Naagin Season 3 26th May 2019 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Bela kills the evils, unites with Mahir, show ends revealing Vish’s evil side

Naagin Season 3 26th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivangi telling Shravani/Bela that where to find her father and husband and says she doesn’t know where are they, she was living thinking they had tried to kill her. She says if she will meet them ever and says she is losing hope. Rithik is brought there by Mahir and Rocky. Rithik says we shall not leave hope. Bela asks Mahir where he found them. Mahir says they were locked in the cellar here. Shivangi hugs Rithik and apologizes and says I thought you both tried to kill me and cursed you. She apologizes. Rithik says anyone would have thought the same and says you didn’t come to kill us, and says God made us alive so that we can tell you the truth, he says we didn’t kill you. He says my aim is fulfilled now and tells that he can go peacefully now. Shivangi asks what is

he saying? Rithik says he lost his daughter and his wife. Shravani says we can bring your love also. Shivanya comes there wearing red saree. Mahir looks surprised. Tera Pyaar Jeevan Ka…..plays…..

Rithik goes to her and rests on her lap. Shivanya says we will go together and says she will never leave him. She makes him young. Everyone smiles. Rithik gets up and smiles seeing her. The song plays…..tera pyaar jeevan ka….plays…Rithik and Shivanya wave bye and leave.

Rohini and Alek are going from there, Vish comes in front of them and bites them. Shravani tells Mahir that some much happened in one night. Rocky asks did you hate me? Shivangi says I never hate you and thought that you might be helpless to try to kill me. Rocky says I can never do this and asks her to take him to wherever she wants. Shivangi says she will fulfill her last duty and says she has become cursed free. She says before leaving the naaglok, I am handing over the crown and naagrani position to Shravani, and says she will be the last naagrani. She says you will be answerable for the naagmani, and asks her to remember that she has to protect it thinking it as her dharma, and declares her as naagrani and rakshita of naagmani. Bela/Shravani promises that she will protect the naagmani. Shivangi asks her to remember that this fight can be won by her only. Shivangi and Rocky leave. Vish tells Bela that everything is fine now, and circle is complete. She asks Mahir to hug Bela and says we will not bite you. Mahir hugs Bela. Bela says Vikrant is missing here. Vish says wherever he is, he is at a peaceful place. Bela asks him to go home and tell everyone that everything is fine. She says she has some work. They start walking. Shesha comes out from the ground and tells that nothing is finished. They come to the temple. Vish asks what happened, and says you have to keep Naagmani here. Bela says this is not yet over, and tells that Sumitra and Shesha are Naagins, but Tamsee is not Naagin. She says if they wanted naagmani then they could take when they attacked Shivangi and says why they didn’t take it then. Vish says maybe it was cursed and became stone. Bela says maybe, but in my last birth, when Tamsee got the naagmani, she killed Mahir and me. She says this matter is not about naagmani or me and says we have to fight until we get the answers.

Sumitra and Tamsee are walking in the jungle. Sumitra says they might be thinking we are dead. Tamsee says we lost naagmani. Two-headed snake comes in front of them. Bela prays to Bholenath and tells that she needs answers for her questions. A reflection comes out from the Shivji’s forehead. Shesha is that snake and becomes human. She says what do you think that I died. She says let’s go and get naagmani. They leave.

A sadhu Markande Baba appears in front of Bela and Vish. Bela tells Vish about him and tells Baba that she is very worried. Markande tells that the answer is difficult to answer in two words. He tells that the story is big, and says this war not only between the shesh naag and nidok naag. He tells about the Samudra ghatna and says many things came out from it, and for what everyone was waiting is Amrit, which Dev and Danav want to get it. He says Devs got it, and says important role is of Vasuki Naag and asks do you know who is he? Bela says the first naagraj. Vish says our kuldevta. Markande Baba tells that Danav pulled his body while Devs’ pulled his tail. They distributed the things which came out of samudra. He says Vasuki naagraj left from there without taking anything, but someone from his vansh wanted amrit. They think they are betrayed. Vasuki Maharaj sister Mansha helped him who was naagrani, and says kusurp didn’t keep quiet and they were the ones who tried to kill Shivangi. Vish says why they wanted to kill Bela after getting Naagmani. Markande Baba tells that they wanted to kill Naagrani as they want to end naaglok. Bela says that’s why Sukurp shook hands with Sumitra. Vish says with evil Tamsee. Bela says Shesha is the sukurp. Markande baba tells that Naagmani is safe for 50 Poornimas and after that suraksha chakra will move, you have to find the enemies of naagmani and kill them.

