Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanvri says that this means whatever happened to Samart was because of him. Bauji asks Raj to be true and tell him was he the reason why Samart left. Sanvri says that they lost Samart because of him. Raj says that his love is true, Akshit says he read this letter. Raj cheers and asks them to tell everyone his love is true. Akshit says that this is all rubbish, this love thing. Akshit asks do you love Avni, so you helped me. It was all mean, had he known this he wouldn’t have come to his house. Arpita says that they all are getting it wrong. Raj tells her to be quiet else they will say that she is siding him only because he is her brother. Raj requests them to call Avni, Suket says Avni wont come here.
Avni was worried and asks Abhaas to go back. Avni gets Arpita’s call, she listens to what Sanvri was saying to Raj. Abhaas had gone to take the qulfi. Akshit was saying they will never forgive him. Sanvri asks Bhawna to scold him. Suket says that he allowed him near the family only because of Bauji and Bhawna, his first impression was better. Akshit says that his house’s environment isn’t worth his sister, Jija and Jiji come there. Jija asks are you saying this Akshit? Madhuri says that her brother is a diamond, but they waited for love. Jija and Akshit have an argument about love. Suket says he said the day they will accept love marriage, there will be problems. Sanvri says they must uproot this problem, she suggests calling the police and sending this Raj jail. Madhuri objects, while Arpita cries saying they must listen to what Raj has to say. Avni comes there and shouts at them to stop. She holds Raj’s hand and says she also loves Raj. They were all shocked. She says we love each other so much and cant love without each other. Don’t say wrong about him, he hid the truth just to make her believe she loves him too; and that is true. She loved him and loves him even today.
Bhawna asks what is she saying. She says she is doing what Geeta tells them, to be with the truth even the odds are against them.
Avni says that had she not fallen in love with Raj, he would have backed up. Sanvri tells her to stop as her elders are here. They hold hands firmly, Avni says that anger wont let it go. She then leaves the hand and says that she doesn’t want more insult of his family, she apologizes jija and jiji and asks him to go. She tells him not to worry about her, its her family and she will go to any extent for their love. Bauji leaves for his room, Suket also leaves. Bhawna and Sanvri follows. Akshit drags Arpita along while Pratab isn’t also ready to listen to her. She comes to Abhaas but he also leaves. Avni comes to temple and asks God for help. She watches the candle and says she lit it for her love and oils it.
Bauji and family feels disgusted about the thing. Arpita heads to talk but Akshit stops her. Suket asks Bhawna to go talk to her and tell her to forget about Raj. Bhawna comes to the temple and kneels down saying that she only knows how difficult is the way of love, there is only problems in the way. First, the hope dies and then the heart breaks and its pain is unbearable. She doesn’t want her daughter to go through the same situation. She cries saying I wont let my daughter follow my way. Avni was worried in her room. Bhawna comes to her room and asks what she did. Avni says that she stopped herself but she couldn’t prevent herself. Bhawna says why didn’t she talk to her. Avni says she wanted to tell her, but she was worried about Akshit and Arpita. She didn’t want to create more problems with her. She and Raj wanted to tell you people when Akshit and Arpita come home. Bhawna asks since when is it happening. Avni says the time doesn’t matter, what matters is Raj. He is my life, and is the best. No one can understand this better than you. Bhawna tells her to stop it. Avni says she is asking me to stop breathing. Bhawna asks has he touched you ever. Avni takes Bhawna by arms and says he touched my soul.

PRECAP: Raj was beaten outside. Avni runs after him but Sanvri stops her. She sees Abhaas going out with hockey.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Vash who r u to make judgements on us. U don’t even kno me. Some viewers r so obsess wit these shows dat they adapt d values they portray. I’m not against love I’m jus totally against kids being disrespectful to their elders regardless the circumstances. I guess u r not a parent dats y u don’t understand my point. They r other ways she can convince her parents to accept her love rather dan disrespecting dem an using emotional blackmailing.

  2. Very stupid series indeed

  3. I hate arpita she is so dumb apart fr being a cry a baby all d time. Her face looks like she crying even wen she’s happy. Avni very disrespectful to her elders. Shame on her. Suket shud have slap her hard

    1. you stupid lik you dont understand the y must he slap her

  4. Stupid serie

    1. Motila and sabrina you both not followin the show properly accordin to all the soaps is it what we want for the couples to mak it a happy ending ….. you all from the bush and dont know whats love…. they never desrespect the parents but fought hard to to b together which world you all from

  5. vashtie motilal

    no respect to her family she an Raj is very rude

    1. Motila,

      Have you experience Love, if u have, I think you will post something better!

  6. Sona, please finish today’s update

  7. Where is rest part of the show im trying from 2 hrs plz i know u all work hard but i think u can understand my feeling bcoz today’s episode is so interesting so plz plz plz plz…….Make it fast

  8. In seventh line beginning it is love

  9. Baawre….!!!!this avni who has been a cat near her dad had became tigress……I thought in the beginning that my character resembles with avni but now I am feeling that I am better than her I don’t make my parents like this…….this lobes are like this only they will be successful only in reel life n in real life only 10% of them only gets successful so I advice u guys to keep away from this lobe ur parents because they’ll never hurt n blame u…..

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