Ek Nayi Pehchan 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharda walks inside the room and is taken aback to see Pallavi there. She wonders what has happened to Pallavi. Doc comes there just then. He is relived that some acquaintance of Pallavi finally knows about her condition. I have been asking her to tell her family members about her condition since she has come to Mumbai but she is very stubborn. She dint even tell her husband or her kids. Atleast you know everything now. Someone is with her in her hard time now. Sharda asks about her and is shocked to know that Pallavi has cancer (last stage). She has very less time. Doc feels sad for Pallavi. You can talk to her after a while as her chemo is going on at the moment. He has to attend some patients meanwhile so he excuses himself. Sharda recalls Pallavi’s lie when Diya had gone missing and also of Shanaya telling her about the property transfer. She feels sad too. Why Pallavi hid such a big thing from her husband too? She transferred all her business in my name. Why is Pallavi doing all this? I cannot understand anything.

Sharda is walking in the corridor when Karan comes back with the medicines. He takes her to Sakshi’s room. Sharda is relieved to see Sakshi all fit and fine. She can be discharged today only so doc goes to complete the procedure. Karan tells Sakshi how she scared both of them. mom kept praying religiously till you woke up. I wont let you cross any road alone from now onwards. She assures him she is fine now. Sharda remembers doc’s words. She wonders what to do. She decides to talk to Pallavi first. She stops Karan from going out to get water and goes herself.

Doc is scolding (lightly) Pallavi for being irresponsible. This could have been avoided if you would have come for chemo earlier. Sharda comes there and Pallavi is shocked to see her there. Doc addresses Sharda as Pallavi’s sister. Now you try to make her understand. He leaves.

Pallavi remarks that it is Sharda’s old habit of walking in anyone’s life. I hid this from everyone but couldn’t hide it from you. Its good that you came. I don’t have much time and this cannot be hidden from anyone for long. She puts it on her fate. I am not scared of death but scared to think of what will my family members think. They will break. Shanaya and Aarav are kids. They only want their mother. When I got to know about my illness then I had no idea what to do. I came to Mumbai. My life changed when I got to know about you. When I saw you for the first time I realised that only you can solve my problem. Sharda is confused. Pallavi takes a promise from her. promise me that you will accept my kids. You will give them what all I couldn’t give them. you will become their mother. Promise me. sharda denies. I will not be able to do this. You cannot ask this from me. pallavi agrees that she has no right to ask anything from her. All three of us have hurt you a lot. Pallavi doesn’t want to share this news at home. I don’t want anyone to see me dying every day. Everyone has to die but we stay happy until we get to know about that day. I too don’t want to snatch their happiness from them. you are a mother. Can you see your kids worried? Sharda can understand her pain which comforts Pallavi in a way. Pallavi yet again asks for that promise. Nurse comes to tell Sharda that she can take Pallavi home now. sharda agrees to drop Pallavi at her home. She excuses herself for a minute (might have to go to meet Sakshi or Karan). Pallavi has no clue what to do now. Sharda was my last hope. She cries helplessly as she has no idea what she should do now.

Sakshi and Karan are all set to head back to home. Sharda comes there. She tells them to go ahead. She will join them later. She lies that one of her friends is admitted here. I will meet her and then come home. Karan asks about her friend’s health. Sharda knits some story but Karan is not comfortable leaving her here alone. Sakshi finds it a little odd though they both leave for home.

Latika asks about Suresh and is surprised to know that he is not home yet. He has a meeting with financers today. Just then he comes home. He had to go meet a client to see if things can work out in his favour or not. shanaya taunts him if his client was Sharda. He tells her to behave herself. How can Sharda be my client? Loan amount is too big and she has nothing. Shanaya doesn’t buy it. she shows him Pallavi’s power of attorney. Suresh is shocked to read the papers. He has no idea about any of it but Shanaya doesn’t trust him. I know all your games. Latika tells her to mind her language. My mom isn’t like Pallavi. She wont do such a thing. Shanaya answers her back. Everyone can see how she manipulates everyone. Latika asks her dad why Pallavi would do something like this. Dadi tells her to ask this from Pallavi only. She has no idea where Pallavi is right now.

Karan gives milk to Sakshi but she doesn’t like it. he very sweetly makes her drink it. she is curious about ma’s friend who is in hospital. He too doesn’t know. She wants him to go to hospital to bring Ma back but he is waiting for her call (like she had said). Sakshi feels that Ma was lying. Ma’s eyes were clearly telling that she was hiding something from us. Karan doesn’t take her seriously.

Suresh tries Pallavi’s number but she isn’t picking it up. She is not even picking Shanaya’s call. Aarav wonders if something happened to her but Shanaya is positive that all would be well. She is overjoyed to see her mom and hugs her but her smile disappears as soon as she spots Sharda. Latika, Chirag and Dadi are happy to see her. Shanaya warns Sharda not to come here. You have already created so many problems for us now go away. What have you taught mom? She is about to get rude when Pallavi slaps her. Everyone is shocked to see this. Shanaya cannot believe that her mom slapped her for Sharda’s sake. Pallavi is upset with her for she is speaking to elders like this. Dadi is surprised at her words and behaviour. Shanaya leaves from there crying with Aarav following her.

Suresh questions Pallavi what’s happening. Pallavi wants to talk to Sharda regarding some business plans. Suresh talks about the power of attorney. What are you doing? Pallavi is doing what she wants to as it is her money and her business. Suresh is angry. My house was about to be auctioned. I need money but you are giving everything to Sharda? Pallavi replies that she gave him her whole life which he couldn’t handle. You cannot handle anything. Suresh tells her to do whatever she wants to. He walks off after shooting a somewhat angry glance in Sharda’s direction. Latika, Dadi and Chirag look at the ladies in confusion.

Precap: Someone from Advocate Patel’s office has come and meets Shanaya. He has brought some papers which were asked for by Pallavi. Shanaya takes them. She is shocked to know that her mom has divided her property in five parts – Shanaya, Aarav, Chirag, Latika and Karan.

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