They come home. Bela thanks Mahir for agreeing to marry her tonight itself. Mahir asks if that happened that I didn’t fulfill your wish and asks why Rishi asked them to marry today. Bela says just because icchadhari naagin will not lose her powers even after marrying a human. She says he said that last birth cursed didn’t end today, and tells that today is the poornima night. Mahir asks about the curse. Bela says when we got married in last birth, I was cursed as I married a human and we got united and says that curse is still with me. But today this will not happen, this is the night of forgiveness. Mahir says you wanted to apologize to me. Bela smiles. Samarjeet and Kanika come there. Kanika asks if he is fine. Mahir says I am absolutely fine and asks them to trust him and says Shravani and I are made for each other. Bela says I will not lie, I am a naagin. Vish says Icchadhari Naagin. Samarjeet says we will unite the love birds forever. Mahir and Bela sit for the marriage, keeping Naagmani in front of them. Pandit ji asks them to stand up for rounds. Tamsee, Sumitra and Shesha come there. Tamsee says rounds are happening here without inviting us. Bela says stop, don’t think. Amber Bua says I had said that something is wrong with DM. Sumitra says only you have identified me rightly, others were blindly believing me. Bela asks them to talk to her and not to talk to her family members.

Tamsee says you know what is the reason for our arrival here. Vish says you are habitual to come uninvited. Bela says you will go empty-handed. Sumitra says we will take this naagmani today and asks her to give. Bela asks Vish and Mahir to take care of family members and says I will fulfill their last wish and come. Bela brings them to the temple and is holding the naagmani in her hand. Shesha says you are really mad to bring us here. Sumitra says you called your death. Tamsee says this is called overconfidence. Shesha says whoever has the naagmani today, will be the owner of the naagmani for 50 poornimas. Sumitra says if we kill her today then the problem of 50 poornimas will end. Bela says today you all will be killed. She says Shesha…your sukurp meets our enemies, but they will not be successful and says Naagmani will be saved for Anant Kaal with your end. She attacks Sumitra and hold her with her tail. Tamsee attacks her with her evil powers, but nothing happens to Bela. Shesha circles her tail around Bela. Sumitra says you are nothing in front of us Bela. Bela becomes snake. Sumitra and Shesha become snake too. Tamsee asks them to kill Bela. They bite Bela. Bela falls down. She becomes half naagin with 5 snakeheads.

Bela attacks Sumitra with the Trishul and kills her. Sumitra falls down. Bela attacks Shesha’s neck with the Trishul and kills her. Tamsee is shocked before she could do anything, Bela attacks her neck and kills her with the Trishul. Tamsee falls down dead. Bela becomes human again. She recalls Markande baba asking her to end all the evils and giving her Trishul to kill them. He says this is given to Naag vansh’s rakshak and asks her to hold it to kill them. Bela takes it. Fb ends. Vish comes there and says Naagmani is safe now. Bela says someone will always be here to protect Naagmani. She keeps the naagmani in front of Mahadev and folds her hand. Vish also folds her hand. Bela tells Vish that our Naagmani is safe for 50 Poornimas as it is protected by the Suraksha chakra around it. She says nobody can touch it. Vish says your one responsibility is over and asks her to get married.

Bela and Vish come to Mahir’s house. Mahir hugs Bela. Bela says I told you that I will return safely and will fulfill my promise this time. Amber Bua asks where are they, trio? Bela says they were killed. Vish asks them to come near the mandap. Mahir and Bela take the rounds again. Tere Sang Pyaar me….plays….Their first marriage vows are shown. Everyone is happy. Pandit ji asks Mahir to apply sindoor to her. Mahir applies sindoor in her forehead. He says you are looking happy today. Bela says because I have understood that you are the one for me. Mahir makes her wear mangalsutra. He says I made you mine. Bela says I was yours always. They take elders’ blessings. Mohit asks Vish if she is not Raima. Vish says she is Vishaka. Bela and Mahir come to Vish. Vish gives them best wishes for their new beginning. Bela thanks her and says this wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Vish asks her to thank bhole naath. Bela says you might be my own sister in some birth. Vish says I am your sister in this birth too.

Mahir comes to his room. Bela is sitting on the bed. In Lamhon Ke plays…..He closes the door. He comes to her and hugs her. He says shall I ask you something and asks if she will tell truth? Bela says do you have any doubt? Mahir asks what is precious to you, Naagmani or me. Bela asks how dare you, how can you doubt. She says what is most precious is Naagmani as it has value. Mahir is shocked. Bela says it has value, but you are priceless. Mahir smiles and kisses her forehead. Their past birth moment is shown. The song plays again. Their past birth reunion moments are shown. Mahir and Bela look at each other. He gets closer to her.

Two ladies are shown coming to the temple. Their feet with anklets are shown. They keep hand over the trishul and naagmani. The lady is shown, she is Vish..who says that she waited for it very much. Other lady says it is saved for 50 poornimas. Vish says after that even Shravani can’t protect it as she thinks she has killed all the enemies, and she didn’t know about us. She laughs. The other lady is shown and she is also Vish. Vish is the two-headed snake and talks to her other half and tells that they knew now where to search Naagmani after 50 Poornimas. She laughs.

