning. He leaves.

Kabeer asks Aditya who knew about Pratik and Amrita’s marriage anniversary plan. He says he is guilty as he is the one who planned their anniversary with Trisha. Kabeer says he would have informed him about this as Pratik was attacked many times. Aditya says everyone knew about this in house.

Amrita hugs Pratik’s photo and cries. Trisha consoles her and asks her to sleep. Amrita says whenever she closes her eyes, she remembers Pratik. Trisha says she will be with her.

Kabeer’s officer gives him Lavanya’s gun’s forensic report. Kabeer says this gun’s bullet does not match Trisha’s shot bullet. He gets call from commissioner who asks him to give him report of this case.

Lavanya asks lawyer if there is any problem with her bail. He says he came to congratulate her as her gun’s bullet and Trisha’shot bullet don’t match and Kabeer cannot confine her. Lavanya asks how can it happen. Lawyer says someone is just trying to frighten her. She thinks who is this man.

Commissioner says Kabeer that India’s one of top businessman is murdered and whole country is badmouthing police as he did not solve it yet. He asks him to give him results and says he supported him since the beginning of the case and now he cannot support him, this is his last chance and if he fails, he will give this case to some capable officer, he can imagine what impact it will have on his career.

Reporters throng Kabeer and question who murdered Pratik and how many people will be killed, what is police doing. Kabeer gets into car and leaves. Reporter shouts that police don’t have answer to his questions and we have to some who will be killed next.

Lavanya and Meghan come to meet Kushan and sees him happily dancing saying Pratik is dead. He says he knows who killed him and says god killed him. Lavanya says she is happy that he is getting well and soon she can take him home. She says she has a good news for him, she is not going to jail as Kabeer does not have evidence against him. Meghan says soon she and mamma will take him home. Kushan continues dancing happily and once they leave, he gets normal.

Precap: Kabeer promises Amrita that until he is alive, he will not let anyone harm Trisha. Trisha says Kabeer that she knows he sees his daughter in her. Sonali in a board meeting asks who will become new CEO now. Lavanya says Kabeer that he killed Pratik.

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