Laut Aao Trisha 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaurav shouts at Vivan for having an affair with his cousin sister Trisha and asks him how he can he think of that. Vivan says she is his cousin and there are many cases including one with Einstein marring cousins. Sonali says if it has really happened. Vivan says yes. She says but she is your sister. He gets annoyed, shouts and leaves from there.

Kabeer and his team surround Vinod. Kabeer asks him to surrender and to tell where is Trisha. Vinod says Pratik ruined his life and he is taking revenge from him. Kabeer says Trisha is a kid and he cannot take revenge from her and asks where is she. Another girl is shown whom Vinod had kidnapped and was trying to escape holding her hostage.

Pratik looks at Trisha’s pic and reminisces Bobby telling him about Vivan and Trisha’s affair. Amrita sees that and says hope Vinod is caught soon and we get back our Trisha soon.

Vinod says he was tortured in jail every day because of Pratik. Kabeer says everything can get back to normal if he informs him where is Trisha. Vinod laughs and asks does he think he will reveal Trisha’s whereabouts. Kabeer sees his assistant coming from another side and tries to engage Vinod in talks and asks why did he kill Bunty. Vinod sees junior approaching him, smiles and jumps from the building losing his life.

Lavanya asks Bobby if it is true about Vivan and Trisha’s affair and says she does not believe it as Trisha used to call her for every simple issue. Kushan says it is impossible and says maybe Vivan forced Trisha. Bobby says it is true. Lavanya says our family’s name will be ruined now. Kushan asks Trisha’s life is at risk and she is talking about reputation. He asks Bobby if they do all this in party. Vivan angrily leaves from there while Kushan still questions him.

Kabeer rescues lady whom Vinod was holding hostage and asks who is she. She says she is Vinod’s wife and he did not kidnap her. He had become schizo after coming from jail and he was just trying to stop me from shouting today. She says he made a plan to extract money from Pratik when he heard about Trisha missing.

Kabeer and his team searches Vinod Solanki’s house and get his laptop and mobile number. Junior says Solanki made ransom calls from this phone via internet. He says we should go and investigate Solanki’s wife again. Kabeer says she is not his wife as Vinod’s house has only 1 cupboard with his clothes, usually married couple will have 3-4 cupboards with ladies clothes in 3 cupboards. Junior says that means she must have told lie that Solanki did not kidnap Trisha. Kabeer says Vinod played his game after hearing news about Trisha’s kidnap and used that girl’s help, he gave her drugs, when that girl tried to blackmail him, he tried to kill him.

Bobby gets busy painting. Kush comes to him and says he needs to talk and asks if he likes Trisha like Vivan and is trying to take revenge from Vivan. Bobby says how can he think that. Kushan says he can sense it form his behavior and asks if he loves Trisha. Bobby reminisces Vivan trying to kiss Vivan and Trisha pushing him away. Then, he reminisces Bobby asking Trisha if she is waiting for Vivan as she saw them together. Trisha says there is nothing like that. He then shows his capture video. Kushan repeats his question if he loves Trisha. Bobby says yes.

Precap: Amrita says someone whom he got arrested must have kidnapped Trisha. Vivan fights with Bobby for leaking his video. Pratik sees reporters thronging outside his house and asks who called them.

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