The show ended.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. SsiyAa

    i don’t know about others… but i strictly didn’t wanted surbhi to be casted again as naagin.. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍…… i’m not in favour of naagin 4.. and if it had to come then it should have new cast new story and more sensible and logical… and showing vish as villian again is garbage track.. disgusting and ridiculous… promo clearly shows the body from back is of surbhi.. again male character will be changed.. characters will be changed but same ghisa-pita track…. very angry… RIP to creativity 😠😠😠😠😠👺 👺 👺 👊👊👊👊🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 RIP to naagin creators…🔴🔴🔴🔴 ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖

    1. I have decided i wont watch this bekar story anymore. From the promo it seems SESHA of all people will be again involved. Shivanya and Shivangi died to easily. Even Bela died and had to take rebirth. But the villains only turn to stone and then come back. It is ridiculous. Sesha is still watchable but her presence makes the complete story ridiculous. And Sumitra is not good at all. I too dont want another season with Surbi. She was the weakest naagin despite being a Naagrani. And seeing how bad this season was, i have like negative expectation from the writers now. This entire season was a big game of running on roads and playing catch catch with each other. Nothing is good about Naagin anymore. Do the makers plan to make twenty seasons of Naagin? It should end with this one itself.

      1. SsiyAa

        yes.. i see her (surbhi) acting skills also weak or may be her acting is good but not the face for naagin kinda role… confused… but anita was good and more appreciating as her naagin character with both positive and negative shades… but yes…!writers are crap to write crappy episodes… HIGHLY RIDICULOUS… i wonder if ekta must be given reviews about her shows by critics of her team or her sole purpose is to make draggy and crappy stories with no content or logic as far she has done till now…

    2. @ to the author and telly team you have gone through a wonderful journey which you will cherish for long # chatpati battein with modiji will continue # believe that !!!!
      finally this toon show ended bye bye behir it was fun with you guys but never mind i thought the plot will be something innovative but its a rapid ending in a hurry ship # ekta simply finished its charm time to finish these bhootiya characters and above all create the muddas in modern era women empowerment supporting men growing urbanisation deep stories like badnaam gali then it would have mattered the most but no we want snakes reptiles crocos monkeys and lady gagas only # RIP viewership who cares !!!!!
      web series are far better than these sequels kota factory was nice do as badnaam gali crime stories too had essence of sincerity in it but on tv its totally opposite

    3. I agree with you. I am also not in favor of Naagin season 4. How many seasons with it produce? 4,5,6,7….
      God, some time or later I am sure people will get over it. I mean the audience will soon or later get bored.
      Naagin series should have ended once and for all. I feel Naagin3 was a little messed up.

  2. What a funny ending?!

    I think they got this two heads idea from Nazar dola character..

    One more season, hmmm…

    But I don’t have any reason to watch it..
    Bye bye naagin.. rip

    1. You are right they copied nazar serial

    2. I don’t think so like that. In Season 2, Rocky killed Shesha by cutting her head into two parts. The two parts become two heads and become two headed Shesha in Season 3. Two headed Shesha’s character is copied to two-headed Vishaka

  3. SsiyAa

    the suspense was so worst.. like KUCH BHI.. KUCH BHI!!!!!!!…….. hadd hai… the only soothing scene was of one min of mouni and ritvik.. and mouni in red saree 💃💃💃…… finally bela realised she broke rules by intimating with mahir.. and suddenly writers realised s1 mein ye rules tha and they missed it… so to compensate bela says she is cursed to make that mistake.. KUCH BHI… 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 …. and all of sudden bela has so much powers that she killed everyone in one second then what the hell she was doing whole season. 😬 😐😬 😐😬 😐😬 😐..
    and that tamsee was andhka… strongest devil ever with unbeatable evil powers… how the hell she got killed by one attack… basically what was the purpose to bring her😓 😓 ❗ ❓❗ ❓

    1. Shivangi made Bela to mahanagrani and her powers are increased.also she killed tamsi with thrishool which is very powerful . That’s the reason how tamsi was killed instantly

  4. Will miss this show.. Will miss BEHIR😫

  5. Will miss this show.. Will miss BEHIR😫😫

  6. Mtlb season 4 bhi aaeyega .. oh god!!! Ekta mam….aap KR Kya rhi ho…wise kuch bhi kaho… matter show kitna bhi boring ho…jb end hota hai toh bura lgta hai…the reunion was so amazing😘😘😘😘😘BeHir rocked….best couple in naagin franchise 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚so adorable. Heaven knows why Vish is shown like that ..I was so happy that thank God…..doosri naagin buri nhi hai like shesha…but they have did it at last. Agle season mein phir see sumitra, shesha, tamsee wapise a jayenge. Mouni use 2 seasons mein na. Maar ski…Bela Kya maaaregi.

