Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Exhibition
Avni is distracted by virat, who flrits around with her, complimenting her for her success and her achievements, and then offering himself at her service, while insinuating that raj must be gallivanting around europe with foreign girls. Avni gets frustrated and leaves in a huff, while virat smiles evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
Avni is packing up when suket and arpita walk in and ask where is she going. She says that she is going to rectify something. She tells about the lady who was exploiting labourers. She says that she is going to the village of the labourers. Arpita asks her to take akshat along, but avni says that she is grown and independant and wanmts to do things herself, and not by someone;s support. Suket tries to insist, but then avni says that she just wants a fresh start, and that she is sick of this hectic life here, and the questioning glances of people. suket asks her to atleast tell where she is going. Avni shocks everyone by her changed attire, and her descision to go to Umatgaon. She says that she would help those labourers, and that she wants to have a change of place. They comply and bless her.

Avni comes to Bhawna who’s asleep to take her blessings, and then leaves. She tells abhas that she couldnt awake bhawna and didnt want to get her tensed too. she tells about her itinerary after which she would come home and tell bhawna everything. He agrees to take care of her. Avni then takes everyone’s leave, and gets in the car, after everybody commends her for her self dependance. she is oblivious that the pic of raj and her that had flown off through her window is in the car.

Arpita again chats up with her online friend, Smile buddy, who again supports her about her presentation with the international clients. When she goes onto check the presentation, she finds thats its gone, and wonders how is this possible for her now. Akshat tries to come in, and when arpita wants help from him, he ignores her and leaves, boggling and hurting her. As she chats with smile buddy again, he tells that he knows that she is upset, and arpita is surprised that he knew, but her own husband doesnt, who was right here. she tells about her presentation fiasco and how it ruined everything. he tells that wont happen, and she would have to do the right thing. She asks how would it happen. he asks her to check her mail. She checkes it, and finds her presentation there. She is boggled and happy, and asks how did it happen. he says that she had sent him a copy of it, for editing which she saved. Arpita proufsely thanks him, for saving her business, with his help. She says that if he was here right now, she would have hugged him, and that he is such a darling. After she has written, she starts wondering what did she write, and gets tensed. She then adds that she is really sorry for what she wrote, and that she had frogotten that she was married. he writes back and says that it was all out of happiness, and asks her not to bother. she feels lucky for having a person who made her smile like this and helps in every problem of hers.

At the dining table, Bhawna is fed by people, when the same lady who threatened avni in the exhibition, comes and suket takes her aside. She asks how did his adavnce payment’s cheque bounce. Suket says that he cancelled the contract, and hence the cheque bounced. she asks why. he tells about what avni told him, and how she has gone to umatygaon, to expose her true reality. she is stunned.

Scene 3:
Location: Raj’s residence
Madhuri is excited to gift her husband a Tab, and then logs onto to surf through and is surprised at the options that it offers.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road and Avni’s residence
Avni is on the road, when suket keeps checking in on her by calling her again and again, and she asks him not to bother as she is going for a fresh start, but if he continues calling like this, the purpose wont be solved. He complies. Avni gives a lift, to a couple, from the village, who are in love, but cant meet in public. when they keep ranting about love, avni keeps getting frustrated. When they ask if she has ever fallen in love, she puts the car to a screeching halt, and then vents out her frustration against love and tries to tell that its absoluetly futile. She brings by their stop, and then gets them down. As they get down, the girl sees that photo. When her loves, asks avni if she has ever fallen in love, the girl says that avni had indeed has, and shows that photo to her lover, and avni comes out, to have a look. she eyes them glaringly, and they leave, while she is filled with a rage. she crumples it and tosses it away, in a ditch under the bridge.

The lady who avni wants to expose, calls up people from umatgaon, saying that their stuff is going to be dispatched tonight, and avni is on her way to warn the labourers. But she is assured by the goons, that they would finish the avni chapter today. she is happy. The goons have evil intenions, as they smirk evilly. The screen freezes on avni’s face.

Precap: As she takes the route, two hholigans offre to take her to Umatgaon when she confesses that she has forgotten the way to umatgaon. they decide to help her, while having evil intenions. As she passes by a milestone indicating that umatgaon is in the other direction, 6kms from there, the goons ask her to leave this village and go far away, fi sher wants her safety. later, she is shown to be running away from the village, through the forests, barefoot, with villagers after her, with sticks and lathis. She hides and ducks underneath a boulder, when a person fights with them and rives them away. As his back is turned on her, she goes onto thank him, and then when he turns around, both are shocked, as the person turns out to be raj.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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      Armrupali he had left avni as he has to find bhawna’s past

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  5. I think Akshat is Arpita’s smile buddy…..hmmm…..I thought it was Raj before but….lol

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