Kawach 26th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sandhya accepts Angad’s marriage proposal, Witch haunts Sandhya

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The Episode starts with Sandhya gets evil spirit asking her to give mangalsutra. She sees the spirit scaring her and closes her eyes. She then gets up from the bed and thinks why that witch is asking me to give mangalsutra, I left it there. She sees her handbag shaking and finds mangalsutra in it. She gets shocked and thinks how did it come in her bag. She feels suffocated and sees witch holding her neck in the mirror. She brushes off her hand and the witch disappears. Sandhya looks at the mangalsutra and cries. The black butterfly flies on the mangalsutra and then sits on it.

Usha and Vinay are leaving for Mumbai. Madhuri asks them not to trouble their parents. Suman says we will miss you Dadi. Madhuri asks Vinay to stay for more days. Vinay says I have work, Sandhya has a job and others kids have

college and school. He asks where are Ranjana and Sandhya. Ranjana stares at the mangalsultra and says no bhoot is coming. She tells that she will take the mangalsutra and will throw in the river on the way. She keeps in her purse. Sandhya tries to stop her and asks her to take the mangalsutra out. Ranjana asks her not to worry. She asks Sandhya to give her message to Archana that she has to pack her bags to leave for the US. Sandhya asks her to go safely. Ranjana leaves in the day time and is still in the cab when it gets dark. She takes off the mangalsutra and thinks what to do with it. The spirit is sitting on the car roof.

Sandhya comes to attend Archana’s engagement. Some boys are running and one of them collide with Angad. Sandhya apologizes to Angad on the boy’s behalf. Angad looks at her and is mesmerized by her beauty. Mahi main….song plays…She says this is my younger brother Mogli. Angad says his 100 mistakes are forbidden. He says I thought I am also scared of you. Sandhya excuses herself and comes to Archana and compliments her beauty. Archana asks her to marry Angad and then their jobs will be secured. She says even your Jodi is good. Sandhya says she will call Ranjana and goes. Ranjana looks at the mangalsutra and says design is old but unique. She looks at the mangalsutra when the evil spirit scares her. Ranjana sees the spirit behind her. She gets shocked. Soon the spirit vanishes. Ranjana thinks she is still under bhang effect and throws the mangalsutra in the dustbin.

Karthik, Ankit and Akhil ask Sandhya to agree to marry Angad. They introduce themselves and tell about him. Angad says they know much about me. Sandhya says yes sir. He asks her to call Angad. Sandhya says few relations don’t change and says you will be my boss. Angad asks her to agree to dance competition and says if he wins then she will not call him Sir. He asks if she is scared. She says she is a trained dancer. He says wanted he decides, he do. She agrees. Ranjana is taking a bath in the bathroom when the spirit appears in front of her. Ranjana gets scared and runs out of the bathroom and thinks to call Sandhya. The evil spirit is after her asking her to return her mangalsutra. Ranjana runs to another room and locks herself. She sees the evil spirit hanging and jumping on her. Ranjana shouts….

Angad and Sandhya dance on the song hello hello…Angad falls down while dancing and makes her win. She says this is cheating. He winks her eye and pulls her closer. Sandhya says everyone is waiting and gets away from him. Angad tells her that he has hidden his love since over 2 years and says when she came to his office for the first time, he was having just computer and says you have messed up all my routines. He says he used to rush to the office to meet her. He says I want to meet you when you are with me. Vinay and Usha look at them. Angad bends down on his knees and asks Sandhya will you marry me? Sandhya thinks of seeing her would-be groom’s face. She says I have to talk to my parents. Angad says he will talk to them right here. He goes to Vinay and Usha and says he is her boss and knows her behavior and also knows how to handle her. He says his tests are clear and tells that even they can have an argument, but he will bend down in front of her, I will not stop her from crying, as toxins get cleared, but will make her smile faster. He says my parents will say that I am perfect, but I have many imperfections. He says he learns from his mistakes and never repeat it. He asks them, can I marry your daughter in their language. Vinay says we are simple people, and asks him to give them some time to think about his proposal. Angad says ok, as you think right. Usha tells that your Aai says that Sandhya is shiv vardani, and says if this relation was bad for her then something would have happened.

Just then short circuit happens and catches in the wires on the ceiling. Angad is leaving and stops seeing the fire. The fire catches very fast. Sandhya calls Akhil. Angad comes to Sandhya. Sandhya asks him to save his Aai. Angad takes Sandhya’s family out and asks them to go. Sandhya is stuck inside. Vinay asks him to save Sandhya. Angad says I will save her. Sandhya is on the floor, the chandelier is about to fall when her would be husband comes there and lifts her in his arms. He takes her outside. Sandhya says you. Later, Sandhya gains consciousness and asks her baba where is he? Vinay thinks she is talking about Angad and says he went to drop the doctor. Sandhya says I will go and meet him. She runs out thinking how he saved her and smiles thinking he is standing there, but he is Angad and not her would be husband. He asks how are you feeling now. Sandhya asks where is that person who saved me? Angad says I thought you are finally looking for me. Vinay comes out and asks what happened? Sandhya says where was that man who saved me? Vinay says you shall thank Angad as he is here since that incident happened. He says they will go home. Angad tells her that he is her sir and will join the gym and learn judo, karate, etc and says we can’t call Mr. Gayab if something happens again and says I want to save you always and not someone else. She is walking away when Angad holds her dupatta and says I hope that person didn’t replace me in your life. Sandhya thinks of him. Vinay says we are leaving. The witch appears there.

