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Veera 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi and Ratan asking Veera not to meet Baldev. Chai ji asks him about Nihaal’s last rites. He says postmortem will take time. Gunjan asks Ranvi will he give statement against Baldev. Ranvi says yes, he killed our Nihaal Chachu. Rajveer gets a call and says fine. He gets angry and goes to Baldev. He asks the goons to beat Baldev more severely. The man says he will die. Rajveer says I will manage, his dad is bailing him till night, beat him. They beat Baldev. Veera thinks about Ranvi’s words and cries. She says I have to meet Baldev to know the truth. Jaggi calls Veera and asks her to come out to talk. She says I m coming, and goes to talk to him. She asks about Baldev, why is he beating in jail. She says Ranvi went to police station.

Billa says did Ranvi meet Baldev, Rajveer is lying to Ranvi and getting his anger, we have seen Baldev, he was beaten up. They tell her everything. She says why is Rajveer doing this, I will talk to Balwant and lawyer. Jaggi says Balwant arranged big lawyer and he will get bail in night, you come with us. She says I can’t, Ranvi and Biji stopped me. Billa says now Ranvi will make you break relation with Baldev and you will agree. She says I love Baldev, but Nihaal is dead, I wanted Biji to marry him, I can’t cry for him as Baldev is blamed for it, I m thinking about freeing Baldev. Billa says do anything but soon, as Ranvi will record his statement, and Baldev will go to jail, and he will be sad that you supported your brother, and not him. Billa folds hand and requests her to save Baldev.

Ranvi asks Gunjan about Veera. She asks them to leave now. Veera thinks to get some way. Balwant and lawyer free Baldev by giving bail papers. The lawyer defends Baldev. Rajveer frees Baldev. Balwant thanks the lawyer. Rajveer says till when will you bail Baldev, he is criminal. Balwant says till its proved, no one can blame my son. Rajveer taunts Baldev. Balwant argues and taunts Rajveer. He reminds Rajveer that he had proof last time and culprit was someone else. Baldev comes beaten up. Balwant asks what happened to him. Baldev looks at Rajveer and says what you had to do, its done, now I will show what I can do. Balwant says don’t say any word here. Balwant takes him.

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The lawyer asks Rajveer to sign papers. Baldev is unable to walk, and asks Balwant to let him meet Veera. Balwant says you can’t go at this time. Baldev says try to understand. Balwant says that house has death, Nihaal was like father to them, and Chai ji treated him like son, and Ratan was marrying him, come home. Baldev comes home, Jaggi and Billa talk to him, and say Veera will not marry you, Ranvi is giving statement against you tomorrow. Veera recalls Billa and Jaggi’s words. She dreams that Ratan woke her up from sleep, and saying its her marriage tonight. Veera says it means its all fine, and hugs Ratan. Ratan gives her shagun bangles. Veera wakes up from sleep and cries. She recalls everyone’s words and shuts her ears.

Baldev calls her and she misses it. She calls him and asks him to meet her at the temple. He says now? She says yes, now. Baldev comes to the temple and waits for Veera. The ladies see him and taunt on him, for killing Nihaal, what will Veera do now. He says why is she making me wait. Veera comes to him. Baldev thinks he just wants Veera and not the world. He is happy that Veera believes him and holds her. He says I knew you will always support me. He says you did not change the wedding dress. Mahiya…………..plays………….. He hugs her. He says Papa ji asked me not to meet you, as your house has sadness all over. She asks him to come with her inside the temple. He asks for what. She says marry me. He looks on shocked.

Ranvi gets angry seeing Veera and Baldev married. He says Baldev forced her to marry. Veera comes in between and says Baldev was refusing, but I insisted him and married now itself.

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