Ladies Special 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu’s Deteriorating Condition

Ladies Special 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu asks Amar if they don’t have any other memories together instead of having food in hospital canteen. He says no. She asks if he knows what are her favorites. He says no. She says she loves garbha. He says how can he know as their wedding happened after navratri festival last year and this year navratri festival has not yet happened. He continues that he respects her as she started her mehandi cones delivering business to be self-reliant and she has a huge fan following in Dadar local train station. She doesn’t believe. He explains that she applies mehandi to a few kids there and they love her a lot. She excitedly asks if they can go there. He says why not, he will arrange to send car home and will take her to railway station. He meets Punith and says he is like genie to him and can do anything for him, so if he can arrange garba at local train station. Punith says everyone know him in hospital but not in train station, so he cannot. Kangana enters and says she will manage. Bindu walks to them and chats with them.

Sachin returns home and informs how goon Raghu lured him saying he is selected for best brother award, so he should accompany him. Meghna scolds him for trusting anyone blindly and not informing parents before going with anyone. Sachin cries and Swapna consoles him. Insurance company’s manager calls Meghna and says he got an offer for her, she should take back case and not file insurance claim. Mandar says they will think and inform him in the morning. Manager agrees. Khadar bhai suggests to accept offer as they can rebuild business with hard work and get out of this mess first.

Amar takes Bindu to local train station and informs her that she has traveled in local train regularly, so she remembered bougie number last time. She describes Faiba’s morales. She asks if he remembers her Faiba’s morales. He says he remembers everything related to her as he is her husband. She feels shy. He hides. Kids dance around her on Meri Pyari bindu…song.. She remembers Amar’s words and laughs. Amar returns smiling at her. Dancers dance around them. Amar dances with Bindu. Bindu then gets coughing fit, runs aside and coughs up blood. Amar searches her and finding her at a distance asks if she is fine, where she had been. She nervously says she enjoyed garbha a lot and gets into local train.

Meghna fries fitters for children. Mandar asks if she wants to start fritter business. She says no, she wants to get back to her routine forgetting about business and will accept insurance company’s offer. Mandar calls Punith who reaches there and hearing their story tells Raghu is RK garment’s boss’ goon like he was Naidu’s and says he will seek his friend’s help. Meghna warns not to as he was alleged of stealing 2 lakhs last time. He says it is time to take revenge and take favor in return. He calls his friends and asks to get Raghu’s information. Friends promise but ask a favor in return.

Bindu returns home. Amar worriedly walks behind her. She scolds him not to follow her and locks door. Amar tells MP and MM these are her partial amnesia symptoms. Bindu remembers Kangana’s father’s advice to call him if she needs any clarification, she calls him but his phone is not reachable. She then calls Kangana and informs her that she not only has partial amnesia, but also coughed up blood, asks what happened to her.

Precap: Bindu collapses at home. Meghna gets labor pain in local train.

Update Credit to: MA

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