    B’s 1 request hai …..don’t remove BeHir. Agla season zaroor bnega. Aur usme see BeHir ko Mt Htana. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏I know KAWACH aaya hai….uske 100 epis.. ke baad phir see naagin aayega….👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏love u miss u BeHir always💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  7. They copied Nazar serial for ending scene Of vish(vishaka)

  8. Today the episode is good and really like Behir’s last scene. The show ended really with a big twist. So sad for missing Behir. Want to see Behir in naagin 4.

  9. i want sanjeeda shaikh as new naagin instead of this surabhi jyoti i don’t want her to be naagin in naagin4 please may sanjeeda shaikh come as naagin role in naagin4

    1. Wow…what a thought🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣woh bilkul vampire lgti hai jb se usse ek haseena thi mein dekha that. Kash ekta mam PKYEK Jaisa show lekr aaein…..mzaa hi aa jayega.. Naagin kuch bhi nhi hai, woh show sb ka baap saabit hoga

      Agar naagin Jaisa naa hua toh😳😳😳😳

    2. Sanjeeda shaikh will do nice at least better than that surabhi Jyoti and chandana she will at least look as a powerful naagin

      1. Yeah sounds good. but what do you think of Jennifer Winget as Naaging? That too in a negative role? The way she did justice to her role as Maya Mehrotra in Beyhadh, it was like phenomenal. I mean i have never seen someone that strong with every role from Sakhi Savetri bahu to a Classy, Stylish, fashion icon and a murdering psychopath. Just a thought an opinion. Let me know what you guys thing

  10. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Till shivangi, ritik, shivanya and rocky was part of episode it was ok… But rest was bakwas vahiyat..

    2. Now I am sure season 4 will be telecasted with Vish negative…. Ekta maam has lost her mind…

    3. If season 4 appears I am sure about 2 things:
    (a) bela will be helpless naagrani
    (b) mouni, adaa, arjun, karan will not be part

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      4. Did anyone realise that s4 is going to be worst that s3…

      5. I was laughing after watching episode due to these reasons😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂 and still can’t control my laughtwr😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁:-
      (a) How come Shivanya came that to so young??
      (b) how shivanya got powers to turn Ritik young, as she turned human in s1..
      (c) did rocky forgot that he was Naag too, as his talk didn’t look like that..
      (d) best comedy was Ritik (arjun), Rocky (karan) were emotional seeing their respective wives Shivanya/shivangi (mouni) that to at same time….

      1. SsiyAa

        yupp i realised…

      2. This is my first comment I just don’t want naagin 4 after seeing vish villanism in the end I hope ekta mam should stop writing naagin series this time bakwas ending upto mouniroy leaving it was ok after that it’s all waste atleast they should not show vish as villan

      3. @Shraddha..

        Actually it wasnt Shivanya… It was her soul who came from heaven to receive Ritik. By Shivanya’s touh Ritik died and his soul turned young and both the lovers left for heaven in short it was their soul reunion.

        I know its crappy to understand but this is what i feel

  11. The last scene of Vish is just a cheap trick, nothing else. I am sure, next season after running and empty dialogues of 10 months, they will show this was not Vish but Sesha again talking to herself like an idiot. Or some equally stupid nonsense. Bye bye Naagin. I hope Ekta goes bankrupt one day. She has earned too much from stupid stories and beating her audience on the head with a thick dumbass stick

    1. completely agree to ya Dhara. I was so thankful k they kept vish n bela as sisters friends till end. But these stupid makers simply ruined it. Vish (Anita Hassandani) though was a supporting actress but she did justice to her role and I found her more appealing as naagin than surbhi. From her first appearance in the show in first episode as Vish Khanna the investor till the end, she was amazing. I really really liked the Vish-bela bonding and Vish-Vikrant-Bela-Mahir friends like family kinda thiingy but these cheap makers simply ruined it in the last scene while showing vish as negative. Disgusting. Now i can only hope k yeh bhi Sheesha key koi planning ho and these b*t*hy makers keep Vish(anita)’s role as positive.

  12. Anyway it was a nice ending. We weren’t left unanswered about the ending . We clearly understood the theme of naagin 4. Thnx to ekta mam for making a clear ending such that we can sleep well today. On the eve of naagin 2 grand finale I didnt sleep due to so many questions.

  13. Behir was good more than thIs show. Thanks to mouni roy , arjun, karanveer& ada for their excellent performance. They are the real nagmani of the show making it top in TRP. I hope show makers will ( should) clarify the mistakes happened (by chance) in nagin 4.

    1. I dont know why I am a little bit sad. OH NO NaAGIN 3 IS OVER!!!! Waiting eagerly
      ( no other way ) for naagin 4.

