Laut Aao Trisha 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita warns Pratik not to touch Bobby, else she will complain about him to police. He gets irked and asks if she will complain about Pratik Swaika and says she will repent. He gets Neha’s call and says he will show her what he can do and says he will go and stay with Neha from today. Amrita and Bobby are shocked to hear that. Amrita congratulates him for his freedom.

Sonali calls Lavanya and informs her about Pratik leaving house instead of Amrita. She says she is surprised. Lavanya asks to tell clearly what happened. Sonali tells her the whole incident happened. Lavanya acts as surprised and says she had a doubt but did not know for it was real, says she is feeling sorry for Amrita. Sonali says god is punishing them for their mistake. Lavanya says it is easy to act as showing concern for others, but when it happens to oneself, they will know how it feels. She then thinks she is with Pratik as she is his elder sister. Kushan asks her if she is behind revealing Pratik’s illegal affair. She says she does not know. He says she is Swaika and it is expected from her. He says she is very dumb to not understand that Amrita was helping her and she instead ruined her life.

Amrita cries vigorously and remembers Pratik telling that he is going to stay with Neha. Bobby comes there and says he knows she is sad that Pratik let her. She is sad that Pratik did not value her sacrifice. Bobby says he has seen his dad going through the same pay and says he is proud of her as she took a right stand. Amrita gets a call from Trisha. Amrita asks if she is alright. Trisha says she is fine and is being kidnapped. Amrita asks to ask who much money kidnapper needs. Trisha says she will tell her later and asks her not to call cop, else Prem will kill her. She then says kidnapper that she told lie as he commanded and asks him to let her free now. He says he will inform boss about it. Amrita calls her mobile. He snatches it and switches off phone. Trisha says she made a mistake by believing kidnapper. Amrita thinks she will get back Trisha soon.

Kabeer’s officer says he could not trace Trisha’s exact location, but it is somewhere in Alibaugh. Kabeer asks to start surveillance around Alibaugh. He calls Amrita who thinks she should not inform about Trisha’s call. Kabeer says he knows about Trisha’s call. She asks if he is tapping her phone and apologizes him for not informing him. He says she has to believe him. She asks him to get Trisha back and cuts call.

Trisha asks kidnapper to get away from her and leave her alone. He says his boss asked to keep an eye on her and asks her to eat food. She says her boss will get ransom from her papa and says she will go on hunger strike if he does not go. He calls boss and says he cannot tolerate this girl’s torture and asks him when to call her papa for ransom money. He then says Trisha that boss has asked to find a safe location to call her papa. She angrily throws all the food.

Neha calls her mom and says Pratik has come to her and she will keep him trapped in her love until he takes her to Swaika house. and when she enters Swaika house, she will get everything from her. She hears door bell and cuts call saying Pratik must have come.

Lavanya reaches Amrita’s house and says Pratik and Amrita’s superego is broken today for the first time. Amrita sees her and asks if she came to meet children. Lavanya says she came to meet her and says she feels sad to hear that her husband left her and says he must be at Neha’s house. She asks what will she reply to Sanya if she asks about papa. She says when she took her children, she told her house environment was not good for children, but her house’s environment is even worse than her house. She says her house was better her children’s both parents were present and asks her to give back her children and even Sanya. Amrita asks her not to let her ego overtake her and says children need love even though they are grown up and says Meghan and Bobby have changed in 2 days. She says Meghan fed me food and Bobby fought with Pratik for me as he knows howmuch it is painful to go through all this. She asks her to spend time with her children. Lavanya asks her not to tell what to do and asks her to control her house. She gives her 2 days time to get back her children, else she Sanya will reach hotel and will see her papa with her new mamma. Amrita asks what does she know about hotel. Lavanya says she is surprised to hear that she does not know anything and says she is in her own imaginative world and cannot see what is happening around. She realizes Kabeer told her lie and instead Pratik was there with Neha.

Precap: Amrita asks Kabeer if he knew about Neha and Pratik. He says he knew it from a long ago. She asks as a friend why did he hide such a big secret from her.

Update Credit to: MA

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