Next day, in the office, Sandhya asks Archana if she knows who saved her. Archana says no and says if she is going to say yes or no. Sandhya says don’t know if he is destined for me. They hear colleague arguing. Monika and Ronnie argue over the clients. Sandhya tries to stop their fight. Ronnie tells her that she has wooed boss with her latke jhatke and says office romance doesn’t stay for long and says boss will leave you soon. He says I will not make you my shoe also. Sandhya is shocked and cries. Angad comes there, slaps him and fires him from the job. Sandhya tells Angad that everyone is thinking the same and says she has shame and self-respect, she can’t work in this office anymore and will email her resignation. She walks out of the office.

Angad tells his family that Sandhya got angry and left the job. His mother tells that Jolly knows her dad and she has self-respect. He says if she doesn’t love you then she would have left the job when you proposed her. She says she has a liking for you. They ask him to call her.

Sandhya comes to Usha’s beauty parlor and tells that she has left the job. Usha tells that Angad is a good guy and his love is truthful. The ladies in the parlor tells her that Angad is a good guy and handsome also. Sandhya says the thing is if he is destined for me or not. Usha asks him not to take out someone else anger on him. He messages her asking her to come to coffee. Usha asks her to go. Sandhya goes to the restaurant and sees many girls surrounding Angad. Angad flirts with them. The girls ask him to show his body. He says the idea is good and asks them to help him. Sandhya comes in front of him. Angad asks the girls to meet Sandhya. He flirts with the girls and says all names are the same. Sandhya asks the girls to be in their limits and become of one and not attack one man altogether. She asks them to show their hands to some astrologer. Angad asks what happened? Sandhya asks if he will flirt with girls as she refused. Angad says you are jealous and says your eyes are showing. Sandhya asks him to fire those sight. He says you are jealous. She says yes. Oh Mahi…song plays…..They look at each other. He says until I was single, you rejected me, left office, job and me. He says when you saw me with many girls, you got much jealous and anger, I think this is love Sandhya Patwardhan. Sandhya says I don’t know. He asks her to tell truth and says you love me naa. Sandhya says no. She asks him to leave her hand. He says when did you give me a chance to hold your hand. Sandhya looks at her hand. He proposes her again and says this is my second proposal to you. He says you will not get such guy. Sandhya recalls her father asking her not to remember that guy, she has seen in the temple. She hugs Angad happily. Angad smiles. Mahi song plays…..

Later, Sandhya is getting ready for her engagement. Mogli tells everyone that jiju’s family came. Angad and his family come to Patwardhan’s house. Angad’s Chacha hugs Vinay and says we met after a long time. He introduces the Jindal family. Vinay greets them and asks to come inside. They come inside. Sandhya and Angad look at each other. Angad says engagement /Roka shall happen fast, else if Sandhya changes her mind then Jindal will be single. Jolly phupha and Kiran bua gift her something. The evil spirit enters Sandhya’s house. The lemon and chilli hanging outside the house get burnt. Sandhya sees the evil spirit walking behind the guests. She looks at the gift and finds that the gift is the same mangalsutra. Sandhya thinks how did it come here and then the blood drop falls on her hand. Sandhya looks up and sees the witch hanging with her head down. She shouts. Everyone gets worried for her. Sandhya tells her father about seeing the witch and tells about the mangalsutra. Vinay takes it in his hand and says nothing happened. He says Ranjana went to America taking it. He asks Sandhya not to tell anyone. He goes down and tells that Sandhya had a bad backache pain. Jolly says he thought she saw the ghost. Vinay gets tensed. Sandhya holds the mangalsutra and hears the witch voice. She stares at the mangalsutra.

Precap: Sandhya asks Angad not to stare her and says what others will say. Angad says they will say that we are getting married. She meets the guy whom she has seen in the temple. He tells that if destiny wants someone to meet then it drags that person to meet the other. Sandhya asks did we meet before. Angad calls off the rasam. The guy says we met in the engagement function, ring ceremony. Sandhya is shocked. Later, Sandhya sees the witch and runs faster.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The mangalsutra concept is just like in our Telugu movie Kanchana2
    Nice episode but ektha serial we don’t trust her kuch bhi ho saktha hai…..

    1. not telugu movie kanchana is tamil movie

    2. Exactly, I thought they copied

  2. SsiyAa

    deepika and namik are making good pair.. and acting well.. since it’s ekta’s show not expecting anything

  3. I agree with you Praveena the mangalsutra scene did remind of Kanchana. Glad to know someone had thought in that direction.
    Even Akshay Kumar is coming with the Hindi version of that film, maybe that’s what had driven Ekta Kapoor to make a serial based on that concept. I just hope she doesn’t ruin it by dragging excessively and adding tons of unwanted drama.
    These couple of episodes kept me hooked up to the seat, let’s see what happens later.

  4. So far so good….but as Anaya said too much drama will ruin the show….the first two episodes have captured our interest with its interesting storyline and some adorable chemistry between the leads,Deepika and Namik…hope it will continue on the same lines… ofcourse the entry of Vin Rana will certainly spoil this love story but It would be interesting to see who would marry Sandhya….Angad or the other guy whose face she sees in the temple on that fateful night…..and Ranjana….hope the scary spirit has left the stubborn girl in peace after giving some lessons on horror..

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