  14. Yar while watching the whole finale i was like What the hell! How yamini is still alive after being killed twice no explanation and shesha as two headed snake and tow separate persons seriously kuch bhy khin bhy…. Yar why cant ikta kapoor end the show on happy note. Why iy is always necessary to convert a gud chracter into evil? Very disappointing

  15. Where was that old man ? He could have come earlier and given that trishul. He is the reason for time lagging of this show

  16. I didn’t actually understand that story of samudra clearly. Can anyone please explain it clearly?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Its famous story, they used the concept… The actual story is about amrit and how Lord Shiv became Neelkanth….
      Devtas and Danav had finght during that they found a jar on bank of ocean, and with help of Naag they churned that Jar using Naag body and tail.. But the trick was before having amrit the person have to drink its poision which was drank by Lord Shiv, but it was so poisious that he stoped that poision on his neck that why he is called neelkanth.. Now when turn was to drink amrit lord vishnu tricked danavs by diverting their mind, brains, heart and amrit was drank by devtas… But the famous Raahu, Ketu too had 2-3 drops of it, in another fight Raahu and Ketu had fight with Devtas (which is different story) but after fight they were sepreated but never died as had drank amrit… Now because this serial is based on naag and naagin, so they used this concept of Naag who was used for churning to create artifical story…

  17. My comment is gonna bit longer today due to my frustration😓.
    OMG Ekta has lost all her creativity. First she copied Nazar with two headed naagin in this season and then she is now making herself like MTV cuz in MTV when Roadies ends new season of Splitsvilla starts and vice versa. Now she is doing same although Kawachch was a crap still she had telecast Kawachch again with a whole new story (I haven’t watched the season 1 but with cast I m assuming it to be true).
    When she ended Nagini season 1 she decided to have season 2 without thinking of story and aired the promo as and when finished with season 1. The story was interesting in starting but as when storyline proceeds it became crap, like they introduced an owl then they showed Shesha as 108 or 118 years old Naagin and still I am unable to figure it out like how? She was shown around 25 years old in season 1 (equal to Shivanya’s age) and all of sudden after 25 years she was 108 or 118 years old WOW. And in the very first episode Ekta killed season 1’s boon due to which ritik survived every deadly attack that was “SADA SUHAGAN RAHO”. And in final or last episode they proved that boon came out to be true shivanya was suhagan when she died.
    Now let’s come to this season they didn’t even touched on why Rocky killed Shivangi and again she copied it from Bahubali 1’s ending. Then she showed all new story which was also interesting till the time Vishakha was positive as and when she was shown as a negative character the story was whole shit nothing and then do introducing Sumitra as Purple Nagin was again a repeat of Brahmarakshas in she was shown evil, then introducing Huzur and Hukum and Andhaka. Actually when tamsee was a child she was Andhaka but when she grew up she lost her powers and Bela killed her with one move GREAT.
    EKTA OR HER CREATIVE TEAM SHOULD GET “EKEESH TOPPO KI SALAMI” FOR SUCH A SHITTY STORYLINE. Not at all interested in Nagin season 4 and really depressed after watching this season cuz she killed even season 1 & 2 (Season 1 was the best).

  18. Can’t understand one thing how does her shows gets so high TRPs. If someone has even a micro idea of it then do reply. I really wanna know how does TRPs are counted 🤔.

    1. ruhi trps are mere a number its just the fan following of the stars i guess who keep the viewers synchronized day by day

  19. Is naagin 4 promo fan made?

    1. definately not sooner ekta will bring nagin ka palatwar # in english lunar horizon :)))- # rumours around that jennifer winget approached for the part 4 along with pooja sharma

      1. SsiyAa

        kuch bhi!!!.. apne mann se kuch bhi likhna hai!!!…. noone is approached for naagin4 till now… and promo shows it’s surbhi and by ending we know villian is anita…. that’s the news for only now…

      2. I wish.. really wanted to see jennifer as naagin after Mouni. But i think the way ekta ruins the storyline n plot all good actors n actresses should stay away from it. Super disappointment with season-3

  20. Pavan542002

    Do anyone estimated the age of rithik in S1 he was aroung 25 and the story may be of 1 year then after 2 months shivangi was born and after 23 yrs she turned into naagin then after 2 years of crap story the show ended by mystery. Then after 100 years the story of other naagin is shown and this was around 26 years then bela dies and after 25 years return back so now totally rithik is 202 years old😂😂😂 wow a human was alive for 200 years and he is not a naag also even yamini much older than him . Makers cant think that rocky is a powerful naag and he cant rescue rithik and get out of taikana

    Only best season was S1 best pair was rithik and shivanya and only season with meaningful story and best finale with crct logic was of S1

    1. Shivangi’s murder and Vikrant and Ruhi’s story happened at same time. So,Rithik’s age is approx. 75 to 80. (Season-1 25 yrs, Season-2- 24 yrs leap. Season-3 – 27 yrs leap {6 month + 6 month + 2 year 9 months +24 years 9 months}). Roohi mentioned in one episode that Takshak Naags are turned into humans.
      But Yamini’s age is approximately 105 haha.
      One more thing, Adi is the main murderer who was not killed. Who is that Mahir’s brother? Very ridiculous that Hukum killed Huzoor and Tamsee killed Hukum though only Bela was given the boon to kill them.

