Balika Vadhu 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulli drying the clothes. Hardik comes and says I brought gifts for you. Gulli says, you shall save the money. Hardik says, it is not costly. He shows her corn. Gulli gets excited and says she likes it. Hardik says, Anandi told me about your likes. Gulli asks, what she told about me. Hardik tells her what Anandi told him. Gulli runs behind him. Hardik says, bhabhi said you are crazy. He says sorry then. Gulli smiles. He says, he was thinking how to live with her in the new house. Gulli asks about Subhadra and says she will be happy if she stays with us. Hardik smiles. Gulli tells him to have a separate room for Subhadra. Hardik says, he will try to good house. Subhadra hears them talking and thinks Gulli is clever. She thinks to do something.

Anandi brings fruits for Subhadra and keeps it in her room. She sees the wardrobe open and sees Hardik’s shirt in it. She gets shocked and recalls the past happenings. She thinks to talk to her.

Jagya comes to his room. He sees Ganga sitting on the bed. He asks about his sons. Ganga asks him to feed milk to abhi and says she is going to Gauri’s room. She apologizes to him as Mannu walked in Gauri’s room. Jagya says, the situation is awkward for all of us and Mannu is just a child. I can’t help you. He tells her that Gauri is shattered after she saw her new face. Gauri says, she is with him.

Subhadra thinks how to get Gulli out of Hardik’s life. Anandi comes to her with the shirt in her hand. Subhadra gets shocked and acts uneffected. Anandi asks her about the shirt. Subhadra replies, why I will steal my grand son’s shirt? Shiv hears them. Subhadra says, may be you kept it. Subhadra asks Shiv to say Anandi to stay in limits. Anandi tells him. Shiv says, Anandi never lies. Subhadra asks, what do you mean? Am I lying. Shiv asks her, why you are creating problems in Hardik’s life and leaves. Hardik hears everything and gets sad.

Munim Ji comes to Dadisaa and tells about the problems of the godown. She asks her to come to godown. She says, I can’t come. Munim ji says, please come for 2-3 days in a week. He leaves. Gehna brings tea for her. Dadisaa looks at her. Gehna gives tea to Gauri. Gauri thanks her. Gehna says, she will make dal bati for her. Gauri says, she loves it. She thinks to have food with Jagat and calls him. Jagya picks the call. She asks him to come home for lunch. Jagya says, he can’t commit. She asks him to reach there before 1 pm and disconnects the call. She thinks to feed him with her hands. She awaits for Jagya.

Dadisaa asks her to eat food. Gauri says, she will eat with him. Ganga asks her to eat. Jagya calls home and tells Gehna that he can’t come for lunch. Dadisaa tells Gauri that Jagya can’t come. Gauri gets hysterical and says she called him. He is behaving the old ways. She feels dizzy. Ganga and Gehna rush to her. Ganga checks her BP and says it is high. Gauri asks her to take her inside and refuses to eat food. Dadisaa is shocked to see her same behavior. She recalls the past. Gehna asks her not to worry. Dadisaa tells her that she is same as before. She fears for Ganga.

Daddu asks for Subhadra. Subhadra comes and says she made something special for Hardik. Hardik refuses to eat it. Subhadra says, it is not spicy. Hardik excuses himself.

Gauri is angry on Jagya. Jagya comes to her room. Ganga leaves. Jagya tells her to try to understand and says he went for urgent work. Gauri says, you should have called me. Jagya says, I usually call on Landline. He asks her not to stress herself and asks her to control her anger. Gauri promises and smiles. She thinks he has changed so much.

Jagya comes to Dadisaa. Dadisaa angrily tells her that Ganga is getting effected. She asks him to send Gauri as soon as possible. Jagya says, he can understand and assures her that he will do something. Ganga says, we shall tell the truth about our marriage, but we can’t citing her health. Jagya says, you are right. We have to take care of everything. Dadisaa says, Ganga is taking care of her well. She asks him to talk to her only when something important. Jagya says, he will leave.

In the night, Jagya comes home and sees Gauri’s room light blinking. He comes to her room. Gauri asks, did you come back? Jagya says, how did you know that I came back. Gauri says, I can’t still feel you. Jagya is shocked. She says, I was thinking about my life. It is like a lamp.

Ganga waits for Jagya and calls on his number. Jagya sees her call and disconnects it. Jagya asks her if she is taking the medicines on time. Gauri praises Ganga. Jagya asks her to sleep. Gauri tells him that they are thinking the same thing. She says, there is some special thing behind it. We have same thinking even now. Something is common between us. Anandi has moved on, but you couldn’t. I am still standing on the same place. Jagya is left thinking.

Gauri keeps her hand around Jagya and asks him why he didn’t marry again. Ganga comes and sees them close. Later she tells Ganga that she couldn’t forget Jagat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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