Itti Si Khushi 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi gets curious about what she is doing / hiding. Neha gives her the bill instead. They realise that Akku’s engagement ring was going to be delivered today. Gayatri brings back the box filled with sweets of Dida’s choice. Dadi looks at the empty box and then at Neha who confesses everything to Gayatri and apologizes to her as well. I was trying it but it got stuck. Jayanti tries to pull it but Neha is in pain all this while. Dadi continues to scold Neha. Gayatri worriedly (not angrily) asks her why she wore it. you are getting hurt because of it. Neha says sorry again. I was just trying Akku’s ring. Jayanti calls it inauspicious. Neha is in real pain now. Aman comes home just then. He notices that Neha’s ring is all red. He puts butter on her finger. He pulls it out very carefully so that she doesn’t get hurt again. neha thanks him and then apologizes to everyone once again. Dadi warns Neha not to put her hands on that which doesn’t belong to her. Neha promises not to come back here. Aman feels bad.

At home, Neha takes cream from Dida to put on her finger. Neha tells her everything. Dida feels bad. They scolded you a lot? Neha nods. Don’t know why hitler Dadi returned at the exact time. She scolds me for no reason and even I do stupidity when she is around. please don’t tell anyone anything or everyone will make fun of me. thank God Aman came on time and helped me. Dida nods. You got the ring out from that guy’s hand from whose hand you wanted to wear the ring actually.

Akku paces in her room worriedly. She replays her convo with Neeta in her mind. Do Aman and I have that made for each other thing? Dida was also saying that we feel a connect with our husband. Neeta points out that they are still to get married. Akku adds how Didi has noticed the colour of Aman’s eyes which even I have never noticed. Neeta calls it a stupid reason to be worried. Akku still knows nothing about Aman. We know each other since so many years but even if we meet we have nothing in common to discuss. We don’t even talk on phone with each other or it os completely formal when we do. Shall I talk to Aman once? Neeta gives a thumbs up. Flashback ends.

Aman gets Akku’s call. Neeta leaves from the room. He asks her if everything is well. Neha is alright? Akku is confused. He tells her that Neha had come here. She doesn’t even do anything but something or the other happens. Anyways, tell me. Akku says she had called just like that but he knows that she never calls for no reason. she proposes the idea of meeting once before their engagement. We will be able to talk better. They plan to meet tomorrow evening.

Anand is concerned for his mother. Sunita comes there too. They can see that she looks really worried. Dida says they have made a very big mistake. We should have talked to Neha regarding Akku’s engagement. We should have taken some more time. They are confused. Dida tells them everything. They are shocked to hear it. Suraj’s ball comes that way and he stops by to hear them talking. Dida can feel what Neha must be feeling. She must be heartbroken. Wish we had any idea about it. what should we do now? They notice Neha and Akku wearing new hair clips. They share so much love and look what’s going to happen now. Akku’s relation will break Neha’s heart. What should we do now? Dida answers that relations join hearts but what if they entangle amongst themselves? They look at Neha and Akku sadly.

Sunita and Anand discuss the impending engagement and how it can affect Neha. Sunita offers to talk to Akku but Anand tells her against it. she will be hurt. Neha comes there. They look at her in amazement. She wonders what happened to them but they divert it. she lies down to sleep. Sunita is in tears as she looks at her daughter. Anand signals her to be strong.

Sunita is all lost as she looks at Neha. Shagun notices that the veggie is burnt. Akku asks for her tiffin but she gets to know that the veggie got burnt. Neha gives her a peeled orange. The sisters share a hug. Neha tells her mom that she will be late tonight. I am going to meet Aman ji in the evening. Neha’s smile disappears. Akku too turns to look at Neha instinctively. Shagun teases Akku about the date while Sunita gestures her against it. sunita tells her to be back soon. Shagun makes Akku wear different earrings and open her hair. You are going to meet a handsome man so you should look pretty too. Take all your time and make dinner plans too. This is the time to romance. Neha drinks water over juice by mistake and starts coughing. Akku leaves. Neha is all sad.

Aman too tells his mother about his meeting with Akku in the evening. She is ok with it but tells him to be back on time. Bring this list of things on your way back.

Akku’s parents wanted to talk to her but she is getting late. They agree to talk in the evening. Suraj has missed his bus. Shagun tells Akku to drop him school. He gets happy as he will get a rickshaw ride to his school today. they both leave.

Neha is not smiling today whiling doing her exercises. Sandeep returns home which surprises her. he had gone to bank to do some work. I will go to my shop after lunch time only. What’s your plan for today? Neha says Akku is busy in the evening as she is going on a date. So, no shopping! Sandeep is surprised. Neha asks him if he has gone on a date. He had been on a date with someone else. She is amazed. You go on a date with your girlfriend and you should get married to her only. He laughs at her logic. Who tells you this? she has seen this in films. Whatever is shown in films is not always true. Real life’s girlfriend boyfriend might not necessarily become life partners. There can be various reasons behind it (fights, relocation, etc.). she is sure he must have cried a lot. He knows it pains but things heal after a while. You cannot hold onto it for life. Plus Dida says you meet your real life partner at some point of your life and those who part are not your real life partner. Neha is not ready to believe that he just had one boyfriend. He diverts the topic. Don’t share this with anyone else. He pulls her cheeks and heads inside. Neha thinks it will hurt a lot but things will be fine.

Akku decides to take auto from the main road. He asks her if it hurts when heart breaks. Akku says heart never breaks, it can stop pumping but cannot break. He says you are wrong. Super Dadi (DIda) was saying that Ninni Bua’s heart will break. Akku is shocked. Dada ji, Dadi ji and Super Dadi were thinking about what will happen now. What will happen to Ninni Bua if her heart will break? She wants to know more but he hasn’t heard the whole story. He is sure Aman uncle would know as they all were talking about his wedding. Akku gets thinking.

Precap: Aman is coming to drop Akku to her home. Neha is burning all their past memories (photos, cards, everything). Aman is about to go back when he notices the same. He blows out the fire and notices the articles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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