You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s love (Pagal Nilavu serial) Season 1 Episode 4

You Are Always Mine!

Season 1 Episode 4


Scene 1 :

RECAP : Rethik at Starbucks , talking about their interests.

Revathi Jr. : How’s the coffee?

Karthik : Well and good. Shall we buy some other food for takeaway?

Revathi Jr. : No, Revathi is already filled with food. My stomach will burst.

Karthik laughs and says : Okay, let’s leave.

(They leave Starbucks)

Rethik walking on the streets. A man follows them.

Revathi Jr. turns back and gets scared.

Karthik : What happened Rev?

Revathi Jr. : I think there’s someone following us.

Karthik : I don’t see anyone. Let’s go.

The man aims a rifle at far point and shoots Revathi Jr.

Karthik gets shocked!

Karthik : Hey Rev! Wake up! What happened to you?

He then sees blood on Revathi Jr.’s dress and cries heavily.
Karthik sees the man and shouts for him to stop. But the man runs away…

Karthik rushes Revathi Jr. to the nearby hospital. He then calls Raja and others and tells the incident.

Scene 2 :

Revathi Sr. : I don’t know whether Karthik met Revathi. I tried calling him, but he didn’t turn up.

Azhagar : He may be busy with his projects, don’t worry Akka. I think he’ll call you back after sometime.

Revathi Sr. gets a call from Karthik and picks up the phone.

Revathi Sr. : Hi Karthik! After a long time I’m talking to you… You aren’t busy right?

Karthik cries heavily and says ma…..

Revathi Sr. panics and says : What happened? Why are you crying?

Azhagar asks her to put the phone on speaker. She does so.

Karthik : My friend met with an accident. Someone shot her. I think she’s critical.

Azhagar and Revathi Sr. get shocked.

Azhagar : When did this happen Karthik ?

Karthik : This morning, uncle.

Revathi Sr. and Azhagar console Karthik and ask him not to worry, as she will get well soon. They ask him to have hope.

Karthik : I’m sure your and my prayers will be answered.

Azhagar : Okay dear, have something refreshing..don’t get tensed…. Pray that she will be fine.

Karthik : Thanks uncle. Love you and Mom.
(They end call)

Revathi Sr. and Azhagar worry for the girl.

Scene 3 :
Raja, Ravi and Anu come. Karthik cries and hugs Ravi.. Ravi consoles him…

Karthik : I won’t leave the person who tried to harm Revathi.

Ravi : No Karthik. You focus on Revathi,she needs you, we will find the man. Give me the details of the accident.

Karthik tells all the details.

Raja consoles Anu…

After checking up Revathi Jr., the doctor comes out.

Karthik panics and says : Doctor, how is Revathi now?

Doctor : Not critical, but it takes 1 day for her to gain consciousness.

Karthik (panics) : Doctor, please save my Revathi, she’s not my friend, but my life. I’m dead without her. I love her so much. Please save her as soon as possible.

Doctor : Don’t worry, she will be alright as soon as possible. Your love for her will make her gain consciousness. Have hope…

Karthik : Thank you so much doctor.

His friends get happy in the meantime as Karthik has finally realised his love for Revathi Jr.

Raja hugs Karthik, and says : This is the day we were waiting. I’m happy for you and Revathi! Bad times give some good things also… After she gains consciousness and returns home, you will confess your love for her.

Karthik nods and thinks : I love you Revathi, when you were with me, I didn’t realise, but when you are away from me, I realise that how important you are in my life. I love you so much Rev, please open your eyes. I want to see you here atleast once.

Scene 4 :
After 1 day, Karthik goes to see Revathi Jr. in hospital.

Doctor : Welcome! As I promised, Revathi gained consciousness. You can go and see her.

Karthik gets happy and thanks the doctor.

Anu : So, finally your lady love survived! Go and talk to her. I just now saw her and talked.

Karthik : No, you guys go, I will talk to her later.

His friends tease him.

Karthik goes to Revathi Jr. and holds her hand.

Revathi Jr. wakes up and gets shocked seeing him hold her hand.

Revathi Jr. : Karthik, you here?

Karthik : I’m so sorry Revathi, you’re here because of me. Just punish me.

Revathi Jr. : No, it’s not your mistake, it’s a coincidence, anything can happen anytime. So don’t blame yourself.

Karthik nods and gets tears in his eyes.

Karthik : Actually I wanted to say you something…that is……..

Karthik’s friends come and see Revathi Jr.


Next episode promo : Revathi Jr. learns from Anu that Karthik loves her. She denies the proposal. She tries calling Karthik. Someone strange knocks her house door. She opens the door.


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