Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 25)

Guyzz, I can’t believe. This is the 25th episode of our ff. This all happened bcoz of ur love and support. Thank u so much and I request u to encourage me in the same way.A huge thanks to silent readers too.
So fr the 25th I’ve a new entry in our ff. Just wait and watch wat a vital effect he brings in the lives of Swaragsanlak.
Sorry I cudnt respond to ur cmmnts. Sravani, shrutikasyap, devi, varsha sss, hayathi, Maya, ruhani, shanaya, nandini, taiana, chinu, manvi, atiya, angel, Rita, Surbhi, Meghs. Sorry if I’ve forgot to mention any names. Thanks to u all.

MANVI: Actually u revealed my plot, not fair yar!!!. I was bringing someone against rags, u just asked me the same. He brings something interesting in their lives. U hav to wait to know wat it is.

Here goes our 25th episode……

Recap: Sanskar thinks of Swara…. and Raglak nok jhok.

Precap: Swaraglak and Ragini fights vth someone….

@ clg.
Swaraglak were in canteen…..
Rags: lucky…. By the way, wud u like to hav a coffee?
Lucky spits out the soft drink he was having. He recalls how dadi damaged his fav shirt.
Lucky: no baba, never. Infct I’ll never ask coffee now onwards and I’ll not come to ur home again….
Rags: omg!!! Thank u so much Lucky. Don’t worry, I don’t feel bad if u won’t come. Infct I’ll b relieved.
Lucky makes faces and Rags tooo.
Swara: oh guyz common!! Y vl u both fight always? And Rags, y vl u tease my frnd every time?
Lucky: poocho na Swara!!!
Rags: ohooo, wat a frndship!! U tell me swara, whether u r in my team or on this fool’s?
Swara gets confused. She kept calm vthout saying anything, while raglak were staring her to know the answer.
Noticing them,
Swara: I’m not in any team. Dont drag me in btwn u ppl. And guyz, timez up v got to go.
Rags: Drama queen!!!
Swara gives a peach smile.
Rags: no one is my frnd here.
Rags folds her hands and turns back in anger. Swara was abt to come to her, but trio here a voice from behind….
Voice: who said that? Well, I’ll b glad to b ur frnd…….
Trio looks at the person. His face is revealed. He was so handsome and dashing.
Boy: Hii…. I’m Raj, naam toh suna hi hoga?
He says while forwarding his hands.
Rags: haaa suna hai, ppl name flirts as Raj.
Raglak gives hi-fi to each other.
Raj: hmm…. Not bad. U r exactly like me. V both can make a great team.
While he turns towards Swara….
Raj: I think…. U r Swara ri8? The topper?
Swara: How do u know?

Raj: well, u r quite popular. Moreover Raj comes to know everything abt everyone.
Lucky was staring at him in disgust.
Rags: oh plz!! V r not interested in wat u know and wat u don’t. Now let me go…
Raj: u look cute when u r angry…
Rags pointing her forefinger…
Rags: Look Mr. search anyone fr ur flirting. I’m not meant fr the boys like u.
Raj was still smiling vth his attractive look. He was so charming that any girl wud hav fallen fr him in first sight. But v all know our Swaragini are not among those….
Raj was abt to talk to Rags while lucky came in btwn them……..
Lucky: look Mr. ….. Uhh… Whatever.. V don’t need ur frndshp. V three r most happy vth each other. So plz….. U got it na?
Raj notices his jealous.
Raj: hmm… let me guess…. Uhh…. I think u r lakshya. Am I right? The most handsome and charming guy of the clg. OK Lakshya, best of luck, coz u gonna get a tough competition due to my arrival…..
He winks at him.
He puts on his goggles and moves from there. While Swaragini were watching him vth their mouth open…….
Lucky: shut ur mouths guyz or else u vl get some non veg stuffs into it…

Trio just ignored the incident and gets parted to their homes……

@ cafe…
Lucky was waiting fr Sanskar. He was thinking abt Raj.
Lucky: How dare he talks to Ragini like that? Only I hav rights to flirt vth her. I’ve to b careful and keep Swaragini away from him.
Just then Sanskar arrives….
Sanskar: bhooot!!!!
Lucky: wat?
Sanskar: My brthr’s bhoot is sitting in front of me. He vl never come early and wait like this. I think I’ve to go in search of him now.
Lucky: very funny!!! Plz sit down. All r staring us.
Sanskar looks around, he feels embarrassed and sirs down.
Sanky: Yar, I can’t believe my eyes. U r actions r getting strange day by day….
Lucky: bhaai!! Plz nothing like tht.
Today Hitler was @home, so I came here early so I cud get rid of his scoldings.
Sanky: just kidding.
They started to chat casually. In the flow Lucky starts to speak abt Swaragini…..
Lucky: bhaai… U know, v always quarrel, meanwhile v enjoy those fights a lot.
Sanky’s ears got straight. He wanted to know abt Swara.
Sanky: Do u like them more thn me?
Lucky: is it possible? U r my bhaai and my guide but thy r my best frndz. There’s no comparison btwn u guyz….
Sanky: then wat made u feel to make thm ur frndz?
Lucky: Their bonding. I got attracted fr their love to each other.
Sanky didn’t want to know abt it actually. He wanted to know more abt Swara whch Lucky was not at all talking. He kept on describing their frndshp, fights etc….
Sanky was trying to listen to him vth bit disappointment.

Next morning…..
Swaragini were waiting fr Lucky as usual. He didn’t come evn after long time. Swaragini decided to go to class.

Swaragini enters the class. Ragini drags her to last bench while our topper shrugs and sits in first. Rags goes and sit alone in angry.
Rags(herself): These two(swalak) always do the same. He comes late and gets busy vth girlz, this Shona sticks to her buks. How boring!!! Coz of them my life is also like this….
Raj comes and whispers in her ears.
Raj: I think someone is badly in need of me.
He sits beside her.
Rags: hey u, just get up. This is my frnd’s place and I’m not in need of u.
Raj: well, first thing there is no name tag attached here, so I can sit where ever I wish. And for second, if not u, I’m badly in need of u.
Just then Lucky arrives. He sees Raj sitting vth Rags. He fumes. He sits in a nearby bench.
Rags: I think u love to get insulted by me, so u always do these non sense…
Raj: well, getting insulted by such a beauty is like a boon….
Rags starts to laugh.
Rags: u r unbelievable!!.
Raj: I know.
They were talking to each other continuously. Rags didn’t evn notice Lucky. Lucky was drenched vth anger. He was feeling to punch him and throw him out of tht bench. He controlled himself as there were many ppl around him.

Screen freezes on angry lucky and Rajini (Raj+Ragini)……..

Recap: Lucky’s jealousy and Swara asks Lucky abt Sanskar.

  1. Well,what to say as usual u nailed it and congrats for 25th epi .continue your good work waiting for next epi.liked the way how sanskar wanted to know about swara.lucky and jealousy ,huh ? Drama queen swara it was catchy!!

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    1. Thank u. I’ll try to update soon

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    Raglak is going to rock….
    Keep it up dr

    1. Well, u shud wait to know tht

  5. And congrats 4 25 episode

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    1. At this moment I can say just enjoy Rajini and lak

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    its amazing… raj is negative or positive..
    lucky coffee scene making me laugh still..
    n lucky is jealous wow..
    sanskar want to know about swara… n swara want to know about sanskar how cute.

    1. Tq meghs. I’ll try to update longer frn next time

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    1. I’ll try to make it long. Sure u vk see more swasan scenes further

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