Laut Aao Trisha 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita is shocked to see Neha breaking karvachauth fast from Pratik’s hands. Pratik gets tensed seeing her and says she is misunderstanding her and asks her to go home. Amrita devastedly goes home.

Store manager says Kabeer that he is telling truth and does not know much. Kabeer plays a voice CD and asks why cant he identify Prem’s voice. He says he used to send SMSes. Kabeer asks Abhay to get phone records of whole Swaika family.

Amrita sadly reaches home. Pratik follows her and says what she saw is not true. Amrita asks him not to tell lie and starts crying. Whole family gathers hearing their voice. Amrita says she does not want to talk to him about it. Pratik says there is nothing between him and Neha, he just went there by mistake. Everyone are shocked to hear this. He gets Neha’s call and Amrita asks him to pick up her call.

Kabeer looks at Prem and Pratik’s pics and says what must have happened between them that they are not into talking terms and speaks out the whole story he knows. Officer says we should inform about this to Swaikas. Kabeer says Pratik will try to reach Prem if he will know about this and all his plan will go in vain and asks officer to tap phones.

Pratik sees Amrita packing her bags and asks where is she going. She says why should she tell him and what question she should ask, says she believed him so much and loved him blindly, but he betrayed her and does not even look like feeling guilty. He apologizes her and promises that he will not meet Neha. She asks if he is doing favor by apologizing her and says when he does not know the meaning of love, how can he love. He says he loves her a lot and has given her luxuries of whole world. She says she cannot expect love from a person who things worldly thigs as love. She asks how can he have an affair when he is annoyed seeing her friendship with Kabeer. He says no husband will like his wife’s friendship with another man and asks her not to stretch the issue. She packs her bags and leaves the room while he gets irked. Sanya sees her with bags and asks where is she going. Amrita says she is shifting to trisha’s room. She asks Pratik if he also shifting. Amrita says papa is not shifting as he got a new job.

Gaurav is surprised hearing about Neha and Pratik’s affair. Sonali says everyone’s fate is changing and Pratik is paying for his sins. She asks Gaurav to move ahead leaving Pratik behind and says this night will change a lot at Swaika’s house.

Amrita reminisces the whole incident. Neha at her house thinks she should get away from trapping Pratik now and her dreams will shatter if Pratik will seclude her.

Meghan brings food for Amrita and asks her to have it. She convinces her to break karvachauth fast and Amrita drinks water with teary eyes. Pratik asks Amrita in the morning to not stretch issue. She ignores him and tries to walk out, but he stops her and says she cannot ignore him. Bobby sees that and asks Pratik to behave with Amrita. Pratik says he does not have right to interfere. Bobby asks who gave him right to have an affair. Amrita asks bobby to keep quiet. Bobby says you elders ask us to stop saying we are kids , but why don’t you remember that we are also humanebing and family members and feel pain seeing this and asks why don’t you elders understand our feeling. Pratik gets irked and asks him how dare he is to talk to him like this and tries to slap him. Amrita intervenes and stops Pratik. She says she will not tolerate his nonsense now and will complain at a police station..

Precap: Pratik gets Neha’s call. He asksAmrita why she has prob with Neha.

Update Credit to: MA

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