Laut Aao Trisha 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer asks Vivan to tell him what happened that. Vivan says he got a message from Trisha and went near beach, but he did not find her. Kabeer says he found her instead. Vivan says he did not and starts crying.

Sonali and Gaurav reach police station and asks Kabeer how can he detain their son. He says he can. Sonali asks why is he treating her son as thief. Kabeer says a thief’s mother saw his son with Vivan and does not want her son to be with a drug addict. Gaurav asks Kabeer to keep Vivan at least ina better cell.

Neha and Pratik are in a hotel room romancing intimately. Pratik apologizes her for getting angry on her and says whenever he needs her he will call her himself. He sees Amrita’s miscalls and calls her. Amrita informs her about Kabeer aresting Vivan. Pratik meets Kabeer adn asks him to release him. Kabeer says he caught Vivan red handed with drugs, so he arrested him. Pratik says he knows Kabeer knew about Vivan’s drug addiction before and says he must have arrested him in Trisha’s kidnap case and asks him to detain Vivan until he reveals about Trisha and to give him 3rd degree torture if need be. Sonali and Gaurav plead how can he ask police to give 3rd degree torture to their son, he is treating him as enemy’s son. Pratik says he would have forgiven enemy’s son, but Vivan is Trisha’s cousin and betrayed us all. He will not spare anyone until he gets his daughter back.

Pratik reaches home and sees Amrita having an antidepressant. He asks her why is she taking it. Amrita starts crying and says Vivan is like a child to her and pray that he is not involved in all this. Pratik tries to console her and says everything will be alright. Amrita apologizes Pratika for getting angry on him and says we both should be together find Trisha and says she needs him and to be with him in these tougher times.

Kabeer looks at Vivan’s cell in CCTV and says he has to change his investigagte style towards Swayka. Abhay asks which Swayka.

Pratik calls Lavanya and asks how was the meeting and asks not to play with him again. She tries to justify, but he stops her and says he will mail the presentation.

Kushan asks Lavanya how can she be so insensitive. Lavanya says she is not and says Pratik is his brother and Trisha he niece, she is worried about them. Kushan says she is trying to act too partial. He asks if she remembers where were they together last time. She asks if he is complaining about that and asks what was that last night. He says it is not called coming closer as we fought before and after that. Lavanya apologizes him and tries to be intimate with him. He says why is she trying now after he reminded her, but gives up and they both enjoy.

Kabeer discusses with Abhay about all the recent incidents and meetings with Swaykas and says someone from Swakya family or similar to them is behind all this.

Precap: Sanya speaks to Trisha on phone and asks where is she. Amrita hears that, takes phone from Sanya and tries to speak to her.

Update Credit to: MA

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