    2. Completely agreeing to you.1st seaaon was just amazing with rithvik and shivanya and was really exellent storyline.
      Even though I like behir the story of season 2 n 3 was crap..

  21. Y vish became neagitive vish dont have
    2 heads until now but i become too useless serial these days but always top in trp
    I cant understand that if the rithick and rowky were kept in a sellar then y the rowky look and ready like he going to some party

  22. The final episode was nice rithick and shivanya are united,Rockey and sivangi are united,Mahir and bela also united.
    So the final was realy nice.

  23. This is my first comment I just don’t want naagin 4 again I think ekta mam should stop writing naagin series after seeing vish as villan bakwas ending

  24. I will really miss them 😢 pls I want nagin 4plss
    I don’t know who will be the actors but I want Pearl in nagin 4
    This naagin 3 was really amazing than naagin 1&2.i will really miss Pearl and surbhi

  25. ShraddhaSharma392

    I don’t know about others but my main motive was to see ritik, shivangi/shivanya and rocky in episode and too get the answer why Rocky stabbed Shivangi on ritik saying, which 3rd season showed even writers were unclear what to show, so they showed that it was Shesha plan: in short spoiling end, as I think writers and producers were never wanted to answer this, but I think due to viewers they showed anything which was more stupid than s1 or s2 end….
    And I don’t think i am going to follow this Naagin series any more….

    1. I don’t know Hindi. Can you say what was said in naagin 4 promo ?

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        naagin 4 promo is not out, but as in end they showed Vish want Naagmani that is turning her evil, all viewers are just talking about s4 as they showed incomplete ending, and after s1 writers showed inomplete ending which they link in s2, same as they ended s2 with ques why ritik and rocky killed shivangi which was answered improperly in s3, same they showed s3 ending incomplete by turning Vish evil so we all are thinking which will be continued in s4…

      2. SsiyAa

        no shraddha.. it’s not like that.. on tv they showed a poster slow motion kinda teaser.. a lady wrapped with naagin in white salwar same like bela’s naagin dress from back.. written below naagin season 4 coming soon… no more detail was mentioned in poster neither vish was shown..nothing simply a lady from back.. from that poster i predicted it’s surbhi again… rest is in ekta’s hand.. but by that poster promo it’s confirm abou s4

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      If ekta maam is planning s4 which she will plan as s3 ending was incomplete, i believe no one can be more stupid than her… And for sure whom so ever will be part of s4 firstly I shall not follow it and secondly definately mouni, arjun and karan will not be part of it as it showed their journey is ended with uniting with their respective love….

  26. Mujhe laga ki last episode me kuch bada secret khulega par aisa kuch nahi hua ulta vishakha ko bhi villain bana diya. But ok it’s allright hum jante hai ki iss show ko banane me bohut mehnat lagi hai. Anyway Ekta mam please nagin 4 ko intersting banana taki dekhane wale bore na ho aur lage ki serial nagin ka charm wapis aa gaya. Wish you all the best to you for nagin 4.

  27. Nagin season 1 is fabulous season of nagin serias. I love rivanya and behir for their on screen chemistri. I hope that Ekta mam and her team will create a intersting plot for nagin 4. Best wishes for all of you. Let’s see who will be television’s next nagin.

  28. Nagin season 1 is fabulous season of nagin serias. I love rivanya and behir for their on screen chemistri. I hope that Ekta mam and her team will create a intersting plot for nagin 4. Best wishes for all of you. Let’s see who will be television’s next nagin.

  29. I’M totally confused naagin 3 final episode , how yammini, shesha come again there are already died. how could possible, and i have one more doubt how bela was pregnant ? in season 1 when a man and naagin consummates the naagin will lose her power but season 3 they didn’t show like that . and another doubt naagin 4 will come are not ? because end of the show you’re showing vish is behaving like a villan role that’s why i’m asking please reply my qustions . i’m from tamilnadu the problem is i don”t hindi, but i like to watch naagin serials. i watched season 1,2 and 3 fully in hindi. i understood thestory. so i’m waiting for ur reply me . as soon as

    1. SsiyAa

      my advice don’t search logic in it.. it was senseless and made with absent mind… they showed a small few second of teaser promo of naagin 4 in advertise on tv.. so this tells naagin 4 will come.. for rest read my above comments you will get answer… in last episode suddenly bela says in her last birth she got intimate with human (mahir) therefore she is cursed for that breaking rules… to break that curse she wanted mihir/mahir to marry her this night as it is a night of forgiveness according to this, today night she can do do anything with human (marriage’ consummate etc) and she will be forgiven.. 😓 😩 😫… as per the last track… and it’s ekta any character can die or become alive as per her wish she need no reason…

    2. Rocky and Shivangi killed Takshika by taking Ardhanaareshwar Avatar and not Shesha. They cut Shesha into two and she fell down. Neither she become invisible nor burnt. So, there is possibility to return with two heads (as they cut into two).
      No idea is about Yamini’s return ( maybe someone use that mani and give her life, just imagine)

