Lajwanti 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jamaal’s Kabila
as lajo lies uncomnscious, jamaal asks nooran to wake her up, while she begs him, to let lajo go, and make her his wife, and she shall do everything to sire him a child, and she shall always be devoutly worshipping him. He utters talaak twice and asks if she wants it uttered the third time around. Nooran is aghast and begs him not to, as she would comply to whatever he wants, and then gets to waking her up by the maid, but he says that she shall do it herself, as she shall be her special bandi from now on. nooran is aghast, but he says that she served her, and now its time for nooran to reciprocate too. she resignedly complies. he leaves smirking. nooran wakes up lajo, splashing water on her face. lajo eyes apalled. They then bring lajo back to the altar, and make her sit opposite jamaal. Jamaal asks the priest to begin. He says that he doesnt like whats going on and asks lajo, if someone is forcing her to do so. she eyes the priest and then jamaal helplessly and denies. Jamaal smirks. Noor is tensed. the priest asks jamaal and complies to the marriage. Then he asks aisha aka Lajo if she too complies marriage to jamaal. Noor is unable to bear this and starts praying, and eyes the moon outside, and is very happy, and shows the Ramzaan’s moon to the priest. he rushes out and sees, along with Jamaal. the priest says that Ramzaan has started, and now for the next one month, being a true muslim, he shall have to wait for the marriage. he frustratedly eyes lajo. Nooris relieved. lajo thanks the moon for having saved her life, from this evil soul, and bringing brightness in her life once again. She too prays to the moon. the priest tells jamaal, that he can see helplessness and not compliance on lajo’s face and hence even the lord didnt want this marriage. He eyes lajo and then picks her up, and says that he wont wait till Ramzaan to end, and then tells her that to consummate her relation with him, he doesnt need the marriage. He forcibly takes her from there. Nooran rushes to the priest to beg him to do something about this.

Scene 2:
Location: Rented place, Amritsar
Gunwanti is washing off sunder’s hand, and the Baraatiji tattoo appears again. He is suprised, thinking that it didnt erase. She is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Jamaal’s Kabila
In their room, he throws lajo on the bed. He says that marriage shall keep happening, whenever it has to, but not noone can save her, from him. He clutches at her hair, and says that she shall be his fareb Jaan for a month, till he marries her, and makes her Aisha begum. She asks what kind of muslim is he, as this is the month of religion, devout following, and asks if he doesnt know, that if he sins in thismonth, he shall never get heaven. he caresses and nudges his nose against her cheek, saying that he cant wait any longer to make her his. She begs to be left, while he tries to force himself on her, and consummate their affair. From outside, the priest hollers that he cant do this, at all, howsoever high he might be in the society. he says that this shall be illegitimate, and what he is trying to do is illegal, and if he as much as tries to force himself on aisha, then he shall have to complain to the mosque. jamaal comes out, and asks him not to interefer in his personal matters. the priest says that they are men of the lord, and above his law and rules. he says that he had a doubt, that he is forcing himself on her. jamaal turns back to lajo, and asks if he did anything like that. lajo eyes them haplessly, as she remembers how he had traded nooran’s freedom for her compliance to the marriage. Lajo says that this is by her own will. the priest is boggled. jamaal then turns to him, who says that he doesnt know why she is scared like that, but he knows that ramzaan is a pious month, and he shouldnt think about anything except for devotion to the lord. He says that he is trying to ignite his conscience and his true muslimhood. Jamaal gets inside, and tells lajo that he frees her for the next 30 days, but if as much as tries to misuse her freedom, then nooran shall breathe her last before her. jamaal leaves. lajo comes out and thanks the priest for teaching this to jamaal. Lajo thinks that no religion teaches to disrespect women, but its devils like jamaal who misuse their power in the name of religion. Later, Jamaal frustratedly thinks that he tries to achieve fareb jaan, but every single time, she manages to slip away. he crushes the rose petals strewn on the bed, in venomous anger. Meanwhile, lajo attends to nooran’s wounds inflicted by jamaal, lamenting at what he did. Nooran says that his anger is torturous, as when he gets angry, he becomes a devil, and then laments as to how he ruined their life. lajo says that she hates him, and that shall never happen, and she is disgusted by him, and wonders what shall he get by the hatred of these two ladies. Nooran is aghast and denies that she hates him, infact she loves him ardently. Lajo is shocked that she still loves the person who tries to kill her, made her a servant, and became such a devil to her. Nooran says that she wont understand, but she worships him like anything. lajo asks how can he love such a person. nooran asks if she thinks that she didnt try to change him, but now she has lost, as she knows noone can change him. Lajo says that jamaal shall change too, when he falls in true love, then he shall change, just like her baraati ji, and then gets sad wondering where is her baraatiji. Nooran scares lajo, by saying that when the devil inside him evokes itself, then there is a catastrophe.She adds that love isnt meant for him, and begs her to ignite humanity in him so much so, that he himself leaves her to Baraatiji. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Nooran stands tensed, as jamaal reprimands her in front of lajo, that she cant get lajo to be doing the work for her. Nooran tries to speak, when he almost raises his hand on her, but lajo stopps. he asks her to beware, or else he shall fall in love with her. nooran and lajo eye each other tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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