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Madhubala 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu getting a call from the job employer who asks her is she joining or not. She thinks she did not talk to RK till now, he will not agree for this. She says yes will join. RK comes and she asks him to sleep on the bed. He gets angry and asks her to have food and milk. They start arguing, Madhu says you spoke to me in loud tone infront of everyone, you shouted on me. RK says you were controlling me, I feel off two stairs and you made it an issue. She says whom did I say. He says I will tell you when that someone comes. He sleeps on the floor mat. She also keeps a mat and sleeps on the floor. RK looks at her. She worried thinking RK did not have food and medicines.

RK asks her to have food before sleeping. She says don’t worry, I made veg juice and will drink it, and I won’t make it for you. She makes the juice and adds medicines in his glass. RK gets up and goes to cook. She says you can get angry but can’t stay hungry. She gets a call. He sees the time and thinks who wants to talk to her at this time. She takes the call and says yes, yes, we will ytalk tomorrow. She says move, I will make food. She cuts the vegetables and RK looks at her.

He asks whose call was it. She says nothing, just like that. Agni wakes up and says I want right info about Madhu and RK and I can get it from Leela. She calls Leela. Leela happily tells about RK and Madhu’s fight. Agni is glad and says I will distribute sweets but let them fight. Leela asks her to send Dau ji here. Agni says I want to stop Dau ji, if he goes, RK will come back here. Leela says nom send him and then see what happens.

Madhu gives food to RK and asks him to eat. He says you have first. She says we have one plate and today we won’t together, so you have it first. RK starts eating. He says I m done, you have it now. Madhu smiles. Tujhpe jaan qurbaan………………plays………… Its morning, Madhu wakes up and looks for RK. She says it looks like he went to garage, and talks to Kanha to do something today that their fight ends. Dau ji comes to meet RK at his garage. Dau ji asks him about his health. RK says I m fine, what happened to me. Madhu comes and Dau ji asks what happened. RK and Madhu have an argument. RK asks her not to bring Dau ji in this matter.

Dau ji looks on. Madhu asks Dau ji to come. Dau ji says you are going to be father now, think before shouting on Madhu, she is pregnant and this fight and tension is not good for her. Madhu thinks about the doctor’s words and cries saying what to explain to RK, , how to stop him. RK comes to her and sees her crying. RK says I did not marry you again to make you cry, you see how the small thing is getting so big, its our mistake, and every husband and wife fight, it does not mean you call Dau ji, see he got so sad. Madhu says who told you I called him.

RK says you complained him that I m troubling you. She asks who told you. RK says Leela Mami. She asks him to identify people well. She says you did not think I love you so much, I can’t make your head bow down infront of people. He smiles. She cries and he says what you said, I m glad hearing it. She says now you say what you want to say. He says you married a mad guy, who does not understand anything in anger. He says it will take time for me to become good, till then you have to bear me, I m sorry for shouting on you, giving you tension and keeping you hungry. Madhu nods and holds his hand. She says don’t get angry on me and don’t leave me. Tere ishq hi mera junoon hai maahi…………….plays………….She thinks about doctor’s words about his heart hole. She hugs him and asks him not to leave her.

He says I won’t go anywhere. Dau ji talks to Leela and Bittu about Madhu and RK’s fight. Leela says RK has kicked out all his property, now why is he angry if Madhu is telling him anything. Bittu asks her to sht her mouth and bring tea. Bittu says everything will be fine between them. Leela says don’t give false hope, they both are against each other, the tjing just stared and will go ahead. Madhu and KR come together and Leela is shocked. Bitttu smiles and says you can give any written statement now. RK apologizes to Dau ji and says I came to take you our home. Madhu apologizes to Bittu and takes Dau ji home.

Madhu gives Dau ji tea. RK tells him that Madhu is not letting him anything tasty and giving boiled food, juices, less oil food. Dau ji asks him to have what she is making. Bittu calls RK and he goes. Dau ji asks Madhu to tell him the truth about RK’s health as she is giving him restricted food. Madhu says its for me, doctor asked me to have such food. Dau ji says I heard doctors asks pregnant women to have good food, RK is my heir, tell me what happened to him, he fell from stairs and you stopped him from working, I m afraid. Madhu thinks of doctor’s words that no one should know about it. Dau ji asks what is it. Madhu keeps quiet.

Madhu sees RK sleeping and hides the job interview file. She sleeps. RK gets up and asks where did you go. She gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Plz amena write fast plzz I wait till 2 hours for this writteb epi

  2. really something is happening ? but not understanding . so dat we r not come to a proper statement of da show . but every scene of RAJBALA makes MB fans much awaiting further episodes .still there should be more romantic moments between RAJBALA at da same time we don’t want to end MB.

  3. i think its bhanu’s plan plz dont end madhubala

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