  30. so vish is vasuki vamsh naag who need amrit . waiting for n4. With a good plot with bella. Will miss n3

  31. Plz don’t search logic….
    Sesha, sumitra, tamse will return to nagin4
    But what about yamini she is human and ritik mother she is younger than ritik in n3 🤔😱🤣😂
    Surely she will also return to naagin 4 😂🤣😂

    1. Is that third statue Taamsee ? I thought that statue is Yamini.

  32. but i have a doubt. Why ekta made vish it can be anyone else also in negative? rivanya and behir were the best jodies in these seasons

  33. ShraddhaSharma392

    Still viewers are commenting, and till now including mine this one 60th comment, which I believe this much comment was not recieved by s3 till now… 😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😀😁😂😁😀

  34. can anyone clear my doubts of naagin1 ,2 and 3?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      U can ask doubts which shall be cleared for s1 and s2 if they had logic questions, but for s3 definately keep your doubts and logics aside as this season was storyless, senseless, illogical story, high on stupidity….

      1. yes in first season i m having doubts : first episode we saw at first scene rhitik saw a dream in which a golden naagin used to come an that is shivanya not sesha so why sesha used to come in his dreams why not shivanya because it was all about shivanya’s revenge not sesha so why sesha used to come in his dreams. second doubt is viren was rhitik’s cousin and one of the shivanya’s parents murderers but how is it possible that time rhitik was only 5 years then how is it possible that viren killed shivanya’s parents i mean he looks as young as rhitik so his age must be same as rhitik or else 2 or 3 years difference may be there but how is it possible that he is one of the killer ya he misbehaved with shivanya that is different think but how can he be involved in shivanya’s parents murder 20 years back because he must be small like rhitik so how is it possible. season1 sesha told after 100 years of tapasya she became ichadhari naagin but how is it possible if her age was 100 years then how is it possible when shivanya was child sesha too was also a child her age shoud be same as shivanya and shivanya got ichadhari powers because of her parents were ichadhari too but how is it possible that a 100 years old nagin sesha was just a child like shivanya ? these are my doubts in season1

      2. and now coming to season2 i m having some doubts:
        1.firstly in season2 begining episode it was shown that rhitik and shivanya were running from somebody in forest there were some people who were behind them before the birth of shivangi from why they were running like that and where were there family people i mean rhitik’s cousin brother angad,sisters amrita and divya where were they that time.? my another doubt is in season 1 finale it was clearly stated that till 25 years sesha avantika they cannot cross that mahishmati wall to get back naagmani but before that mahishmati war shivanya killed yamini as goddess kali then how is it possible that in season 2 before 25 years sesha and avantika came outside the mahismati wall and came near yamini’s deadbody and gave her life back how is it possible third doubt is yamini was shivanya’s mother in law and shivangi’s grand mother then how is it possible that yamini is that much young even after 25 years of leap in season2 fourth doubt is what is ruchika’s(sesha’s) age i mean how can she be 119 years old naagin because in season1 she was 100 years old naagin and in season 2 there was 25 years of leap then how can she be 119 years her age should be 125 years na. fifth doubt is that shivangi was shivanya’s daughter an ichadhari naagin’s daughter so she became ichadhari naagin but rocky he was a human’s son they how can he be takshak naagraj basically how can he be a naag. another doubt is there were 8 murderers of shivanya yamini,sesha,manav,amar,vikram,avantika,kapalika and nidhi it was showed that some one wore dress like rocky and killed shivanya and the same person attacked shivangi too during karwachauth to kill her but that time it was shown that when shivangi that killer and rocky were in temple that time nidhi was in home with her husband manav she was celebrating karwachauth and breaking her fast then how is it possible that shivanya’s 8th murderer was nidhi? another doubt is when shivangi and rocky were taking rhitik’s revenge that time they got one photograph in which there were 2 snakes just looking like rocky and shivangi who were they ?
        8.and where were rocky’s family members i mean his mansi bua,his cousin roumel,tanvi,and aliya etc?
        is it possible

      3. now coming to season3 i m having some doubts:
        1.when vikrant was dead how he came back to life and when vikrant killed vishakha by giving her poison then how she also came back to life ? sesha and yamini also was alive and how is yamini that much young as she was before in season1 n 2? can sesha be a kusarp vansh naagrani because in season1 she was sesh vansh naagin like shivanya and in season2 also she was sesh vansh nagin like shivangi after that she did one special puja of shivji and got lots of more special powers and then shivangi made her stone and after 45 days again rocky turned her back to life and she killed takshak naagrani takshika and she became takshika that time she became takshak vansh naagrani then in season3 how is it possible that she is kusarp vansh naagrani? another doubt is who are mahir’s real parents lot of times sumitra said that mahir is not her son then who r his parents?
        5.who was that masked woman in season3 who first stole naagmani from shiv temple ? can shivangi be mahanaagrani as she was only an ichadhari naagin like her mother shivanya in season2 and rocky he was just a human then suddenly he became naag and then naagraj but in season3 how can he be a normal human without any powers?
        7.who was that huzoor who came back as ruhi what did she want from bella why she took
        bella old form(ruhi) form and who was actually what was her real form?
        8.and last but not the least if vishakha was kusarp and she too wanted naagmani then why she didn’t supported to bella’s enemies and why she took bella’s side?
        9.and at last in season 2 naagmani was with sesha who killed shivangi as rocky and rhitik so how is it possible that in season3 that naagmani again came back to sesh vansh before it was again stolen by that masked lady?

