Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arav getting ready for Agam’s party and says his friend that Pam has personally invited him. Friend asks what will he says Ragini and Nishi. He says he will attend it, apologize Agam and leave soon. He is about to leave when Nishi asks where is he going. He says he is going with friend and will not spend money. She asks him stop taunting. She asks him to come home soon. He runs from there, gets into auto and leaves. Ragini comes home and Nishi asks what she has planned for Agam today. She says she will prepare his favourite pav bhaji and has brought rasgullas. Nishi says he will like it.

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Agam is busy partying and dancing. Karan introduce him to bollywood actor. Agam says he saw him in underwear ad. Actor gets embarrassed. Karan asks him to stop acting like a fool. Agam’s friend comes with gift and wishes him birthday. She looks at Ranveer and asks who is he. He says he is his brother but is arrogant. She says she likes him as he is manly and Agam is a child.

Pam’s friend praises her that she is still the same even after 15 years and asks if Neil got married or not as it is very difficult to find a girl of his choice. Pam says it is difficult, but she found one and introduces Nivedita to him.

Arav comes to the party venue with his friend. Friend says it is a high-profile party and thanks him for getting him there. Arav gets embarrassed seeing people with high-end phones, etc., and tries to walk out. Agam sees Arav and greets him, asks about Ragini and Nishi. Arav says she is busy and will come late and asks if he is upset with mom’s misbehaviour. He say no. Arav says this is high-profile party with rich people and he cannot enter. Agam says he will introduce them to all and takes him in. Ranveer gets irked seeing Arav and asks Pam what is he doing in their high class party. Pam says she invited him and says Ragini wanted to give party to Agam and him and take Agam from her, so she counter-planned this party to keep Agam away from her. Ranveer says he will keep Agam away from her. She says it is not so easy.

Agam introduces Arav to Ranveer. Arav tries to hug Ranveer, but he stops him and says he is not his brother. Agam asks him to chill, goes on stage and announces that he is very happy today and wants to introduce everyone to his brother. Ranveer gets happy, but Agam calls Arav to come on stage and says he is his twin brother. He asks Arav to cut cake with him. Arav says we can wait till dad comes. He says dad never attends our birtdays and says he is waiting for mom. Arav says she called up and told she is busy and cannot come. Once cake is cut, Agam gives him a gift envelope. Arav opens it and is surprised to see bike keys in it and says he was planning to buy bike since 1 year. Agam says he has one more surprise for him and points at Arav’s girlfriend. Arav gets happy seeing her and walks towards her. Girlfriend praises him for having such a rich backfround. Arav shows his bike keys and takes her for a ride.

Agam tries to feed cake to Ranveer, but he angrily asks him to go and feed cake to his brother Arav instead. Agam says he is also his brother. Ranveer says he will not meet Agam from now. Agam says he is his brother, but Arav is also his brother and nobody can stop him from meeting his brother.

Arav’s friend joins Ranveer for a drink. Ranveer asks who was that girl with Arav. He says she is Shilpa who stays in our locality and Arav loves her. Ranveer asks if she loves Arav. He says she will after seeing his bike and says Arav had promised one year ago that he will make her ride on his bike on his next birthday. Ranveer thinks Arav got a bike, but he will lose his girlfriend now.

Arav sees his sports bike and gets happy. Neil on the other side comes home and asks Pam the reason for party. She says Agam was sad after Ragini scolded him, so she and Nivedita gave him party to cheer him up.

Arav asks his friend to tell Shilpa that he is in parking lot waiting for her. Ranveer introduces himself to Shilpa and tells her about his rich and lavish life. She gets excited and starts looking around. He asks what is she looking at. She says she is looking for Arav who will drop her in his bike. He says Arav’s bike is gifted by him and says he will drop her home in his luxury car and if she likes it, she can keep it.

Nivedita calls Ragini, tells that Arav is here in party and asks her to come there soon. She cuts call and thinks she will enjoy seeing Ragini jealous looking at her and Neil.

Precap: Ragini gets jealous looking at Neil and Nivedita together, but says she does not care. Neil asks why did she come there. She says she came for her children and is worried about their upbringing looking his ways of living. Neil says they are his children.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks!
    Hpe to see ragini n neil togethr

  2. rittika mittal

    how can agam have friends in mumbai, he just came few days back for the first time since he was small and gone.. :/

  3. ˧ťhër..!!!

    Exactly ritika i totally agree with you

  4. this was a little boring but precap is a little interesting

  5. Such a big doc intelligent etc etc gets so easily fooled that ragini is married he knows aman lives in his own house no sign of him in raginis and why on earth ragini has to live in 2 bedroom flat with her mother if she is married. Story is stupid does not make sense i watch is cause i like the actors

  6. Episode getting too tensed and irritating…too much negativity and lack of love and affection…losing interest now…hope it gets better later

  7. Neil and his side of people keep acting like mannerless snobs. They say mean things, blow their tops and control and manipulate Neil but he keeps saying sarcastic stuff about Ragini and Aman. He keeps taunting Ragini but Neil is a nincompoop who himself is a puppet in his sister’s hands.

    In all this, Ragini and everyone in her family have been so self-controlled and gracious. They have maintained their dignity and self respect.

    This so called intelligent and smart, world’s top cardiologist who goes and assaults (grabbed her and suffocated her) someone else’s wife (in his eyes) and threatens her … why is she intimidated by him? Nishi is already getting married and Arav has only 1 more year before he is 18 and then he would be an adult. So no question of custody.

    Time for Ragini and her children to stand up for themselves and show Pam and Neil the mirror.

    Frustating to see so much trash that Pam and Nivedita are and the totally spineless Neil K. LOL. I don’t find him appealing anymore as he has no back bone of his own. Only an empty vessel.

  8. Anyone please – give me the movie name of the song which is running in the background – dil ko thoda …woh ab hi hai tuta hua – please

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