Million Dollar Girl 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti smiles while Virat goes away..Vicky takes Avanti to a person name “RAM”..Avanti says hi,,Avanti tells she want 5lakh…Ram asks for what purpose..Avanti tells she want to start his father’s buisness..Ram says that he cannot give on the basis of any documents or anything..Ram says that he will catch Vicky If Avanti tdidnt returned the money Avanti agrees..Ram gives Rs 5 lakh to Avanti..Avanti sits behind Vicky on bike..Vicky tells Avanti to return back money of Ramji on time otherwise Ramji will destroy his dhabba…Avanti tells she will run to delhi,,Avanti laughs and tells she was joking…
Avanti goes to dubey’s shop and asks to show Saree’s Mr dubey recognize and tells that she is Bhansal daughter..Avanti says yes,,Dubey tells Avanti to select the pattern..Avanti selects the pattern and gaves order of 5lakh..Avanti tells the shopkeeper to take the correct address and send the stock Soon,,Avanti gives rs 2.5lakh…Avanti ,,TJ,,and Vick waits for Stock..Stock comes Avanti goes and pick up..Avanti tells from one buisness she will start another buisness and she will be rich..Avanti gives money to the worker…In the car Virat is sitting he gestures the worker..Virat thinks how he went to dubey’s shop and makes a deal with him Saying to supply Polyster Saree ie not original to Avanti,,Dubey refuses Virat says that he will do all education of Dubey’s Son,,Dubey agrees,,Virat tells that Avanti should not have messed up with her..
Virat comes to his home and call her home,,Rajat comes asks what happened..Virat shows Saree to Rajat says that this the first handloom Saree made of machine from his factory..Rajat laughs and tells that Virat have not seen the newspaper dont know what nowadays trend is going on..Rajat tells that one person Mr mittal constructed atleast 3 factories in a month,,Rajat taunts Virat says to work fast rather than like a turtle..Rajat snatches Saree from Virat’s Hand and shows to her Mom,,Her Mother sees..Rajat tells that he has brought from the factory and tells that this is the first handloom Saree made of machine from his factory,,,Rajat’s mother gets happy and tells she will arrange a pooja..
Avanti tells If they have to start their buisness have to increase the price and sell all the Saree’s..Avanti tells that 2thousand Saree to twentyfive hundred..Vicky comes and tells Avanti that whole market came to know that Avanti buyed the saree in bulk rate and selling at retail..Avanti tells no problem…Avanti..Tj and Vicky arranges all Saree..Vicky call customer’s but no one comes..Avanti call a women shows her banarsi Saree..she asks how much Avanti says only 5thousand,,,Customer tells it is very expensive..Avanti shows Saree of Rs 2000..But customer tells to give atleast 500..Avanti tells she is not buying dupatta..Vicky tries to call customer’s but no one comes..Vicky stops a Man asks to buy a Saree..The Man asks for whom he should buy???Vicky tells his wife..The Man tries to beat Vicky and tells he has been divorced few days back,,,Vicky moves away…Vicky stops a women..But she goes away..No customer’s comes…Vicky comes and tells he have done very much hardwork and now will go to dhabba..TJ tells she have to goo..Avanti gets upset and tells that is what his best friends iss…TJ and Vicky waits…Another customer comes..
Asks Avanti is Sarees available??Avani,,TJ,,and Vicky shows Saree to the customer…Tj tells to buy two or three Saree..The Customer says she want to buy only one Saree..Customer tells she want to free jwellary and bangles..that are coming with saree..Avanti tells the offer is over as it was for only one day..Customer selects only one Saree and goes..Tj tells Avanti that daily from where she will bring Bangles and Jwellary,,Avanti takes out all Saree’s..Avanti tells that this is the lowest price Saree’s Avanti tells Vicky to announce in the whole Banaras that one Saree is free with another..Tj tells that is the best Idea..Vicky too Smiles…

Precap:Avanti’s mother sees the polyster sarees and gets angry..She closes the shop and put lock

Update Credit to: Ansari

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