Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 3

Hi everyone….
Here’s a next episode of my fan fiction….
Hope You all like it….


Shanaya asked to Dr.Suneel that how did he got to know that she can see him and help him..Dr.Suneel told her that Shanaya was admitted in same room where he was and mistakenly Shanaya touch his watch, which was left there .that’s why he can communicate with Shanaya. Shanaya assures him to help him, and leaves the hospital with Dr.Aryan.
Dr.Aryan suggest her to once go and check at Dr.Suneel’s house.. Dr.Aryan and Shanaya goes to Dr. Suneel’s house, where Shanaya and Dr.Aryan tries to find out some clue but they didn’t found anything there….Suddenly Shanaya touched a plant and sees a hallucination but in that hallucination she didn’t saw Dr.Suneel but she saw someone else ,she couldn’t identify that whom she saw and suddenly strange things starts happening there.
Suddenly a thunderstorm comes and everything get blurry…suddenly everything starts floating in air and mirror breaks down and a broken piece of mirror , stucks in Shanaya’s hand and cuts it….
Dr.Aryan and Shanaya succeed in escaping from there….Dr.Aryan took out the mirror from Shanaya’s hand and clean the wound and gives first aid to Shanaya and they shares an eyelock….Dr.Aryan asked to Shanaya that if she is fine….Shanaya says that she is fine and they both leaves from there….

To be continued….:)

  1. Salley145

    Nice one.. continue

    1. Samayra


  2. Wow.There is love story also.It seems like you love to watch horror serials or it is your imagination.

    1. Samayra

      thanks…. actually it’s my imagination or you can also say that it’s a side effect of horror serials….:)

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