Swim Team 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Rewa says she wants freedom and forgiveness, she says she can’t handle two things at a time. She cannot be a professional swimmer and a girlfriend at one time. Bhagat asks if she is breaking up with him. Rewa says she promised her Papa, TK, her mom. A lot of people have expectations from her, she took permission from her mom with much difficulty and promised to be the best swimmer, how bad she would feel. She says she wants to end this relationship right here, wants to focus on swimming and her career. She asks why he doesn’t understand. Bhagat asks what she is saying, what was the need to be so dramatic. He says he agrees with her, thanks God she said this herself, else he was thinking the same. Rewa asks if he wanted to breakup. Bhagat shuts his eyes tight in agony, but says he always wanted this. He says he is also a professional swimmer, he agrees they can’t handle two things. They both have to win Olympics, they have too much to handle. Both cried, without facing each other. Rewa comes to Bhagat and asks if he is fine. He can’t look at her, and says he is fine and they must leave now. He offers to drop her, then goes to gifts. His tear drops at his medal that he wipes, then gives Rewa’s bag to her and asks her to go. Rewa was also crying. At the door, Rewa heads towards him but he forwards his hand to Rewa. She shakes hand with him, and asks friends? Bhagat says that isn’t possible. Where they are, going back and being friends won’t be possible for him. He is sorry he can’t be friend with her, either they are together or not, he won’t be able to pose as friends. He says this decision is right, he is glad she took it for herself. Rewa says this means if they aren’t together, and aren’t friends… Bhagat says they are professionals. He says it is late, and goes away. Both were crying.
Rewa fell in bed crying hard. Bhagat wanders in the street. Rewa’s word echoed in his mind, hurting him even more. Rewa watched their photo, her tears fell over her cell phone as she thought about Bhagat. Rewa cried holding her plank, remembering TK’s words. She tightened her fist and broke the plank, then cried badly.
Jai thought about Kanika’s words. He texts Kanika, who watches his message and sits up at once. Jai asked if she has taken the pregnancy test. She throws the cell phone aside and wonders this is what he had to send this late at night. She puts on her eye pads and lay again. She then sits up and texts him, saying he has no idea at all about her. Jai reads the message of Kanika.. that he is excited to be a father. Jai throws away his phone. Maa come there and asks Jai if he is worried. Neel asks Bhagat can’t Rewa see what she is doing to him, he asks how he accepted this all. He says he will call Umang and tells her to talk to Rewa. Bhagat says he won’t talk to Umang. He says to Neel that she is in pressure, she had to give away her watch. If she thinks that she is getting distracted because of this relationship, what he should have done? Should he force her into this relationship? Neel says atleast he should have told her that he didn’t want this breakup. Neel asks him to be a man. Bhagat says he is being a man, by supporting the girl he loves dearly. Neel thinks he has gone completely crazy, he must talk to Umang.
Umang tells Neel that she will talk to him later. Rewa was crying hard in Umang’s lap. Umang asks Rewa how this happened, she had said that Bhagat will never be a distraction in her career, then how? Rewa says all her dreams, ambitions and career all depends on her performance in Nationals. Umang asks Rewa if she would think that their friendship and she has become a distraction for her. Will Rewa break up their childhood friendship as well? Rewa sits up at once and says they have vowed that they will never let their friendship come between their careers. Umang says this is what she had said about Bhagat’s relation as well. Rewa says to Umang that she swims in long distance and she in short distance, they must decide it right now that Umang will do long distance and she will do short distance. They won’t compete in each other’s category, and whoever will give good performance will go for Olympics. Umang hugs Rewa.
Umang asks Neel why he has come here this late, and that too stealing. Neel asks how that is possible that Rewa broke up. Umang says this is Rewa’s decision, they can’t do anything about it. Neel asks Umang if she would do such a thing in future, Umang promises she won’t do anything. Neel asks what to do about Rewa and Bhagat. Umang says she doesn’t know about anything that can be done.
Neel tells Umang that he has gone an idea for Rewa and Bhagat. Umang was excited, Neel asks her for a kiss. He whispers the idea in Umang’s ear.
The next morning, Bhagat says good morning to Rewa who was in Umang’s room. Rewa asks what he is doing here. Bhagat holds her hand, he says he ignored what she said and heard what is in her heart. She asked him to let go, but in her heart she wanted to stay with him. Rewa says she shouldn’t have said what she did, she loves him. He says I love you too Rewa. Rewa wakes up at Umang’s call of tea. Rewa looks around. Umang asks who she is looking for. Rewa says Bhagat…

PRECAP: Rewa has flu, Bhagat drapes her in his blanket and rubs her back. She feels relaxed. Umang and Neel watch this and cheer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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