  35. ShraddhaSharma392

    If ekta maam is planning s4 which she will plan as s3 ending was incomplete, i believe no one can be more stupid than her… And for sure whom so ever will be part of s4 firstly I shall not follow it and secondly definately mouni, arjun and karan will not be part of it as it showed their journey is ended with uniting with their respective love….

    1. SsiyAa

      that teaser promo is available on colors tv promo youtube channel… well it’s a waste but kinda hint by ekta about coming s4… even if she brings everything should be new with new perception, cast, story making more sense… but i feel it won’t happen… the comment section tells viewers still want surbhi… most want surbhi pearl again… which i’m not in support…

  36. Rubbish!!! I’m so disappointed with the ending i expected something epic…. total bullshit won’t even bother watching season 4.Even though it’s just a show,so many things did not add up

  37. @mahirakhan… As the number of seasons increased the plotholes and logic gaps also increased. Season one was the most logical one. If we have to explain ritthik dreams it can be said that both naagins, shivanya and sesha, were coming there for revenge. Yes shivanya’s parents were killed. But they were also sesha’s uncle and aunt. Sesha vowed to take revenge alongwith shivanya. In fact sesha was always more viscious and revenge minded than shivanya. Ritthik, being a suryavanshi prince, was always more connected to naagmani and naagins. He could also always sense when shivanya was in danger from some evil power. Maybe thats why he saw both of them in his dreams but in different forms.
    As for different character’s ages, it is better not to question as the show was never consistent with aging the characters appropriately looks wise. In the second season old shivanya had more white hairs than yamini. Sesha can nver be 119yrs old. The makers just didn’t bother with keeping their ages consistent.
    As for season 2 and 3, i wont answer because it is useless to try. Season 2 in itself could hv been consistent but they didnot complete it properly and left many things unanswered for later. Then when the answers came in the last two episodes of season 3, it was beyond ridiculous and made no sense. Even vikrant at first was supposed to be takshak vansh naag but later he became nilodh vansh or something. The writers just made no effort. Characters vanished or died juat like that. Who is whose son, who is hukum, what is anyone’s age or clan… Nothing has any answer because the writers themselves dont know. They just wrote any nonsense and did not even bother to check if it was consistent with the last episode even. When i rewatch naagin i just stop at season one and thats it.

  38. SsiyAa

    for everyone naagin s3 roast must watch

  39. SsiyAa

    😜 😝😜 😝😜 😝😜 😝😜 😝 i feel it could have been more better roast he didn’t watched all episodes… i have more points to make this roast more hilarious… i found it youtube and was happy atleast someone feels same like us 😜 😝😜 😝

  40. ShraddhaSharma392

    First of all Sorry @Mahirakhan, I was little busy, so wasn’t able to ans your queries… Secondly I have answered your same confusion on 18 may as well, but might be you were busy that time, so haven’t read which is not a problem… Now here is answer to your questions:-

    1. It was shown as to create cruosity and so that no-one doubt Shivanya when she enter..

    2. I got to understand that when Yamini flashback was shown how she is 5th murder and held her brother capative that I saw Viren, shailesh, akhilesh as servents, so too cook story they showed all this, i mean they showed all in different characters…

    3. Shesha’s parents was naag and naagin but due to some reason they were bann from their clan, and shivanya told that if they want to become naag or naagin, they need to do pray for 100 yrs but if their parents are naag and naagin that child is automatic become naag and naagin without 100 yrs prayer..

    4. May be they asked for raise in their pay so their role was ended..

    5. They were escaping from s2 villian helpers who were behind shivanya for naagmani.. They showed ritik dead but never shown his body and face when his body was reached at shelter..

    6. Due to make up artist…

    7. Shesha was never shown 100 yr old naagin, she was blessed with naagin powers due to her parents.. And rest was calculation and maths mistake..
    8. Rockey real mother was naagin of takshak clan, she was used for getting naagmani..

    9. It was them only, they showed when they killed shesha..

    10. We all waiting for this ans only, may be we get to know in today’s episode..

    And for your ques for s3, this s3 was senseless, storyless, scriptless and pathless tha, so don’t try to find ans, you will go mad as this s3 is full on confusion only….

    I have tried my best to ans ur ques …

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