Humsafars 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a holy man telling Arzoo that god makes human being as a pair and asks her to identify her life partner. Sahir is shown staning on the other side of wall. They both walk beside each other but don’t notice each other. Serial’s title song… plays in the background. Sahir gets back into his car and looks at the flowers.

Daadi is shocked to hear Farha asking 9000 rs rent form Nausheen and asks her to call Sarfaraz as she wants to ask how can he do this to her own family. Zara and Myra reach home and are surprised to hear that their dad collects rent from them.

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Arzoo reaches her room and sees a lady throwing her photo and bags. Lady says it is her room. Arzoo asks who is she. She says she is gudti aapa and even Sahir takes permission to get into her room, asks her to get out of her room.

Nausheen says it is her mistake that she could not handle her husband or children. Daadi says she bought this house with her money, but registered it in Sarfaraz’s name and says she repents giving birth to such a selfish son. She takes phone to call Sarfaraz, but Nausheen stops her saying Arzoo will get worried if she hears about it. Arzoo says she will handle the issue. All of them hug each other emotionally.

Alvira reaches Arzoo’s room and says Gudti aapa that Arzoo is her guest and she let her stay in, asks she cannot misbehave with her guest. Gudti aapa says guests should not stay at house for too long and asks her to send Arzoo out. Alvira says she is my children’s aaya and children obeys her a lot. She asks her not to worry as she will not let her go out of her house.

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Gudti apa reaches Sahir’s room and asks why did he let Arzoo in her room. He says Alvira has brought her and he cannot disobey her. She says she will gather all family members and will get this girl out. She gathers everyone and says Alvira that she is seeing a weird future and says she has bought up children since childhood and does not like any outsider stay in their house. She says she cannot let an office employee inside house and says she cannot see anything wrong happening here. She asks everyone’s opinion. Anam says her nephew stays in same city, but she does not let him inside, says Arzoo is not even related to us, then why should she stay here. Zaki says she is Nausheen aunty’s daughter who helped Alvira during her bad times and he feels she should help her friend in her bad times as a humanity. Gudti ugly apa gets irked hearing that and asks Sahir to take a decision and send Arzoo out. Sahir says even he does not like his employee to enter his personal space, but he has obeyed his mom’s decision till now and even today he will obey and walks out. Zaki starts reciting a shayari. Anam and Gudti apa walks out angrily. He congratulates Arzoo and leaves. Alvira asks Arzoo to keep her bags into her room. She thanks her and leaves towards her room. Alvira gets happy remembering Sahir telling that he will obey her always.

Arzoo apologizes Gudti ugly apa for troubling her. Gudti ugly apa says does not like her interference and asks her to keep away from her, else she will teach her lesson. She sees Arzoo taking her bag out and says she will get it out, says she will let her keep her bag.

Arzoo thanks Alvira for her concern towards her when her own blood relative/her father does not care about her. She says she wants to do household chores. Alvira says she can work in kitchen. Arzoo says she does not know to cook. Alvira says she just has to decide menu every day. Arzoo says she wants to thank Sahir for his help. Avlira says she told her already that Sahir is very kindhearted and asks her to give him soup. She asks gudti apa to show Sahir’s room. She adds cockroach in soup in lieu of showing Sahir’s room.

Precap: Arzoo thanks Sahir for letting her stay in his home. She sees cockroach and falls in swimming pool, requests him to help her as she does not know swimming.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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