Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela seeing Pankhudi kneeling on bed. She smiles and thinks why can’t they keep door closed if they have to spend love moments. She is shocked seeing Ayush and thinks where is Adi, she has to tell Payal. Adi comes to Pankhudi and gives hanky to clean his eyes. Ayush says he has to go now, he is feeling sleepy. They have a good talk. Pankhudi says we will go and drop Ayush to outhouse. Ayush says why are you two always together. Pankhudi says Adi is my husband and Ayush jokes that Adi is shorter than her. Sheela runs to Payal to say about Pankhudi. Avantika hears them and asks what did Pankhudi do, why are you after Pankhudi, come to the point.

Adi comes and asks what happened now. Pankhudi and Ayush are also there. She sends Ayush to the room. Sheela says she went to Adi’s room and saw Pankhudi kneeling to Ayush and doing something on the bed. Adi shouts Mami…… He asks her to know complete thing before saying something. He says Pankhudi was cleaning his eye and I was in the room. Avantika says even when Adi was not there, how can you blame Pankhudi like this. Pankhudi says leave it, anyone can get mistaken, but it would have been good if you cleared it in room. Sheela says Pankhudi was not here for two years. Pankhudi says leave it, lets forget. Avantika asks Sheela to apologize. Sheela leaves.

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Pankhudi says she will call Ayush. Its morning, Pankhudi served food to everyone. Harish says I wish we shift here. Avantika says yes, but some people won’t like it. Shanky comes and says come fast Pankhudi, Ayush is not fine. They rush to see him. Sheela says new drama now. Ayush says I won’t bath with warm water, I hate it. I want food now, I m hungry. Pankhudi says Shanky will give you cold water, get ready and come. Adi says fine have food them bath, happy. Avantika says no, house’s basic rules won’t change. Ayush says I will have food first then bath.

Pankhudi and Adi insists. Ayush says fine, I will get ready. Shanky takes him. Avantika asks Adi and Pankhudi will they be at home and do his baby sitting all day. Ayush is irked. Avantika says trained doctors can help him out, I know Pankhudi owes to him, he saved her life, but you have to be practical. Rubel and Payal come to Sheela and asks what happened to Ayush. Sheela says I don’t know, he can do anything. Payal says I stopped Rubel from going to outhouse. Sheela asks him not to go after such person. Rubel says what do you mean by such person, he is normal like us, but slow, and I came to know what you told about Pankhudi, its disgusting. Payal calms him down.

He asks Sheela to apologize to Ayush and Pankhudi, else he will stop talking to her. She says fine, I will apologize to them. Adi talks to Pankhudi and says did she feel bad about Sheela’s words. She says she forgot. He asks her to share with her. He says if you did not feel bad, see in my eyes. She says yes, I felt bad, but………… Adi hugs her and says don’t say anything now, and next time always share things with me, and whatever anyone say, don’t take it on heart. She smiles.

Adi tells Rubel that office is coming at home and he has to attend a meeting. Shanky asks Pankhudi what to cook. Pankhudi says Payal will decide menu and asks her. Ayush says he wants pizza. Payal says sorry, everyone can’t have pizza for lunch. Pankhudi says I will make pizza for Ayush, you decide for others. Ayush takes out the ring and asks Payal to give her hand. Sheela gives her hand and he sees the ring size. He holds Payal’s hand and leaves it saying chee, this ring can’t come in your hands, as you are a bad girl. Payal gets angry. Adi takes Ayush to the room. Avantika says I don’t like this boy Pankhudi. She leaves.

Sheela says whats in that ring. Payal says I don’t know. Adi makes Ayush sit and do the sketches. Adi asks whose ring is this, who is that lucky person. Adi gets a call and goes out. Sheela comes to Pankhudi and asks what is she cooking. Pankhudi says pizza for Ayush. Sheela apologizes for her wrong words. Pankhudi says what I m doing for Ayush is to make him fine, as I m here because of him. She says she will always regret that you think this about me after so many years. Sheela leaves. Shanky says Dr Gupta came and Pankhudi goes with him.

Adi says Ayush is harmless and brings doctor. He does not find Ayush in room. He says where did he go and goes to see. Ayush makes Avantika’s pic colored. Avantika comes and asks what is he doing here. Adi comes and hearss them. She sees the pic. Adi asks what are you doing here Ayush and whats this. Adi says you should have done this on my dad’s pic, not mum’s, say sorry. Avantika says I don’t need sorry, ask him not to come again. Ayush gets angry and Adi takes him. Ayush says she scolds like principal always. Avantika gets some envelops and checks it, saying it might be sent by that lady. She gets a 30 year old newspaper. She reads Amit Sharma killed in an accident article and is shocked.

Avantika looks at the paper. Sheela comes to her. Avantika hides the paper. Sheela smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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